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Alcohol Rehab Henderson

Alcohol Rehab Henderson Resurgence Behavioral Health

What To Expect During Alcohol Rehab

Making the decision to address your alcohol addiction within an alcohol rehab program is a courageous choice. Living in the depths of your alcohol addiction feels like a lonely place to be as you feel like you are the only one in your battle to overcome your alcohol addiction as your relationships with loved ones have become distant and strained. When you enter into alcohol rehab, you will no longer have to feel alone in your journey to addiction recovery as you will be surrounded by fellow patients and staff that share in the same goal and ideals of healing from the deep-rooted causes of your addiction and discovering your true self and innate worth within a life of sobriety. 

Your days within alcohol rehab will consist of a structured schedule of various forms of addiction treatment through individual therapy sessions and group therapy processes that will assist patients in uncovering and healing from the emotions and behaviors that are connected to their substance abuse. Alcohol and drug addiction counselors will work alongside you to develop new strategies for managing future triggers with tools for relapse prevention, emotional regulation, and effective management of your co-occurring disorders through dual diagnosis treatment. 

When you are not engaged in behavioral addiction therapeutic processes and sessions, patients have the opportunity to partake in various social activities and amenities that are offered within the addiction treatment center. Oftentimes at the height of your alcohol addiction, it is common to lose sight of your passions and hobbies in life, and alcohol rehab offers opportunities for Henderson residents to engage in various activities within specialized treatment modalities such as nature immersion therapy, experiential therapy, art or music therapy, and holistic treatments that will enlighten patients to new ways to enjoy life and reduce stress and emotional tension. Patients experiencing co-occurring disorders will be offered specific treatment that targets their substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders through dual diagnosis treatment programs. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Resurgence Behavioral Health is the top rehab for residents of Henderson as we are an addiction treatment center that is centered around a culture of support and empowerment to propel patients to see their full potential while developing a newfound sense of self-love and confidence. Living with an alcohol addiction does not define who you are as a person and, although you may have been struggling with substance use disorders, you are much more than a label of addiction. You have been managing life the best way you know how to with the tools that you have been provided. With the support of our compassionate counselors within our treatment center, we will work with you to develop effective tools for managing life’s ups and downs while establishing a new foundation of balance, peace, and addiction recovery within your life and your loved ones’ lives. 

Alcohol Rehab Assessment

Before you begin your alcohol rehab program,  it is important for the counselors and medical team at Resurgence Behavioral Health to gain an understanding of your own personal needs and history with alcohol and drug abuse. Our aim is to provide patients with a healing process that will catapult them into the life of sobriety that they have been dreaming of while also maintaining their overall health and safety. In order for our team to create a customized alcohol rehab program that is tailored to meet your specific needs while maintaining your comfortability and safety, we need to understand the severity of your alcohol consumption and how addiction affects your life. 

Patients will be asked to complete an initial admission questionnaire along with assessments that will help us capture a picture of their individual stories. During this time, we will gather information about your own personal history with alcohol and drug use including how long you have been engaging in substance abuse, the amount you use at each time, and how often throughout your week you will engage in alcohol and drug use. This information will help to shed some light on the potential severity of your physical dependence on alcohol allowing us to be fully prepared with the proper addiction treatment plan to ensure your overall physical health and safety while keeping you feeling at ease and comfortable. During this time, we will also get to know your family history of addiction along with any pre-existing medical concerns. This will allow us to effectively plan around these risk factors to ensure that you are receiving the top-quality care you need without putting your overall health and safety in jeopardy as well as incorporate specific behavioral addictions therapy, family therapy, and medication-assisted treatment. 

Alcohol Withdrawal Process

Before you are able to address what is at the core of your alcohol addiction, you first will need to address and manage your physical addiction to drugs and alcohol through an alcohol detox process. Each patient will have their own unique experiences within alcohol detox that is dependent on the severity of your alcohol addiction including if you have been engaging in heavy drinking, the length of time you have been using alcohol or drugs, and the frequency in which you use alcohol or drugs. It can be hard to predict the withdrawal symptoms that you will experience which is why it is always suggested that patients detox within our residential treatment program where you will detox within a medically supervised detox center. 

Withdrawal symptoms can vary from patient to patient and range in levels of severity. While some may experience mild to moderate symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, depression, and shakiness, others may experience severe withdrawal symptoms that have the potential of becoming life-threatening including seizures, hallucinations, or delirium tremens (DTs). As you detox within a medically supervised detox center, your symptoms will be treated through evidence-based addiction treatment methods including medication-assisted treatment and behavioral addictions therapies to help you reach your overarching goal of achieving sober living. 

Alcohol Rehab Behavioral Therapies

Your alcohol addiction has progressed and developed over time and was not something that you had hoped to acquire. In fact, alcohol and drug addiction are typically formed from underlying causes that are centered around your emotions, behaviors, and thoughts. In order to effectively heal from these causes to establish a life in sobriety, you will need the support of behavioral addictions therapies offered within alcohol rehab including these evidence-based therapy methods:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)- This method of behavioral addictions therapy helps patients to identify their responses to negative thoughts, emotions, and situations that have impacted their ability to cope with stressors and lead to drug and alcohol abuse. CBT will work with you to shift your responses to support your choice to live a life of sober living. 

Trauma-focused CBT- This form of CBT therapy supports patients to have a similar approach to understanding the responses they had to situations or environments, thoughts, and emotions in regards to trauma memories. This enables patients to understand the link between behaviors and trauma that has previously led to their alcohol addiction to, then, form new patterns of thinking and responding that foster life in sobriety. 

Dialectical  Behavioral Therapy (DBT)- This method of addiction therapy supports patients in reestablishing methods of responding to negative stimuli through enhancing behavioral skills and responses as well as strengthening their motivational skills. 

Alcohol Rehab for Couples

When you and your loved one are experiencing an active alcohol addiction together, it can create a great deal of strain on your once-loving relationship. While you know your love for each other is still strong, you want to find a way to heal from your addiction independently as well as a couple. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers Henderson couples an opportunity to address their drugs and alcohol addiction through couples therapy and family therapy. Couples have found the following benefits from couples rehab:

  • Improve communication among each other 
  • Strengthen the ability to demonstrate love and affection towards each other without having the influence of drugs and alcohol 
  • Identify enabling behaviors and codependency that has formed within the relationship to help establish methods of holding each other accountable to your shared goal of overcoming drugs and alcohol addiction. 
  • Reduce the risk of violence or discord in the relationship 
  • Improve financial status within the relationship 
  • Reestablishing positive connections with loved ones and friends through family therapy and couples therapy
  • Engage in support groups such as NA meetings, alcoholics anonymous meetings, and smart recovery meetings to develop a strong support system 

How Effective is Alcohol Rehab

When you have reached a point where you are ready to address your alcohol addiction and no longer want to be tied down by this toxic addiction, alcohol rehab has the ability to be highly effective. While the team at Resurgence Behavioral Health has the tools and therapy methods needed to address your alcohol addiction, the key element to a successful, effective alcohol rehab program is the patient’s willingness and readiness to fully engage in the therapeutic process of alcohol treatment. 

Alcohol Rehab For Henderson Residents

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer a safe, inviting environment for Henderson residents to heal from their alcohol addiction through alcohol treatment programs. Our compassionate team works hard to establish a culture of respect, dignity, and empowerment to overcome your alcohol addiction by healing from the deep-seated emotions and traumas that have contributed to your addictive behavior. You will have access to leading evidence-based addiction therapies that focus on healing you from addiction from the inside out while forging a new road to addiction recovery.  If you want to hear more about the comprehensive approaches to addiction treatment that we offer residents of Henderson and why we are the best option for alcohol rehab, contact one of our friendly admission staff or visit the website to have all of your questions answered and get started on your healing journey today within our recovery center.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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