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Daily Tips for Helping You Through Your Sober Journey

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According to a new federal estimate, nearly 21 million Americans aged 12+ reported having a substance problem. Of these 21 million, 1 in 12 have felt the need to seek treatment and get professional help.

The truth is, venturing into a world where drugs and alcohol are so readily available poses a difficult challenge for recovered users. For those in recovery, it’s essential to learn daily coping skills for maintaining sobriety.

Are you a former addict looking for daily tips to help you in your journey toward of a life of sobriety? Staying sober is a big accomplishment for addicts, but it’s rarely an easy journey getting there.

If you’ve struggled with maintaining your sobriety, these tips are sure to provide you with much support and motivation.

Establish a Sober Sponsor

Sponsorship is often considered to be one of the most important relationships in a user maintaining their sobriety.

A sponsor is often a friend or mentor who has demonstrated success in developing a life of sobriety. Think of this sponsor as a “tour guide” throughout the journey of sobriety. They provide motivation and guidance for those striving towards a sober lifestyle.

One of the most important roles a sponsor plays is providing the user with a sense of accountability and, in turn, helping to prevent relapse.

Most importantly, users can rest assured the sponsors know exactly how it feels to struggle with their sobriety. As a result, their advice is first-hand and based on previous experiences in dealing with similar issues.

Do Something Physical

Many recovering users would rely on drugs or alcohol to relieve stress and anxiety. Without the abuse of drugs and alcohol, users are now faced with having to find new methods of coping with these emotions.

Exercise has the ability to provide our bodies with a “natural high” to replace the artificial high of drugs and alcohol.

When addicts are trying to recover, the mind and body begin to crave the endorphins that lead to the high it became used to. A robust sweat session has the ability to release these name endorphins naturally.

Regular exercise can be an integral part of one’s mission to stay sober. In fact, studies reveal that adding exercise to addiction treatment can strengthen the effects of recovery.

Find an Alternate Drink

As more and more people choose to abstain from alcohol, restaurant menus have adapted to these changes. As a result, mocktail menus have gained in popularity.

This is helping to give more options to non-drinkers when in a social situation and faced with the desire to order a drink.

Most bartenders also enjoy the challenge of creating a unique, equally enjoyable beverage without the addition of alcohol. To take things one step further, companies such as Seedlips are crafting elegant spirits that are non-alcoholic yet still offer the punch of a traditional liquor.

Use The Internet as a Tool

For many users, the reality of completing a rehab program and then leaving the facility can be daunting. While they were once surrounded by other addicts in recovery, the realities of home may not present one with that same supportive environment.

For those users that are lacking friendship and emotional support from their previous life, the internet can act as a fantastic tool in providing this support.

Aside from providing mere information on maintaining sobriety, it is also home to a vast community of recovering addicts able to provide emotional support to men and women of all ages and walks of life.

It provides a resource to connect recovering addicts with other people facing the same issues and the ability to connect with and meet people in your area that are also in recovery.

Be sure to make yourself familiar with the many websites, chat rooms, Facebook groups, blogs, podcasts, etc that provide for an online community of supporters.

Establish a Healthy Eating Routine

Studies reveal that those who suffer from addiction are less likely to engage in healthy eating behavior. Let’s consider that some drugs/alcohol force users to eat too little, while others force users to overeat.

It has been proven time and time again that nutrition therapy can significantly help users in maintaining their sobriety. This is due to the fact that proper nutrition allows recovering addicts to feel better both mentally and physically.

Why is this?

Nutrients give our bodies energy, help to repair organ tissue and aid in strengthening the immune system. Because drugs and alcohol have proven to damage our internal tissues, providing proper nutrition is vital to rebuilding these tissues.

And, lastly, when it comes to overall happiness, certain foods high in nutritional value have been linked to enhancing one’s overall mood. Foods such as green vegetables produce more serotonin which is a natural mood enhancer. In this case, recovering users can use food to feel better both physically and mentally.

Engage in Hobbies that Make You Feel Good

One of the best parts of being sober is that you can feel good every single day. No more nasty hangovers that leave both one’s body and mind feeling depressed and tiresome.

Instead, throughout recovery, users can choose to engage in behaviors that are proven to result in a natural body high. These are activities such as exercise, forming good relationships, giving back to the community and having a rewarding job.

Small changes to one’s daily routine such as exposure to nature and fresh air each morning are proven to enhance one’s mood and provide a healthy foundation for each day.

A Path to Sobriety

Going through recovery is never an easy, nor straightforward process. It’s important to remember that addiction is a disease and that many addicts require professional help to stay sober.

The good news? You are never alone and we are always here to help you.

Call us at (888) 700-5053 and we would be glad to answer your questions. Take back your life by starting your journey today.

Alexa Iocco

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