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Drug Detox in Orange County

Drug Detox , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | March 8, 2022

Drug Detox Orange County Resurgence Behavioral Health

Dangers of Drug Addiction

Every day there are countless people who struggle with drug addiction. Drug addiction comes in many different forms. There are many people who struggle with a meth addiction while there are several more people who struggle with an addiction to prescription medication. Regardless of the substance, if you find yourself struggling with this type of addiction, it isn’t something that you should take lightly. Here are just a few examples of the dangers associated with drug or alcohol addiction: 

Your health will suffer 

Over time, drug addiction can have a serious and potentially deadly impact on your overall health and well-being. Not only will you physically suffer as a result of your drug addiction but it’s likely that you will have a psychological impact as a result of your addiction. In time, your organs may begin to shut down. However, if you receive the help and care that you need through a treatment program, you may be able to reverse a fair amount of the damage that you caused during the time that you were in active addiction. 

Your relationships with your family may be put in jeopardy 

Oftentimes, your relationship with your friends and family will suffer as a result of your addiction since you are not able to actively and meaningfully participate in the connection that you have with them. Your loved ones may not want to be around you during the time that you’re in active addiction since it could be psychologically painful for them to see you in that type of situation. 

When It’s Time For Drug Detox

Once you’re ready to tackle your substance abuse issue, one of the first things that you should do is get in touch with a drug rehab in Orange County that gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a drug or alcohol detox plan. There are several ways to tell if you need to detox Orange County. For instance, a person who needs to go through a detox treatment plan will begin to experience certain withdrawal symptoms within mere hours from the time that they last consume their drug or drink of choice. 

What is Drug Detoxification?

Drug detoxification is the process of removing these potentially lethal drugs from your mind and body in a healthy way. Some people mistakenly believe that by abruptly not taking these substances anymore, they could easily overcome their addiction. However, the reality is that you could cause yourself serious physical and psychological harm by taking this step. 

Medications Used in Drug Detox

There are several different types of medicines that can be incorporated into your overall drug detox program which can help you to navigate these first few hours and days in a way that doesn’t stress you out even further. For instance, there are different types of medicines that can help you to better manage the cravings that you may experience, particularly in those first few days of detox. Also, there are other medications that may help you for a period of time beyond that. Your treatment team will collaborate with you to ensure that you have access to what you need to get over the hump of detox. We will also ensure that you will never fall prey to another addiction as a result of consuming certain medication that is specific to detox. 

What To Expect During Drug Detox

There are many factors that play into what you will experience during the time that you’re in drug detox. On average, a person will need to spend at least seven days in a drug detox program. However, it’s possible that you may need to spend longer in drug detox depending on the severity of your addiction and your drug of choice. You will typically begin to experience withdrawal symptoms within the first few hours of your time in detox and experience the height of those symptoms within the first 72 hours. During this stretch of time, it will be all but impossible for you to properly care for yourself. At a drug detox facility, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your treatment team will be there for you and with you during this uncertain phase of your recovery. 

Dangers of Detoxing At Home

It’s never recommended that you ever attempt to go through the detox process unless you are under the care of a team of addiction experts at an addiction treatment facility. Trying to detox on your own or with a person who is not experienced in this field could lead to potentially deadly consequences. Only by committing to a program through an addiction treatment facility that offers an option for detox can you ensure that you will be able to make it through the other side of detox. A top-rated detox center will be able to provide you with the immediate care that you need so that you are never put in a position where you begin to experience serious detox symptoms by yourself. 

What Happens After Drug Detox?

It’s important to remember that your drug or alcohol detox program is not the end all be all when it comes to your addiction treatment plan. Once you complete your detox program, your next focus will be on working through a comprehensive recovery program that will help you overcome your substance abuse once and for all. Any of the top-notch rehab centers in Orange County will offer this type of addiction treatment. If you need to complete a drug and alcohol detox program, then you may want to consider committing to an inpatient treatment program. During inpatient treatment, also commonly referred to as residential treatment, you will have the opportunity to live on the campus of the substance abuse facility that you select. This home away from home type of environment can provide you with the treatment in Orange County that you need during this critical stage in your recovery. Top-rated rehab centers in Orange County will give you the opportunity to commit to a 30-, 60- or 90-day addiction treatment program. Keep in mind that you can always adjust the duration of your recovery journey at any time. 

Although there are tremendous benefits associated with a residential treatment program, there are many people who simply cannot commit to this type of drug rehab in Orange County as a result of their work or personal schedule. Instead of a residential inpatient treatment plan, you can take advantage of an outpatient treatment program. 

In most cases, an Orange County drug rehab will offer two types of outpatient treatment programs. The first is an intensive outpatient treatment plan and the second is a general outpatient treatment program. The leading difference between these two recovery programs is the number of hours that you will need to spend in addiction therapy each week. An intensive outpatient drug rehab program will require more hours of therapy each week in comparison to a general outpatient program. These options are great for a person that may have to work or has family responsibilities and feel as though a residential inpatient program will take them away from those important responsibilities. The treatment team at your drug rehab will work closely with you to ensure that you have the flexibility in your schedule that you need to be able to receive the addiction treatment that you need while still seeing to your personal obligations. 

You should never overlook the important role that attending a support group such as Narcotics Anonymous, also known as NA, can have on your life. Once you complete your drug rehab program or during the time that you are completing an outpatient treatment program, your drug rehabilitation treatment team will encourage you to take advantage of attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Narcotics Anonymous meetings are similar to a group therapy session in several ways because you will have the opportunity to interact and communicate with other people who have struggled with their own drug addiction. Keep in mind that if you have struggled with alcohol addiction, you can also take advantage of going to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting which is specifically designed for a person that has experienced an addiction to alcohol. One of the best things about Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous is the fact that these meetings are generally offered in an in-person setting and a virtual setting at nearly any time of the day any day of the week. 

Are you ready to begin a drug detox program? Perhaps you have worked through a detox program and you’re ready to focus on the steps that you need to take to tackle your addiction once and for all? If the answer is yes to either question, Resurgence Behavioral Health is here and ready to help you. Our intake team is available around the clock to provide you with the foundation that you need to take back control of your life. For more information about what you can expect from a drug detox program or an addiction treatment program, please get in touch with us today at (855) 458-0050. 

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