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Relationship of Drugs and Gun Violence

Relationship of Drugs and Gun Violence Resurgence - When you look at drugs and gun violence statistics, it is clear that their is a link between the two.

What is a Drug?

A drug is a medical substance which, when introduced into the body, causes specific physiological changes to occur in the body. It is used to fight infections and cure diseases that attack living organisms. Generally, drugs are divided into hard and soft drugs. This division is based on the likelihood of and potential for abuse.

Thus, psychoactive drugs with a high tendency for abuse and addiction, and whose continuous intake can result in the death of the user are referred to as “hard drugs.” The less harmful drugs that are less likely to have adverse psychological and physiological effects on their users are referred to as “soft drugs.”

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Psychoactive Drugs

Drugs can also either be categorized as psychoactive or depressants. Psychoactive drugs are drugs that increase human activity. These drugs make an individual more active by stimulating brain activity in such an individual. It can cause changes to occur in a person’s feelings, mood, behavior, and even thoughts.

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On the other hand, depressants are drugs that reduce brain activity. These drugs slow down neurotransmission levels, reduce stimulation, and keep a user in a somewhat relaxed state. Interestingly, drugs under both categories can be used for clinical purposes and can be subjected to abuse. In certain ways, drugs can be abused, and their effects are harmful to the body. It is essential to use drugs only when they are prescribed by a doctor or specialist.

At Resurgence, we have specialists that can give you the necessary advice on how to use drugs. Abuse of drugs often leads to dependence, and after a prolonged time, it can result in addiction. Contact us today to get access to the help you need.

Gun Violence

Gun violence is violence that stems from the use of a gun or firearm. Such firearms include automatic rifles, pistols, shotguns, or machine guns. Gun violence can occur in a diverse number of situations, including mass shootings, gang wars, suicide, homicide, and theft.

As with all violence, gun violence results in injuries and, often, death. Recipients of these bouts of violence range from individuals to communities, depending on the intent and sanity of the perpetrators in question. When you look at drugs and gun violence statistics, it becomes obvious that these are related.

Understanding Drugs and Gun Violence


In certain instances, drugs and gun violence are related phenomena. This is because abusing drugs can lead to risky behaviors. Drugs and gun violence statistics show this to be true.

It enhances the likelihood of risky behaviors and results in changes in personality. As such, due to these changes in behavior, drugs make you more likely to do stuff on impulse which you would otherwise not do. One of such impulsive actions may be engaging in gun violence.

Aside from acting on impulse due to the use of drugs, certain individuals engage in the use of drugs to get ‘high’ in order to participate in violence without facing the immediate repercussions of their actions.

In such instances, these drugs serve as the needed adrenalin boost, which these individuals use to carry out their acts. Such individuals mainly constitute gangs and their members and cult groups.

Just like drugs, most individuals who engage in gun violence are young men. Similarly, the victims are mostly men. However, Amnesty International notes that women suffer a high risk of firearms violence from an intimate partner.

Statistics on Drugs and Gun Violence


A cursory look at the drugs and gun violence statistics reveals the dangers of gun violence in society. Amnesty International reports that more than 500 people die daily as a result of gun violence. Also, 44% of all homicides globally involve gun violence. Again, between 2012 and 2016, there were 1.4 million firearm-related deaths globally.

In the USA, about 39,773 died from gunshot injuries in 2017. The United States also has the 28th-highest rate of deaths from gun violence in the world, with a mind-blowing rate of 4.43 deaths per 100,000 people in 2017, according to

These staggering statistics on gun violence are bolstered even further when we consider the fact that mass shooters in America are often prescribed psychotropic antidepressants before they engaged in their violent action.

Interestingly this type of medication is well-known for causing hostility and tendencies towards homicide. Generally, psychotropic drugs are drugs that affect the behavior, thoughts, mood, or perception of an individual who ingests it. It covers drugs given under medical prescription as well as drugs that are subject to misuse and abuse.

Drugs with a high tendency to cause intoxication, have a strong influence over gun violence. These drugs include morphine, oxycodone, and opioid narcotics like fentanyl.

Effects of Drugs on Gun Violence

The primary effect of drugs on gun violence is that it occasions clouded judgment. Psychotropic drugs, which affect the disposition of the brain, cloud the judgment of the user and result in decisions from which the individual may not recover when the effect of the drug wears off.

Also, drugs can lead to heightened aggression. This process also follows the ingestion of mood-altering drugs. Once such drugs are taken, a person is more likely to engage in gun violence because of the heightened state of aggression. Such an individual does not consider the repercussions of the action in question.

Prevention of Gun Violence

Gun violence is a reality that different individuals have come to face in their daily lives. The likelihood of gun violence is further increased by using drugs. But the question remains – how do we prevent it? Here at Resurgence, we are committed to reducing the rate of gun violence among individuals of different ages, through our behavioral psychology assessments and tests for individuals.

Through this means, we give advice to individuals on the status of their mental health, as well as proffer solutions and therapy for such individuals. The result of this therapy is a safer street, town, state, and nation for everybody. Resurgence is dedicated to resolving issues that deal with drug abuse and addiction.

Thus, given the relationship between drugs and gun violence as explored, we believe that by treating and curing drug addicts we ultimately reduce the probability of gun violence by helping to ensure the individual makes informed decisions instead of acting on impulse or drug-induced aggression. Also, at Resurgence, we believe gun violence is a mental health issue.

As such, we believe that by proper education of the citizenry on the ills of gun violence and adequate behaviors, we can drastically reduce the rate of gun violence. To this end, Resurgence has already taken the first step by engaging in gun violence-related seminars to which the entire populace is welcome. The education here helps keep arms at bay, individuals off the street, and society much safer.

In another light, gun violence can be prevented through the enactment and execution of gun safety laws. These laws would reduce access to guns and other dangerous firearms as well as mandate the licensing of such guns for private possession.

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