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Alcohol addiction can enter into anyone’s life and, often, it will creep up on you without intention. The use of alcohol has become normalized within society and is often associated with everyday activities. When you want to decompress after a long day, find a way to socialize with friends or colleagues, have a drink with dinner, or a way to meet others, more often than not, alcohol is involved. With alcohol being involved in so many day-to-day activities, Houston residents often express concerns that they don’t know how to navigate a life free from alcohol use. 

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we want to help you reframe your life into your new normal. Life doesn’t have to be surrounded by alcohol use and our dedicated team is here to help you redefine what is important in your life through changing your outlook and daily routine to foster life in recovery. Through our exclusive, comprehensive approaches to treatment, you will gain self-awareness of what has been impacting your addiction all along. Addiction does not happen out of the blue. It is often a result of unresolved emotional triggers and pain from the past that have been holding you down from effectively managing challenging emotions or thoughts. 

Through methods of treatment such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), you will learn about your emotions and the impact they can have on your thoughts and behaviors. Through skill development in emotional regulation and mindfulness, you will be able to slow down your responses to negative stimuli through understanding and processing the emotions you are feeling. Once you are able to identify these emotions, you will be equipped with the tools to learn how to properly work through the emotions without turning to alcohol to cope and escape. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

A common occurrence for Houston residents experiencing an alcohol addiction is having a co-occurring disorder alongside their addiction. Oftentimes, when you are experiencing the unpleasant symptoms from a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia, you want to find a solution to ease the severity of your symptoms, and the allure of escape through alcohol heightens.  However, as you momentarily treat your symptoms with alcohol, patients often don’t account for the fact that the use of substances is actually exacerbating the symptoms they are feeling. As your symptoms continue, so does your alcohol use which leads to a path of addiction. Resurgence wants to offer patients an option to treatment for both of these concerns with a dual diagnosis treatment program, Here you will learn the skills to manage your co-occurring disorder while eliminating the use of alcohol from your life. Our therapist will work with you to address both disorders individually and look closer at how each one has affected one other. 

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is defined as an inability to stop or decrease your use of alcohol even when your life is becoming affected socially, professionally, and personally. Often individuals experiencing alcoholism will begin to notice signs of health ailments, difficulties managing work, or loss of connection with those they were once close to. These are all signs that your alcohol use has progressed into an alcohol use disorder. 

Alcoholism typically ranges from mild, moderate, or severe within its users. Depending on the length of time you have been drinking, the quantity and frequency of your use will impact where you fall on the spectrum of alcohol use disorder. Typically, those living with alcoholism will begin to notice signs of brain impairment as your drinking progresses. This often increases a user’s relapse rate and cognitive functioning including impaired judgment and decision-making skills. 

Common Signs of Alcohol Abuse

While some Houston residents may know that it is time to address their drinking behaviors. Others may think that their drinking is manageable as they have been able to maintain their way of life and are not seeing obvious, devastating signs of alcohol addiction. It is important to remember that your addiction is unique to you and the signs of alcohol abuse will look different from person to person. You know yourself best and if you are contemplating if it is time to enter in treatment, this often is a good first indicator that it is time to make the change towards sobriety. 

The following are some common signs that your alcohol use has become a problem and it should be time that you look into some outside support to remove addiction from your life. 

  • Lack of connection and isolation from those you care most about 
  • Changes in social circles to others who exhibit the same drinking behaviors 
  • Decrease in school and work performances 
  • Thought patterns revolve around drinking, finding your next drink, or finding ways to obtain alcohol 
  • Having to increase the amount of alcohol consumed to reach the desired effect 
  • Increase in risk taking behavior- often resulting in self injury, harming others, or engaging in criminal activity 
  • Drinking alone or in private 
  • Lying about your alcohol consumption 
  • Appearance changes such as weight loss and lack of hygiene 
  • Drastic mood changes- increased anger or irritability 
  • Experiencing hallucinations or delusions when experiencing alcohol withdrawal 
  • Inability to concentrate

Preparing For Alcohol Rehab

Before you are able to enter into alcohol rehab, the first necessary step will be to go through an alcohol detox program. Prolonged alcohol use creates a physical dependence within its users meaning that your body is unable to function normally without alcohol in its system. When you abruptly try to stop drinking, your body will go into alcohol withdrawal. This often can produce unpleasant, uncomfortable side effects and, in some cases, potentially life-threatening symptoms. With the support of a medically supervised detox program, you will have the safety and security in knowing that you are being carefully monitored by nurses and physicians that specialize in keeping patients at a comfortable, stable level throughout your detox process. You will be offered medication, if needed, to help mitigate the severity of your symptoms and reduce the intense cravings that can come while you rid your body of alcohol. Along with medication, your detox program will include holistic measures to detox treatment that will give you the tools to move through unpleasant emotions and feelings with the support of our compassionate team. 

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Houston residents that are ready to make the move into a life of sobriety but have concerns about getting sober within their home environment often choose an inpatient alcohol rehab. Allowing yourself the time to focus on your recovery in a safe environment that removes you from potential triggers and barriers is often ideal for patients who are just beginning their sobriety journey. 

When you enter into inpatient treatment, you will reside in our treatment center where you will have access to our supportive counselors and medical team any time of the day. You will have the opportunity to connect with other patients through group therapy and social activities within the center. Through this connection, you will be able to begin to build a solid community of support for other individuals who are navigating their way through recovery. On top of your group therapy sessions, you will have access to individual therapy sessions along with our great amenities that will help to build your physical and spiritual well-being. 

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

Houston patients that have completed inpatient alcohol rehab and are looking for additional support often choose to enter into an outpatient alcohol rehab program. This provides you with a continuum of services that will take what you have learned in inpatient treatment and apply it to your home life. 

An outpatient alcohol rehab is also a good option for those Houston residents who need a treatment program that gives you the flexibility to maintain your employment and take care of your loved ones at the end of the day. Resurgence offers a variety of outpatient alcohol rehab programs that will be sure to easily fit into your lifestyle while still meeting your recovery goals. You will still have access to group therapy and individual sessions where you can do the necessary healing and self-discovery of what has been impacting your addictive behaviors. 

Choosing Resurgence For Alcohol Rehab Houston

When Houston residents want to attend an alcohol rehab program that sees and values them for the unique individuals that they are, they turn to Resurgence Behavioral Health. Regardless of your background and what has brought you to treatment, we create an individualized treatment program that respects you and maintains your dignity. We want to empower our patients to see their full potential by removing the shame and guilt that are often associated with addiction. Each patient that walks through our doors is resilient and courageous and we want to help you see that in yourself through our comprehensive treatment methods. Contact one of our friendly staff today to hear more about the personalized treatment programs that we can offer to help you rid your life of alcohol. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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