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Give Sobriety a Chance!

Addiction is it a Disease or a Choice Resurgence - Addiction can lead to grave consequences, like this veteran who has overdosed. That begs the question? Is addiction a disease or a choice? Either way, when you struggle with addiction you need to find help.


Give Sobriety a Chance!

Achieving sobriety is a long-term goal that isn’t always accomplished on the first try.

In fact, this is entirely normal

It is easy to be hard on yourself when recovery can seem like such a long and arduous process.

You may even question whether it is even worth it.

We encourage you not to let the chance of relapse stand in the way of achieving sobriety.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we are with you for the long haul!

Learn how we can help you give sobriety a chance


What is Standing in the way of Sobriety?

There is always an excuse not to seek recovery, especially when you may have attempted it in the past.

You may have a job, family or other obligations that make you feel like you have no option but to live with addiction.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we know that optimism is essential when keeping your eye on the prize.

We are there to provide the support you need to stay committed to long term sobriety!

Discover how rehab can help you get sober


The Thing About Sobriety


It is easy to have feelings of self-doubt when you are in recovery. Can I really do this? I have lived with addiction for so long and tried so many times. How can I possibly change? I don’t think I can do this. Do these sentiments sound familiar? It is not unusual to experience self-doubt, especially during the beginning stages of addiction recovery. According to research, the chronic nature of addiction means that relapse can be a regular part of the process of recovery Resurgence Behavioral Health professionals can help you cope with these feelings of self-doubt through various treatment options!


Side Effects of Addiction


It is never too late to treat addiction successfully. Maintaining sobriety and recovery isn’t a cure but a long-term path to self-awareness. However, if you do not address your addiction, addiction’s side effects can come at a high price. When not dealt with, sobriety can happen too late to experience the benefits. Long-term addiction consequences can be infectious diseases, cancer, cardiovascular effects, kidney damage, and even death The list of possible negative consequences is too numerous to list. Let us help you help yourself by embracing sobriety and committing to recovery!


Reasons to Embrace Sobriety


Finding the motivation to stay clean can be challenging, especially if you are continuously exposed to triggers. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we want to help you discover the motive and confidence to make a fresh start. Addiction can affect your mental well-being, your body, your finances, and your relationships. Indirect consequences of addiction can impair your judgment, lead to long term health consequences, and long term social outcomes With all the harmful effects of addiction, there are zero reasons not to continue working towards sobriety! It is ok to take recovery one step at a time. We will give you the willpower you need by addressing your addictions and tackling them head-on with our nationally recognized treatment specialists!


What Sobriety can do for Your Mental Health

Maintaining confidence during your struggle with sobriety can be frustrating, especially when dealing with a mental health disorder. In many cases, people cope with mental illness through addiction and substance abuse. When you are suffering from low self-esteem, it is all too easy to abandon recovery. Settling into the comfort of addiction is soothing in the temporary relief it provides. However, you know all too well the regret you feel after a night (or day) of indulgence. With dual-diagnosis care, we can pinpoint your reasons for addiction and address any undiagnosed mental health disorders you may be experiencing. Don’t kick yourself when you are down; we are here to provide the strength you need to achieve sobriety! 

Find Complete Addiction Rehab Options at Resurgence!

Persevering during this critical time will be a challenging but rewarding process! Depending on the level of physical dependence you are experiencing, our professionals may recommend Medication Assisted Treatment to ensure a supervised detox. Medication detox can alleviate and manage the uncomfortable symptoms associated with withdrawal. Our 24-hour treatment support provides medical, nursing, and addiction care. We will transition you to either an Intensive Outpatient Programs or a Partial Hospitalization Program, depending on your progress level. Our team is here to provide support and encouragement during this first step towards sobriety!


Holistic Path to Sobriety


The medical community widely accepts holistic approaches as a form of treatment for clients who suffer from a debilitating addiction. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a hands-on method used to treat addiction and encourage behaviors that support sobriety. This type of therapy focuses on practicing mindfulness, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy addresses your cognitive ability to handle triggers without feeling the compulsion to engage in addictive habits. In addition to behavioral methods, our facilities offer massage, yoga, and other de-stressors to relieve the mind and heal the body. Let Resurgence Behavioral Health experts provide the outlets and the courage to persevere and maintain sobriety!


Continual Addiction Recovery


When you experience those feelings of wanting to give up on recovery, we offer support through continual addiction recovery. One-one one therapy and group sessions provide much-needed support during the struggle to fight addiction. Our clients’ have complete access to our Alumni program! Counselors, peers, and other alumni can be your cheerleaders in your quest for sobriety. Resurgence Behavioral Health also supports aftercare programs, including SMART recovery and twelve-step programs. Encouraging others who understand addiction can be a great motivator in maintaining your sobriety.


Rediscover Sobriety at one of our Luxury Facilities!


It’s that much easier to remain committed to recovery when a home’s luxuries can surround you! Our California locations provide amenities such as gym access, gourmet meals, and kitchens if you enjoy the culinary arts! Team sports are a great way to take your mind off of addiction. We offer golf, tennis, and basketball as opportunities to meet others who are working towards sobriety. Comfortable furniture to relax on , TV and internet access, and video games can be a great way to relax during your stay. Our therapy dogs have been known to provide much-needed support during the most critical recovery hours. Keeping a positive attitude about your recovery process is achievable at Resurgence Behavioral Health facilities!


Insurance Verification


Resurgence Behavioral Health offers a customized treatment approach that will work with whatever insurance plan you have. We have affordable treatment options that our intake specialist can go over with you to help you understand your benefits. Our team of intake specialists will verify your insurance for free! We accept most types of PPO insurance and cash payment arrangements. Let us communicate with your insurance provider to negotiate the best treatment option available. Our intake specialists are ready to take your call and start the process today!

Free Insurance Verification for Rehab.


Letting Go of Your Addictions for Sobriety

Let go of your feelings of regret and approach sobriety with a new frame of mind!

We know it is not an easy path to take, but it will charge you with confidence and anticipation for the future!

With continual support and innovative treatment, your dream of sobriety can become a reality!

Restore confidence in yourself by making the commitment to rehab and recovery.

We offer compassionate support when you are at your worst and hope to see you through to your best!

Take the chance of a better tomorrow by receiving the help you need now!

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

At Resurgence, we accept most PPO insurance. Verify your insurance now.