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Epidiolex is Approved by the FDA

Conquering Withdrawal

One of the biggest reasons I avoided rehab is because I didn’t want to suffer the withdrawal symptoms.

These can be excruciating depending on what drug you are detoxing.

Rehab programs can assist you in the discomfort you might feel when trying to become sober.

In rehab, people might be struggling with a strong withdrawal and battling drug cravings.

Some rehab programs are prescribing Epidiolex to battle with this.

Epidiolex is an FDA approved drug that was initially approved to treat seizures but is found to be effective in other uses such as combating drug cravings.

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Differences Between Marijuana and CBD

Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states as of today.

As marijuana becomes legal in more and more of the United States, CBD shops are also becoming more popular.

In places like New York City, where the hope is that marijuana will become legal, CBD shops are making their presence in the marketplace known so that when marijuana does become legal, they will already have a storefront to sell recreational weed.

If you are not familiar with CBD or THC products, they are quite different.

THC is the active component that makes you feel high when you smoke marijuana or eat marijuana products.

CBD has the healing properties of THC without the high.

I often take CBD for headaches, anxiety, and or cramps.

It is effective for me and I am able to function.

There are many forms of CBD, you can get it in gummies, oils, or other edible treats.

It is very similar to plants containing THC.

THC can also be used medicinally.

There are two different strains.

Sativa I use to help energize me or spark some motivation.

Sometimes I use Indica strains to help with anxiety or pain.

CBD is perfect to use when you don’t want to experience the effect of THC, which can be overwhelming and dangerous for someone in recovery.

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Medicinal Uses of CBD

Wherever you stand in terms of how you feel about marijuana or CBD it is being used medicinally. Recently the FDA approved Epidiolex. The NIH states that Epidiolex is a drug that can help drastically improve the outcome of patients who are experiencing seizures. This drug has now been approved by the FDA for two years in patients one year and older.

Some diseases where a patient might encounter seizures include Parkinsons. Epidiolex has also been used for painful disorders like Ulcerative Colitis. A study done by the NIH also found that it can be used as a treatment for substance disorders and was found effective in treating Opioid Addiction.

You might be thinking what the catch is in using Epidiolex. We have all seen those commercials promoting some sort of life changing drug, only to hear a laundry list of side effects that almost cancel out the positive benefit of whatever drug it is being sold. The adverse effects found are as of follows: The most common adverse reactions that occurred in EPIDIOLEX-treated patients (incidence at least 10% and greater than placebo) were somnolence; decreased appetite; diarrhea; transaminase elevationsfatigue, malaise, and asthenia; rash; insomnia, sleep disorder, and poor quality sleep; and infections.

Because Epidiolex is pharmaceutical grade there are no traces of THC which can sometimes be found in CBD oils that you would be over the counter. This especially important for someone who is wanting to use CBD in treatment.

Immediate Placement in Rehab

Why this Medicine Could Help Conquer Withdrawal Symptoms

This medicine isn’t without its faults as can be seen but the benefits could outweigh the risks involved with taking it. The whole point of going to rehab is to get someone sober again. When you consider getting sober, a rehab program is the way to go. They will be able to help you navigate what sort of treatments are available for whatever withdrawal symptoms you might be having.

Especially the ones that are more difficult to deal with. The most important thing to do is to explore your options with a trained health professional. This is the very first step into figuring out what program you will thrive in.

The Evolution of Withdrawal and Addiction Treatment

Epidiolex is proof that addiction treatment is evolving. It is proof that one can be assured that if they decide to get help, they will be comfortable and taken care of. It is also proof that even if this specific treatment won’t work for you, there are other treatments out there to help assist in withdrawal symptoms associated with coming off drugs.

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The first step is to have a conversation.

I decided to go to rehab myself after having a conversation with my primary care physician about issues I was experiencing.

Rehab was the best decision I ever made and I have not looked back since.

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