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Alcohol Treatment Costa Mesa Resurgence Behavioral Health

Understanding Alcoholism

Alcoholism, otherwise known as an alcohol use disorder, is classified as a chronic health condition that consists of a consistent compulsion to consume alcohol. In some individuals living with alcohol addiction, the rate and severity of your alcoholism progresses over time and becomes an increasing concern as it starts to impact various aspects of your life including your familial, social, and work-life as well experiencing significant negative physical side effects from your drinking. 

Individuals living with an active alcohol addiction will lose their ability to control their drinking even after declaring the desire to cut back on their drinking. Although your intentions of becoming abstinent from alcohol are real, you experience an inability to refrain from picking up another drink. Many will begin to experience a significant decline in their emotional, physical, and mental health with many individuals experiencing an onset of a co-occurring mental health disorder that fuels your alcohol addiction further as you attempt to self medicate to treat the symptoms of your co-occurring mental health disorder creating a vicious cycle of substance abuse. 

Living with alcohol addiction often feels like a lonely place to be and a difficult place to get out of as your alcohol abuse continues to spiral into severe alcohol addiction. There is hope to get out of the cycle of alcohol addiction with the support of evidence-based addiction treatment methods within an alcohol rehab. Alcohol rehab supports patients in gaining an understanding of the underlying causes of their substance abuse and developing tools and skills for relapse prevention to create a newfound lifestyle within addiction recovery and living on a clean path of sobriety. 

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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Signs Someone Needs Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol is one of the most commonly used substances within modern western culture. Whether it be a joyous celebration such as a wedding or birthday, or if it is a stressful or upsetting situation, many will turn to alcohol as a way to decompress, let loose, or cope. While there are some that are able to drink in small, moderate amounts, there are some whose alcohol consumption turns into heavy drinking or alcohol addiction that requires alcohol treatment. The following are signs and indicators that you or a loved one should address your substance abuse within an addiction treatment program:

  • Experiencing  strong or intense cravings for drug or alcohol 
  • Having to drink larger quantities of alcohol to reach the same desired effect 
  • Expressing desire to quit your drug or alcohol consumption but experience failed attempts at quitting or an inability to quit
  • Engaging in high risk behavior or exposing yourself to dangerous situations while drinking alcohol such as drunk driving or operating heavy machinery while under the influence 
  • Continuing to engage in alcohol and drug use  even after you have begun to experience negative consequences within your life. This can include within your social circles and family relationships, difficulties with your employment, and financial concerns 
  • Inability to follow through with commitments such as work, family, or social responsibilities due to your substance abuse.
  • A significant increase in psychological or physiological concerns due to your alcohol and drug use and continuing to drink alcohol despite the negative side effects occurring 
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms once you are no longer drinking alcohol or are attempting to cut back on the amount of alcohol you are consuming 

Factors That Lead To Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction occurs within each person for their own unique circumstances and specific factors that have contributed to their drug or alcohol addiction. Depending on the length of time you have been engaging in alcohol and drug consumption and the quantity and frequency at which you drink, the severity of your alcohol addiction will vary. There are certain physical, psychological, and social factors that may impact a person’s probability of developing alcohol addiction. Some of the most common factors that will lead to an individual developing a substance abuse disorder are:

Family history of alcohol addiction

Addiction has been proven to be passed on through genetics making your chances of developing an addiction higher if you have a family member that is living with or had a previous battle with alcohol addiction 

Parental history of drinking

For those that grew up in an environment where alcohol consumption was normal and consistently present, it can be hard to imagine a life without drugs or alcohol in it leading you to enter into alcohol use later on in life as that is the only coping mechanism and life skills that you were taught. 

Experiencing childhood trauma or emotional distress

Individuals with a past of trauma that has not been effectively addressed are often at a higher risk of developing a substance abuse disorder to use as a means of coping with the emotional history 

Consuming alcohol for the first time at a young age

Research has shown that individuals that start drinking alcohol at the age of 15 are 5 times more likely to develop an alcohol use disorder within their lifetime 

Alcohol Treatment Programs

For Costa Mesa residents that are ready to address their alcohol addiction and begin on a clean path to sobriety, there are options to address their substance abuse with the support of alcohol treatment programs. Each person that is living with an alcohol addiction will have different circumstances that led to their drug or alcohol use meaning that the alcohol treatment program provided will need to meet the specific needs of each patient. Addiction treatment programs include a variety of options such as alcohol detox, inpatient residential alcohol treatment, outpatient alcohol rehab options including partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient rehab, and alcohol treatment aftercare. Healing from alcohol addiction should be a continuum of care that focuses on each stage and process of your recovery journey to ensure long-term success in sobriety. 

Residential Alcohol Treatment

Residential treatment for drug or alcohol use provides patients with an opportunity to remove themselves from the home environment that was where your alcohol addiction progressed and allow you to focus on your addiction treatment within a safe environment without outside distractions and temptations. Inpatient residential treatment provides patients with an option to heal within a supportive facility that has onsite counselors and medical staff that will provide you support and guidance as you move through your alcohol rehab journey. 

Patients will be able to participate in group and individual therapy sessions that will assist patients in identifying the root causes of their addiction through evidence-based therapy methods such as behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, and medication-assisted treatment.  As you address the emotions and traumas of your past, you will be able to heal from the past and begin to develop tools for the future that will support and foster life in sobriety through healthy coping strategies and life skills for relapse prevention and overcoming triggers. 

Alcohol Detox Treatment

The first step in healing from your drug or alcohol addiction is to address the physical dependency you have with alcohol through an alcohol detox program within an alcohol rehabilitation center in costa mesa. Before beginning alcohol detox, you will meet with a medical team that will learn more about your history with drug or alcohol, family history of drug or alcohol addiction, and any pre-existing medical concerns to ensure that your alcohol detox program is safe and avoids any potentially uncomfortable or unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. 

Depending on the severity of your alcohol use disorder, you may be at risk of experiencing severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms including delirium tremens which can have side effects including seizures, hallucinations, and impaired consciousness. If a patient is exhibiting these symptoms, it is important that you are monitored by medical professionals within a hospital setting or intensive detox setting to ensure your safety and wellbeing. 

During alcohol detox Costa Mesa, patients may be offered medications to treat the withdrawal symptoms through a medication-assisted treatment program. Medications provided will reduce the severity of them to mild or moderate making it easier for you to remain focused on your overarching goals of a life of sober living. 

Alcohol Treatment Aftercare

Alcohol treatment goes beyond the work you do within an inpatient residential treatment program or intensive outpatient rehab. A life in recovery is a lifelong commitment that should be paired with a solid aftercare plan that will keep you accountable for your goal of a life of sober living. Costa Mesa residents have found the following methods of alcohol treatment aftercare to be effective and supportive:

  • Continued individual counseling to address your successes and challenges of living a life of sober living 
  • Group therapy 
  • Addiction recovery support groups such as 12 step meetings such as alcoholics anonymous or SMART recovery groups 
  • Alternative treatment methods such as art or music therapy 
  • Residing in a sober living facility 

Choosing Resurgence For Alcohol Treatment

Costa Mesa residents choose Resurgence Behavioral Health for the whole person integrated approach to treatment that focuses on each patient’s individual needs for addiction recovery. Patients will be offered a variety of our comprehensive addiction treatment methods that will assist Costa Mesa residents in healing from their drug or alcohol addiction physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Our team values and honors the individual stories of each patient that walks through our doors and we put careful detail in creating a customized alcohol treatment program either in our residential treatment program or outpatient programs that will address your specific needs and goals for addiction recovery and a life of sober living. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction and are ready to address it within the supportive, empowering environment at Resurgence, call us today to find out when you can begin your clean path to healing and happiness.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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