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What is GHB?

What is GHB Resurgence – A prescription pill bottle. When abused, GHB is highly dangerous, therefore it is important to know GHB drug symptoms.

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate is a central nervous system depressant that is also referred to as GHB. GHB was originally developed as a treatment for a sleep disorder known as narcolepsy. (Narcolepsy has been associated with excessive sleepiness and daytime sleep attacks.) GHB brand drugs have been highly regulated in an attempt to curb the abuse of this medication.

GHB drug symptoms include feelings of being relaxed, light, and uninhibited. The drug is known to give off the same. GHB is also used in general anesthesia for surgery. Unfortunately, despite the multiple benefits of this medication, it has been repeatedly abused for various purposes. GHB has become notorious for its use as a party drug.

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How Does GHB Work?

 When used in small doses, GHB has been reported to have the effect of a stimulant in most people. It has been known to be used by frequent gym-goers, and as a performance enhancement. GHB gives users the same feelings as alcohol without slurred speech or loss of body control or hangovers.

The science behind the pleasurable sensations that are elicited by the use of this drug is rather complicated. The drug works by releasing a copious amount of dopamine into the brain. Essentially, GHB works at two receptor sites in the brain. The effect of GHB on these receptor sites leads to the stimulant, depressant, and psychomotor impairment of the Central Nervous System.

A relatively low dose of GHB usually helps users loosen up, behave more friendly and less inhibited. The action of the chemicals in the brain blocks feelings of fear. The brain feels euphoria while the user feels drunk in most cases.

Altogether, it is generally agreed that GHB produces an extremely pleasurable effect on users. However, these feelings of pleasure are temporal; in most instances, a GHB high lasts for about 3-4 hours. It is easy to see why most users of this drug have a high tendency to develop an addiction and it can be easy to see GHB drug symptoms.

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Effects and Abuse of GHB.

 The effects of GHB on users often vary depending on several factors. Some of the factors that determine the impact of GHB include the size, weight, and state of the person using it, the quantity of medicine used, the level of tolerance developed over time, and the presence of other substances in the body. However, in most cases, the use of this drug has most of the same effects on the users.

The most common effect of GHB is drowsiness, most people being to feel extremely sleepy within a few minutes of using GHB. Another common effect of GHB is an increased sex drive, this one f the reasons why GHB is commonly used as a date rape drug. Tremors are also associated with the use of this medication. The most appealing effect of GHB is the feeling of euphoria, which is attached to it. Most users who describe the impact of GHB admit that the ‘high” is otherworldly.

GHB is a highly potent drug, with a highly variable chemical composition.  Because of its potency and unique chemical buildup, it is easy for a person to overdose on GHB.  Cases of an overdose on GHB are prevalent because of the unpredictability of the amount abusers need to get high.

Overdoses usually come with symptoms like hallucinations, blackouts and memory loss, irregular and shallow breathing, vomiting, and in some cases, death. Over time, most abusers of GHB develop a high level of tolerance for the drug. Regular use leads to tolerance, which over time, forces the user to increase GHB’s amount.

When GHB is used with other drugs as it often is, there are immediate and long-term effects on the user. In cases where GHB is mixed with ecstasy or amphetamines, users often experience seizures alongside an enormous strain on the body.

GHB and Mental Health.

 The use of GHB is responsible for multiple hallucinations and memory loss. It is not uncommon for users of GHB to completely forget all of the events which transpired while they were under the influence. It is also common for users to experience hallucinations throughout being high. The majority of the mental health issues caused by GHB show up after attempts at withdrawal. The absence of GHB on the brain of a user means that a lower than usual dopamine level is produced.

This reduced level of dopamine is often responsible for adverse psychological effects on users. Withdrawal takes a huge toll on the mental health of GHB users. However, this can be managed efficiently by professionals. Some of the mental health effects that GHB has on people include depression, severe anxiety, and paranoia.

These mental health issues usually last for about two weeks. However, if these mental health issues are not properly monitored, they may last longer. It is also very possible for GHB to complicate already existing mental health issues.

GHB Addiction Treatment

As with the treatment of any addiction, GHB addiction treatment first requires a desire to be treated. It is most advisable for users suffering from GHB addiction to involve specialists in all forms of treatment. Treatment for GHB addiction will usually begin with medically monitored detox.

After a patient has had time for most of the GHB to leave their system, other forms of treatment can commence. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is often a favored choice for treating such addictions. CBT involves specific talk therapy administered to discover the underlying reasons for GHB abuse.

Inpatient GHB Addiction Treatment

Most GHB addiction treatment is administered in inpatient treatment centers. However, some organizations allow clients to receive outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment usually ranges from 30-90 days. The length of stay is usually dependent on the severity of the patient’s case.  Dietary and fitness treatment are also administered to ensure that the patient’s body and mind heal at the same time.

Outpatient treatment is less favorable because it does not remove the client from familiar environments. Some medications may be administered to counter the effects of GHB abuse. GHB drug symptoms of abuse, such as anxiety and seizure, are treated with medicines like benzodiazepines.

Outpatient GHB Addiction Treatment

At Resurgence, we offer you the best outpatient treatment options. Our team of highly skilled and experienced therapists is available to attend to you 24/7. We pride ourselves on providing the best treatment to our clients. To guarantee that our standards are never compromised, we ensure that all of our medical personnel are licensed.

Our treatment facilities are state-of-the-art and have been designed to ensure that our clients enjoy the utmost comfort through their treatments. Also, we make ourselves available to answer questions any inquiries which our clients may have. Resurgence offers you safe, healthy, and proven GHB addiction treatment.

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We ensure that our clients feel comfortable and make our addiction treatment less stressful by offering free insurance verification. Our trained experts ensure that all necessary details for payment for addiction treatment are handled. We will inform your insurance provider on your behalf to ensure that the specific treatment needed is received.

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