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Drug Treatment Center for Nevada Residents

Drug Detox , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | July 27, 2022

Drug Treatment Center for Nevada Residents

Do I Need Drug Addiction Treatment?

Substance use disorders are something that comes in many different shapes and forms. Every day, there are countless people who struggle with an addiction to a variety of different substances. The good news is that there are several programs in Nevada that can help you to work through your drug and alcohol addiction so that you can live a healthier life. The question that many people struggle to answer is do they need drug addiction treatment? There are several telltale signs that you may need drug addiction treatment. Here are some examples: 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

You’re struggling professionally as a result of your substance abuse 

Have you lost your job as a result of your drug use? Perhaps your job is in jeopardy due to your substance abuse? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then this is a clear indicator that you should reach out for help. 

Your health is suffering 

Drug abuse will have a direct impact on your overall health and well-being. If you are experiencing any type of physical or psychological health consequences as a result of your substance abuse, it’s time for you to get addiction help. 

You’re unable to maintain relationships 

Over time, your addiction will completely consume you which is something that will overshadow the relationships that you have with your loved ones. If you’ve lost these important relationships, working through an addiction treatment program can help you put them back together. 

What To Expect At A Nevada Drug Treatment Center

Your experience in addiction recovery will depend on which one of the treatment programs you select. For example, there are many people who recognize the fact that they need to change the people, places, and things around them which is why they opt to work through an inpatient treatment program. During inpatient treatment, you will have the opportunity to live on the campus of the facility that you choose while you receive treatment in Nevada. There are others who are working or going to school full-time or part-time and who are unable to commit to inpatient rehab. In cases like this, your treatment team will recommend that you work through an outpatient treatment program. During outpatient treatment, you will still be able to receive the addiction treatment that you need, however, you will have more flexibility in your treatment plan to see to other responsibilities in your life. 

Drug Detox

Depending on the severity of your addiction as well as your drug of choice, there is a possibility that you may need to commit to a medical detox program before you can begin your addiction recovery plan. The reason for this is that within just hours from the last time that you took your drug of choice, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms which will make it all but impossible for you to properly care for yourself. A medical detox program at a rehab facility will provide you with the support that you need during these initial hours and days of your sobriety as you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms. On average, a detox program will last seven days with the worst of your withdrawal symptoms starting within the first few hours of your time in detox and lasting approximately 72 hours.  

Resurgence – Drug Treatment Center for Nevada Residents

If you’re suffering from a drugs and alcohol addiction, Resurgence Behavioral Health offers treatment programs that will help you to take steps to reclaim your life. Our recovery centers in Nevada are second to none. We are available around the clock to help you begin your recovery journey. For more information about the type of treatments that we offer at Resurgence, we encourage you to get in touch with us today at (855) 458-0050.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.