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Art Therapy for Addiction

art therapy for addiction treatment in costa mesa california

What is Art Therapy for Addiction Treatment?

In terms of creative and holistic remedies, art therapy for addiction is one of the most common treatment methods.

Unlike many other recovery centers, Resurgence Behavioral Health offers a unique balance of traditional treatment methods and holistic, mindful ones.

From traditional therapy sessions and support groups through recreational activities and holistic therapies, we offer a well-rounded addiction treatment program.

Art therapy for addiction recovery turns the creative process into a healing tool.

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Benefits of Art Therapy for Addiction in Costa Mesa

There are many benefits to using art therapy for addiction recovery.

This type of therapy can help you manage compulsive thoughts and behaviors and develop healthy emotional outlets.

Art therapy is one of many approaches we use to provide a well-balanced addiction care program.

Along with music, art therapy for addiction can help you express your feelings, improve your thinking, and develop social connections.

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Additional Benefits of Art Therapy in California

Art therapy for addiction can help to improve your overall emotional well-being. There is a reason that adult coloring books have become so popular in recent years. Art therapy provides an outlet through which you can focus on something productive and creative.

Through many different methods, holistic remedies like art therapy and music therapy can help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. These creative types of therapies also help you practice problem-solving skills, and in group settings, they can help you build connections and work with a team.

Art therapy for addiction helps you externalize your feelings through healthy means. It helps you and your therapist gain insight into what you are feeling and if you have repressed or unconscious emotions that are buried beneath the surface. In total, it can help you express yourself, improve your confidence and self-esteem, manage your addiction, relieve your stress, boost your mood, and improve symptoms of underlying mental health disorders.

Common Settings for Art Therapy

Art therapy is not exclusive to addiction care centers. This type of therapy has proven useful in many other settings as well. Senior centers, physical rehabilitation centers, schools, prisons, and hospitals have all seen the benefits of art therapy. These are the types of settings where tensions are high and negative emotions are often present. Hospitals have seen great success in using creative activities to reduce stress and depression, potentially alleviating the burden of certain chronic diseases.

This has important implications for recovering addicts because mental health disorders and chronic diseases tend to occur in higher numbers in this demographic. The same studies that revealed these trends also found that music therapy, expressive writing, and movement-based activities were other effective creative therapies. Each of these creative therapies may be part of your recovery plan.

Holistic and Recreational Remedies for Addiction

While art therapy for addiction has many practical uses, there are other holistic and recreational remedies that we offer. In addition to art and music therapy, we also use events like beach trips, yoga, and meditation to help you find balance. These activities can be restorative, contributing to the goal of emotional well-being. The best type of addiction care program addresses the needs of both your mind and body.

Another important type of addiction care remedy is training for future events. Life skills training and relapse prevention training can help you gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to remain sober after you complete your program. Stress cues and contact with drugs are some of the most common relapse triggers. These might include things like friends or family members you used to abuse drugs with, locations, events, or moods. Through relapse prevention training, you can learn how to disrupt these drug triggers and stay sober.

Traditional Remedies for Addiction Treatment

Our traditional, holistic, and recreational remedies come together to create a well-rounded recovery approach. These remedies help you work toward a wide variety of goals. In addition to the ones we have already discussed, like improvements to your emotional well-being and a deeper understanding of your emotions and experiences, these goals often include things like:

  • Building sober social networks
  • Developing reliable, long-term support systems
  • Avoiding temptations and triggers to enforce long-term sobriety
  • Changing damaging thought patterns and behaviors
  • Choosing healthy habits over drug-seeking activities
  • Identifying healthy coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, or underlying mental health disorders

These are the areas where our traditional remedies truly shine. Our traditional remedies include things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, medically-assisted treatment, trauma-informed care, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, family therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, individual sessions, and more.

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Addiction Treatment Settings in Costa Mesa, CA

Art therapy for addiction may take place in any of our treatment settings. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers a wide range of treatment setting options to address a wide variety of addictions and needs.

Two of our most common addiction treatment settings are inpatient and outpatient programs. We also offer partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, dual diagnosis and other specialized programs, and aftercare planning. Typically, those who need treatment will attend an inpatient care program first, then move on to an intensive or traditional outpatient program. However, each individual and addiction is unique. We will work with you to determine which care program will best suit your needs.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Addiction Care Programs

Inpatient addiction care programs are unique in that they offer 24-hour access to our medical and addiction specialists. This high-level program style has many benefits. Healthy meals, recreational activities, and a safe and comfortable facility where you can focus on your recovery are a few. If you have a moderate to severe addiction, this may be best. This is also typically better for those with complications, underlying mental health concerns, a history of relapse, and overwhelming withdrawal symptoms. Inpatient programs often begin with medical detox to help ease these withdrawal symptoms and many other common concerns.

Different individuals have different needs. If your addiction is milder, or you cannot commit to an inpatient stay due to work or family obligations, another option may be better. We will not leave you to figure this out on your own. We will get to know you a bit so that we may determine which programs would best suit your addiction and needs. We want to ensure that we are always giving you the right types and kinds of care and in the right settings.

Paying for Art Therapy for Addiction

Paying for addiction care is easier than it has ever been before. Most health insurance providers offer coverage for these types of treatments. And we accept payments from most major health insurance providers to make the process easier. If you have health insurance but you are not sure what it covers, please call our admissions team. They are on call to provide an insurance verification for you. There is no charge to you for this service. If you do not have health insurance, please call and ask about alternative payment options.

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Through comfortable amenities and facilities, traditional treatments, holistic remedies, and creative therapies, that is exactly what we provide.

Our well-rounded and personalized approach offers you an experience unlike any other.

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