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What is Naloxone?

What is Naloxone Resurgence – Opioid drugs on a table. Those struggling with an opioid addiction who are getting treatment should ask “how long does Narcan last?”.

Naloxone is an opioid antagonist that is popularly sold under the brand name Narcan. This drug was created to block or reverse the effects of narcotics, especially in users. Narcan is mostly used to treat cases of narcotic overdose in emergencies, and one of the most important questions people have is “how long does Narcan last?”

Overdoses are extremely common among people who use narcotics heavily. In 2018 more than 67,000 people died from drug overdoses. Almost 70% of the deaths as a result of overdoses involved an illegal opioid or a prescription. Overdoses on opioids can be treated with proper rehabilitation.

However, most abusers of opioids live in denial of a problem, making it necessary for a drug like Naloxone to be created, and both practitioners and users need to understand “how long does Narcan last?”

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How Does Naloxone Work?

To understand Naloxone it is essential first to know how it works. Although Naloxone is a prescription medication, the drug cannot be abused. Naloxone is only able to work when opioids are present in a person. Without the presence of any opioids, Naloxone does not affect the person who has used the medication.

Naloxone blocks the effects of opioids by binding itself to opioid receptors to reverse or prevent the drug’s results. Naloxone is mostly administered in cases of emergency. There are different methods available for the administration of Naloxone.

The two most popular methods are nasal spray and auto-injectables. Brands like Ezvio are prefilled to enable their parties to administer the drug quickly. Nasal sprays need to be sprayed into the nostrils of the patient to be administered.

Doses are usually administered based on the severity of the overdose. In some cases, more than one dose is needed to help the person who has overdosed breathe again. It is essential that Naloxoneis not administered by a person who has no training of any sort.

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How Long Does Narcan Last?

A famous brand of Naxolone is Narcan. How long does Narcan last? When used, Narcan acts for about 30 to 120 minutes in the body. The length of the duration of the action is usually heavily dependent on how the drug is given.

Depending on the number of times Naloxone is administered, the drug may work for a more extended period than expected, which is why it’s difficult to answer “how long does Narcan last?” with a great degree of accuracy.

The period where Naloxone is administered may not be proportionate to the period of action of the use of the opiate. The fact that opiates may last longer than Narcan in the system may complicate the state of a person who has overdosed, which is why it’s important to ask how long does Narcan last.

How Long Does Narcan Last: Effects and Abuse of Naloxone

 In most people, the effects of Naloxone are not visible or disruptive. However, for people who have been using opioids constantly and over long periods, side effects are apparent. Upon the administration of the drug, a long time opioid users may experience side effects immediately, which makes them concerned about how long does Narcan last.

These side effects are usually in the form of withdrawal symptoms. Fevers, body aches, trembling/shivering, stomach cramps, and nausea are all withdrawal symptoms that may be experienced. These are not the only possible side effects of the use of this medication, however. As stated earlier, these withdrawal symptoms may not be experienced by everyone who uses Naloxone. The drug itself does not last for a long time.

In most cases, Naloxone lasts for about 20-90 minutes in the system of the user. The answer to the famous question of how long does Narcan last in the system is answered, but it’s not always predictable In most instances, Narcan lasts about 90 minutes in the system of the user when administered nasally, although the answer to how long does Narcan last can vary a great deal..

Naloxone cannot be abused. The nature of this drug only allows it to work when opioids are present in the body. The drug blocks all the effects of opioids, meaning that any attempts to combine the drug with opioids are pointless, regardless of the answer to the question of how long does Narcan last.

Naloxone and Mental illness.

Some of the withdrawal symptoms which Naloxone is responsible for may be connected to mental illness. Feelings of nervousness and paranoia may come as a result of the administration of Naloxone. In addition, some people have reported hallucinations and tremors as symptoms of the Naloxone. These types of side effects make patients very interested in knowing “how long does Narcan last?”

Apart from the withdrawal symptoms, Naloxone cannot be directly linked to any mental health issues. In most instances, mental health illnesses are caused by drugs which, make it necessary for Naloxone to be used. It is generally accepted that Naloxone if anything, helps treat or reduce the effect of opioids on the mental health of a patient, which is why it’s important to understand the impact of this drug and know the answer to the question of how long does Narcan last.

How Long Does Narcan Last: Naloxone Treatments

One of the major issues that continue to be debated is whether or not Naloxone prevents opioid addicts from seeking long-term treatments. The existence of Naloxone helps control the devastating effects of overdosing. However, most opioid abusers tend to continue to abuse opioids because of the existence of Naloxone.

In the short-term, emergency treatment, Naloxone is very useful and, in most cases, even saves people’s lives. However. For people dealing with opioid addiction, it is more profitable to seek actual long-term treatment. If you have had to use Naloxone, either repeatedly or in an isolated event, it is advisable to seek treatment.

Long-term treatment options are available so that overdoses can be avoided entirely. Treatments for opioid addictions vary and are usually dependent on the specifics of a patient’s needs. The most commonly favored are inpatient treatments, outpatient treatments, and therapy.

Inpatient Therapy

Inpatient treatment comes highly recommended when treating opioid addiction. This involves removing a patient from a familiar environment for treatment. It is important to consider the nature of the facility that you have chosen for treatment to ensure it is a good fit. At Resurgence, we offer our clients the most comfortable inpatient treatment.

Our team of experienced and highly skilled professionals is available to help patients deal with withdrawal, especially. Inpatient treatment involves detoxing and then going through a series of activities specially created to help with addiction. Dietary plans and physical exercises are administered and taught at Resurgence. All of these attempts are to ensure wholesome recovery. 

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient treatment can be administered from anywhere. With the right, specially trained and licensed professionals, outpatient treatments can be administered to opioid addicts. Resurgence California offers clients the best professionals to prescribe medication where it is needed alongside guidance for treatments.


Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is applied in both forms of treatment. CBT is used to identify the apparent and underlying causes of opioid addiction. This treatment usually lasts for 20 – 40 days or more. The length of this talk therapy is mostly dependent on the progress which the therapists can identify. By helping the patient understand why they suffer from opioid addiction, therapists help patients make better choices. Over time this is a more lasting solution to opioid addiction.

Insurance Verification

We need to ensure that all of our clients get the best treatment. This is why we offer free insurance provider verification. Resurgence will contact your insurance provider on your behalf to specify the nature of the treatment that you require. We also accept PPO insurance in addition to private forms of payment for treatments received. Our trained personnel are available to ensure that you receive full insurance benefits for your treatment.

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