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Detox Program Orange County Resurgence Behavioral Health

What Is the Detox Process for Alcohol and Drugs?

When you’ve come to a place in your life where you’re ready to overcome your addiction to a drug or alcohol, it’s important to consider several factors. One of the first steps that you should always take is to reach out to a treatment facility that offers different types of detox programs. The reason for this is, that depending on the severity of your drugs and alcohol addiction, there is a strong possibility that you may need to commit to working through a detox process before you can think about working through an addiction treatment program. 

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

The process of transitioning into detox will be slightly different for every treatment facility. However, in order to ensure that you receive the care that you need in Santa Ana or any other area in Orange County, it’s imperative that you’re upfront and completely honest regarding the extent of your substance abuse. There are several questions that an intake team may ask you when you initially reach out to one of the Orange County detox centers. For example, it’s important that you disclose the extent of your addiction including your substance of choice or how long you have been consuming this substance. This important information will allow your treatment team to plan for your time in detox to ensure that you receive the best care and treatment possible. 

What To Expect in a Medical Detox Program

It’s important to understand that the experience of every person will be different largely in part to the fact that everyone goes through a different process when it comes to their recovery. When you commit to a medical detox program, it’s impossible to predict the withdrawal symptoms that you will experience during the time that you’re in detox. However, one of the great things about medical detox is that you will have the opportunity to utilize different medications which will help you to better manage the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that you may experience. 

There are many people that are hesitant to take advantage of medical detox because they feel as though it’s relatable to trade one addiction for another. However, when you take these prescription medications in a controlled environment and under the watchful eye of trained addiction experts, you have the peace of mind of knowing that the likelihood of this happening is extremely small. 

Although your time in medical detox may be challenging at times, it will be a substantial step toward your overall health and well-being. Your time in detox will revolve around getting the rest and the treatment that you need so that you will be in a better place both physically and psychologically to begin to tackle the issues that you’ve had with addiction. 

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms 

There is a combination of physical and psychological symptoms that a person may experience during the time that they are going through drug withdrawal. Regardless of whether you have an addiction to opioids or heroin, here are a few examples of withdrawal symptoms that you may experience: 

  • Irritation 
  • Cravings 
  • Exhaustion 
  • Muscle aches and pains 
  • Hallucinations 
  • Delirium 
  • Seizures 
  • Confusion 
  • Paranoia 

Realistically the list of possible withdrawal symptoms is something that could go on indefinitely. 

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Similar to drugs, there are many withdrawal symptoms that a person may experience during the time that they are going through alcohol detox. Here are just a few examples of the common withdrawal symptoms that a person may go through during this time: 

  • Clammy skin 
  • Fatigue 
  • Headache 
  • Stomach issues 
  • Shakiness 
  • Cravings 
  • Problems concentrating or thinking 

How Long do Detox Programs Last?

On average, you will need to spend approximately one week in a detox program. It’s important to note, however, that there are different factors that could impact this approximate timeframe. For example, there are many drugs that linger in your system which could push back when you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. However, in the majority of cases, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms within just a few hours from the time that you take your last drink or drug of choice. 

When To Seek Detox Treatment for Alcohol or Drugs

A clear sign that you need to seek detox treatment for alcohol or drug addiction is when you begin to crave that substance within just a few hours from the time that you last consumed it. It’s important to note that these cravings can come in different forms. For example, if you’re unable to do anything else during your day because you’re consumed with thoughts of using your substance of choice, that would be categorized as a craving. However, there are many cravings that also come in physical forms in the form of withdrawal symptoms. Regardless of which type of alcohol or drug craving you’re experiencing, it’s imperative to reach out for help and detox treatment when you come to this point in your addiction. 

Resurgence Behavioral Health Detox Program in Orange County

As one of the best detox centers in Orange County for drugs and alcohol, you can rest assured that you will receive the high level of care that you need regardless of the genesis of your substance abuse issues. Not only do we offer drug rehab Los Angeles and alcohol detox programs, but we also offer general addiction treatment programs which will help you to work through your drug addiction or alcohol addiction. It’s important to remember that working through drug or alcohol detox is only the first step in a recovery journey that will last you for the rest of your life. The next part of the process is to commit to a treatment program that will help you to address the root cause of your substance abuse so you can avoid falling back into the trap of addiction going forward. 

If you need to complete cocaine detox, alcohol detox, or another type of drug detox, then it’s possible that you may feel more comfortable committing to a residential rehab program. The reason for this is that residential rehab will provide you with the same round-the-clock care that you experienced during the time that you were in your initial detox treatment program. Although you will receive your own individualized substance abuse treatment plan, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your recovery team is there with you and for you whenever you need them. You will be able to live on the campus of whichever one of the drug rehab centers that you choose and also be able to interact with others that are working their way through their own treatment program. Taking this step can give you access to a unique level of support which is something that can help you to heal and grow your system of support. 

While inpatient treatment is something that can provide you with a stable foundation when it comes to your recovery, there is always the possibility that a person may not be able to commit to this type of treatment due to the fact that they have work or school responsibilities. However, simply because you have these important responsibilities in your life doesn’t mean that you cannot participate in addiction treatment. In cases like this, it’s recommended that you take advantage of an outpatient treatment program. An outpatient treatment program such as an intensive outpatient program or a general outpatient program will give you the flexibility that you need to still work or go to school while still receiving the help that you need to work through the contributing factors of your addiction. 

It’s not enough just to change the environment around you during the time that you’re in treatment. Another important detail associated with your recovery is participating in different forms of therapy so that you will come to a better understanding of the root cause of your addiction. The root cause of addiction is something that is unique and different for each person. For example, it’s possible that a person may have experienced some form of trauma in their childhood while there are many other people who suffer from trauma well into their adulthood. Regardless of when you experience this trauma, unless you receive the psychological care that you need to work through these traumas, there is a possibility that you could resort to substance abuse to cope with these traumas. During treatment, you will learn to overcome these traumas and learn better-coping skills. 

When you’re ready to take steps toward overcoming your substance abuse issues once and for all, the Resurgence Behavioral Health team is here to help you. We have experience in helping people from all walks of life. Regardless of whether your addiction is something that has been plaguing you for years or it is a more recent development in your life, you can take comfort in the fact that you will have access to a team of addiction experts who will work closely with you through each aspect of your recovery, including your detox. For more information, get in touch with us today at (855) 458-0050.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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