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Drugs Now Legalized! But Should You Partake?

Addiction is it a Disease or a Choice Resurgence - Addiction can lead to grave consequences, like this veteran who has overdosed. That begs the question? Is addiction a disease or a choice? Either way, when you struggle with addiction you need to find help.

Drugs Now Legalized! But Should You Partake?

Mushroom users all over the nation rejoiced when Denver decriminalized drugs, more specifically Psilocybin mushrooms.

Hailed as the next Amsterdam, Denver is setting a new precedent towards the legalization of drugs.

But is this judgment going to be an attraction that is good for everyone?

Legalized Drugs and Sobriety

Despite psilocybin mushrooms being a legalized drug, they should not be used by everyone.

This class of drugs can be downright dangerous for the majority of the population.

Using drugs of this nature can have long term consequences on your body and mind.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we can address your relationship with legalized drugs.

Learn How Rehab Can Help You Stay Sober

Understanding Legalized Drugs

Psilocybin drugs have been used for millennia in religious ceremonies and healing rituals. These ceremonies were meant to achieve an altered state of consciousness and to increase spiritual awareness. The psychoactive components of psilocybin and psilocin create the hallucinogenic experience that users are seeking. Today these drugs are used to achieve the same types of altered consciousness and inspire creativity. However, others are just looking for a high. If you find yourself using drugs in conjunction with legalized drugs, you could be in the midst of an addiction problem.

Effects of Psilocybin

Though there are clinical studies done that show the benefit of medicinal mushrooms, these experiments are done in highly controlled environments with quality psilocybin. The general population is under the impression that mushrooms are safe for everyone, especially with legalized drugs.
Despite the legalization of drugs, some very severe side effects could threaten your life. Seizures, comas, suicidal planning, and attempts due to illogical thoughts, and death have all happened under these drugs’ influences Difficulty speaking, rage, flashbacks, and confusion are also common. If you feel that you have developed an addiction to drugs, Resurgence Behavioral Health is ready to provide restorative health!

Abuse of Drugs

Legalized drugs such as psilocybin are not considered addictive, but it does not mean that they do not have a high potential for abuse. Studies find that many people tend to do mushrooms with other drugs such as cocaine, alcohol, and other illicit drugs
It’s easy to become psychologically addicted to mushrooms, especially if you experience the high of euphoria and distorted perceptions that are sought after when tripping. Combining legalized drugs and other substances can be a dangerous game to play when it comes to your health. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we can treat the psychological dependency on drugs and provide options for a physical detox. No matter the severity of your addiction, our professionals have a treatment plan that is right for you.

Do Legalized Drugs Affect Your Mental Health?

Research hints that the legalization of drugs such as psilocybin mushrooms can be used to help treat those with mental disorders such as anxiety or depression. However, these drugs have also been known to intensify mental diseases. If you suffer from mental illnesses such as depression, you should not self-medicate with legalized drugs to overcome your ailments. Especially when taken in high doses, psilocybin can exacerbate your underlying mental condition and cause suicidal behavior Other mental side effects of using these drugs include paranoia, anxiety, psychosis, and severe depression. Additional consequences include a high incidence of fear and depression, which can only make your mental disorders unmanageable. Resurgence Behavioral Health professionals are experts in providing dual diagnosis care for you or your loved one!

Restore Yourself at Resurgence Behavioral Health!

Legalized drugs may make you physically dependent, but you may need a physical detox if you are using other drugs. We offer effective detox plans to complete in an Inpatient environment, a Partial Hospitalization Program, or Intensive Outpatient Programs. We provide 24-hour treatment support providing first-class medical, nursing, and addiction care. Before starting you on a program, we will perform a comprehensive medical evaluation to ensure you are getting the proper course of treatment. Our treatment plans include stabilization, where we will provide medical and psychological therapy. Our data-driven approach treatment ensures you are getting the best treatment addiction science can provide!

Holistic Care for Drugs

When it comes to treating a psychological dependence on legalized drugs such as mushrooms, we tend to take a more holistic medicine approach. While mushrooms do not carry the weight of physical dependence, psychological dependence can be just as burdensome. If you have an undiagnosed mental disorder that has worsened since using mushrooms, we offer a dual diagnosis care option. This form of treatment treats and identifies addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy options are a pragmatic approach that supports clients in improving their thought and behavior patterns. Evaluating your thought patterns and how you address addiction can be critical when preventing relapse into old behaviors. These forms of holistic therapy address your overall health and wellness to commit to a healthier lifestyle!

Continual Therapy for Drugs

While drug rehab can be beneficial, there is always the concern of relapse. Our behavioral specialists will work with you on identifying and preventing situations that may be addiction triggers. Relapse prevention is preventable through recommended continual therapy. We offer 12-step meetings along with other support group options. Family counseling, one on one treatment, and group sessions are successful ways to stay sober. If you are not interested in faith-based therapy, we offer SMART recovery groups who take a science-based approach to sobriety. Resurgence Behavioral Health believes that continual treatment is essential for long term recovery!

Find Tranquility at Resurgence California

Named one of the top luxury rehabilitation centers in California, Resurgence Rehabilitation Center offers only the best when recovering from drug addiction. We provide 100% anonymity for our patients as it is in your interest to keep your personal life personal. Amenities such as yoga, basketball courts, golf, and swimming offer our clients the comfort of home. Depending on your location, you can enjoy the tranquility of an outdoor meditation zone, a walk to the beach, or a stroll with one of our therapy dogs! All of our facilities offer a safe and comfortable environment where you will receive only the best care from our addiction specialists!

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Our intake specialists offer free insurance verification to verify your benefits! We will correspond with your service provider and file the necessary paperwork needed to begin treatment. Our team will determine the best possible treatment plan for you that works with your insurance. We accept many forms of PPO insurance and private forms of payment. Our specialist can help you understand your benefits and the treatment options available to you or a loved one. No matter your coverage, we will find a treatment plan that will best benefit you!

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Legalized Drugs are not a Good Reason for Addiction!

If you feel that experimenting with legalized drugs has put you on a permanent “bad trip,” let our professionals help you!

The road to recovery can be challenging, but we have full confidence that our professionals can make this experience worthwhile!

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we don’t believe that you need the help of legalized drugs to find a sense of purpose.

We understand that letting go of drugs is a daunting but worthwhile change that will change your life outlook.

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