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Alcohol Detox for Residents of Charlotte

Alexa Iocco Alcohol Detox , Alcohol Rehab September 22, 2021

Alcohol Detox in Charlotte Resurgence Behavioral Health

The Best Alcohol Detox Program for Residents of Charlotte 

Making the decision to work through an addiction to alcohol is arguably one of the most important decisions that you will ever make in your life. At the same point in time, it can also be an incredibly scary decision because of the fear of the unknown. No one can tell you exactly how you will feel as you go through the detox process and no one will be able to predict how you will physically or psychologically feel each moment of every day going forward once you no longer use alcohol as your crutch. However, you can rest assured that when you partner with our alcohol detox for residents of Charlotte, you will be surrounded by a team of addiction experts who will look after you every moment of every day for the first week of your sobriety. 

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Why Do You Need to Detox from Alcohol? 

One of the questions that we frequently receive from clients that are thinking of coming to our alcohol detox for Charlotte residents is why they need to go through a professional detox at all. The reason behind this need is science. When your body becomes so used to consuming a certain type of substance such as alcohol or drugs, it will crave it within a certain amount of hours. When you don’t consume that drink, your mind and your body will begin to go into somewhat of a tailspin as a result. When you make the choice to come to the best alcohol detox program for residents of Charlotte, you are making a choice to receive professional help so that you are never put in a position of potential peril. Collaborating with our team ensures that you receive the help and the care that you need. 

Dangers of Detoxing from Alcohol at Home 

A fatal mistake that many people make is thinking that they can work through the detox process from home. It’s understandable that you would want to be home and comfortable during a time when you know you are probably going to be sick. However, it’s likely that any one of the possible withdrawal symptoms that you experience could render you unable to take care of yourself. These symptoms could become severe enough to the point where they could result in other health consequences. For example, if you experience bouts of nausea, it’s possible that you could become dehydrated which could lead to even further health issues. 

To avoid any possible physical or psychological harm, it’s always strongly recommended that you tell the truth to the professionals at our alcohol detox for residents of Charlotte to see your physical and psychological needs as you begin to make your way through the detox process. While it may seem appealing to stay home or even let a friend or family member take care of you, this is not the recommended course of action. 

What is Medical Detox? 

A leading reason why so many people avoid the recovery process is that they are afraid of the detox process. They are already in some type of physical or psychological pain so why would they want to subject themselves to more by going through the detox process? However, there have been tremendous changes that have been made in the field of addiction when it comes to the approach that is taken regarding the detox process. 

What to Expect at Alcohol Detox Charlotte 

We always recommend that clients first work through our alcohol detox for Charlotte residents due in large part to the fact that it will provide them with the safe and protected environment that they need during the first few days and hours of their new sobriety. Realistically, it’s impossible to know exactly what you will feel during the time that you are in detox. However, it’s fair to assume that it’s possible that you may experience or feel any one of the following withdrawal symptoms: 

  • Cravings 
  • Nausea 
  • Shakiness 
  • Anxiety
  • Depression 

If you aren’t familiar with the detox process, you may be caught off guard by how quickly these symptoms may set in which is why we strongly recommend that you reach out to our alcohol detox facility for residents of Charlotte as soon as you make the decision to finally tackle your addiction. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Charlotte 

It’s fairly common for a person that is suffering from some form of addiction to also struggle with mental health issues. In fact, many times a person falls into the trap of addiction as a result of the mental illness issues that they may be experiencing. For example, if a person is depressed, they may mistakenly believe that alcohol is helping them because it makes them feel good at the moment. However, when the alcohol wears off, they tend to be in a worse position than they were in before they began drinking. The best way to address both your addiction as well as your mental health concerns is to treat them at the same time so that you can make the most out of your time at our facility. 

Medically Assisted Treatment Alcohol Rehab 

At Resurgence, we offer our clients the opportunity to use certain medications that can help to make both the detox and recovery process easier to manage. This is called medically assisted treatment. A medically assisted treatment plan will help you to feel better both physically and psychologically so that you can better focus on the steps that you need to take toward your own sobriety. Our team will closely monitor your medication intake so that we can negate the possibility of you substituting one addiction for another. 

Addiction Therapist Charlotte 

Working with an experienced therapist that focuses on assisting people to overcome their addiction to alcohol is one of the best decisions that you can make for yourself over and above coming to our alcohol detox for residents of Charlotte. Our addiction therapists will take the time to learn not only about your addiction but about the goals that you have for yourself so that you can get more value out of coming to our facility. For example, we will set up a time for you to meet in a one on one setting with our 

Flexible Treatment for Alcohol Addiction 

We believe that it’s critical to offer our clients flexible treatment options for alcohol addiction so that they can truly recover in every way possible. The most flexible treatment options that we offer are through our outpatient programs. For example, our general outpatient program gives you the opportunity to work through your addiction while still being able to work or go to school full time. An intensive outpatient program, on the other hand, can still work just as well if you only have part-time personal or professional responsibilities. If you have these types of responsibilities, we encourage you to let our intake team know so that we can speak with you in more detail about our flexible treatment options. Remember, if you commit to a flexible treatment plan, we can always change and adjust it based on your needs. 

Ongoing Support for Alcohol Addiction at Resurgence Behavioral Health 

The addiction treatment team at Resurgence Behavioral Health understands the necessity of providing you with the unique level of care that you need as you begin to work through the different contributing factors of your disease. Beginning with your time in our alcohol detox for Charlotte residents through to long after you complete your treatment plan, you can take comfort in the fact that our team will always be there for you. 

To ensure your continued success, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our aftercare program. This program was specifically designed for clients that completed one of the rehab programs at Resurgence Behavioral Health and gives you the chance to connect with other people that have also completed a treatment plan through Resurgence which is a wonderful way to continue to develop your system of support. 

Another excellent recommendation is that you should plan to attend local alcoholics anonymous meetings in your area. You will quickly notice that AA meetings are similar to your group therapy sessions in many ways. From the guided discussions to communicating and interacting with other people that are going through their own struggles with alcohol addiction, you will certainly be able to develop relationships through AA as long as you commit yourself to the process. Planning to attend a couple of meetings per week is a great way to start. 

Are you ready to get the help that you need so that you can live your life in a sober and healthy way? The Resurgence Behavioral Health team is here and ready to help you. We encourage you to give our alcohol detox for Charlotte residents a call today at(855) 458-0050 and learn more about the process of enrolling in this treatment program. Keep in mind that we’re always happy to speak to friends or family members about recovery options so if you’re concerned about a loved one, feel free to reach out to us at any time. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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