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In State vs. out of State Rehab…Which is Better?


Leaving Home for Rehab

You decided to leaving home for rehab in Costa Mesa, CA to  address your substance abuse issues head-on, once and for all.

First of all, congratulations! Recognizing that you have a problem—and that you need help to overcome it—is an exciting first step.

Now you must decide between in state or out of state rehab.

Which is the better option for you?

At Resurgence California, we treat people who struggle with addiction from all around the United States.

Some patients live locally in California.

However, a large number seeks our help from outside of our great state for various reasons.

So you’re now probably wondering which is the best way to go.

This blog post will examine the pros and cons of attending in state vs. out of state drug rehab.

Once you arm yourself with all the facts, you can make the best choice for your specific needs.

Immediate Placement in Rehab

Reasons to Go Out of State for Rehab…or Remain In-state

Only you can decide which option will help you achieve sobriety—here are some arguments for staying near home or, alternatively, leaving home to go to rehab in Costa Mesa, CA.

Reasons to Remain In Your State for Rehab

Here are the benefits of staying in your state for rehab.

  • You are closer to family and friends. This proximity will allow them to visit you at appropriate times. If you rely on family support and have a stable family unit, then this could be the right decision.
  • Your career is important to you, and also you cannot work remotely. Thus, outpatient rehab in your state is your only option.
  • Your insurance carrier has a list of accepted providers—all within your state. In this case, you will most likely need to stick with the insurance provider’s approved list. Do contact them to be sure, though, as they update provider lists frequently.
  • You feel safe in your area. As you make progress, you will take outings. Being in familiar surroundings can be comforting. However, there is a pitfall to be wary of. Your home area is where you used drugs, drank, and partied. You can find your dealer with just one phone call. If you believe this is a concern, then out of state rehab will prove more useful for you.

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Benefits of out of State for Rehab

Here are the many advantages for leaving home to go to rehab in Costa Mesa, CA:

  • You need to focus on your wellness. Period. If your friends or family pressures you or become a hindrance instead of a help, then you should opt for leaving home to go to rehab in Costa Mesa, CA.There, you will feel free to put your needs first, without the guilt.
  • Perhaps you might feel more committed to a rehab center outside of their area. The time and expense of travel might make you feel obligated to beat the odds and help you commit to getting well.
  • You will get a fresh start in a new environment. If you have ever dreamed of making a clean break from your home area and hitting the reset button on your life, this could be the chance of a lifetime. Attend rehab, and you can get to know a new city, and decide if you want to make the change of scenery permanent.
  • By attending an out of state rehab program, you remove yourself from the triggers and enablers in your life. Knowing you cannot dial the drug dealer or your well-meaning sister who always buys you a pint when you want it might go a long way towards preventing a relapse.

Whether you choose an out of state drug rehab or decide to stick close to home is a highly personal decision that you should make with great care.

Does Insurance Cover Leaving Home to go to Rehab in Costa Mesa, CA?

In some cases, insurance carriers do include coverage for out of state rehab. However, some carriers are less generous.

But how do you know that your insurance does cover the cost of out of state rehab?

Your best bet is to call the company’s customer service number on the back of your insurance card before setting your heart on a specific program.

Do you want help to in determining if your insurer covers the cost of attending out of state drug rehab with Resurgence California? We can help you! Please complete our secure, confidential insurance verification form today. It is our sincere pleasure to guide you throughout this process.

How to Arrange Leaving Home to go to Rehab in Costa Mesa, CA

Most rehabilitation centers are friendly and easy to work with. Here at Resurgence California, our entire staff has a shared goal of helping every patient reach sobriety and leave us with the tools to stay clean and sober for life.

One challenge is the availability of open beds. Beds are a finite resource. And, with drug and alcohol abuse always on the rise, that can present a challenge. However, your rehabilitation center of choice will accommodate you as soon as possible—and many have multiple locations, so they will work hard to assist you. Because beds are limited, call your first-choice rehab center right away.

If you want to come to Resurgence California for our rehab program, we are standing by to assist you. Call us at 888.700.5053 for assistance.

Traveling and Leaving Home to go to Rehab in Costa Mesa, CA

Some of our patients express anxiety over the necessity of leaving home to go to rehab in Costa Mesa, CA.

Here is the conundrum.

They dare not transport drugs across state lines or through airports. However, those with the most pervasive addictions may feel sick during the long travel time when leaving home to go to rehab in Costa Mesa, CA.

Some clients take drugs or drink right before entering the airport—but also presents a problem. If you are visibly under the influence, you will not be allowed to board an airplane.

Of course, going into withdrawal during mid-flight could also be catastrophic.

We suggest that you should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician before you leave for the out of state rehab center. Explain to him or her that you will be going for rehab and ask if they will prescribe medicine to help you fight the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Give the medication to a trusted family member—and tell them to give it to you only you’re leaving home to go to rehab in Costa Mesa, CA.

Be sure to keep the medicine in its original bottle and accessible in your carry-on bags. When you arrive at the rehabilitation center, they might not let you keep any medications. But that’s okay—as long as it got you to their doorstep, you will be in good hands after leaving home to go to rehab in Costa Mesa, CA.

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Recap: The Advantages of Leaving Home to go to Rehab in Costa Mesa, CA

To recap, here are the advantages associated with out of state rehabilitation centers.

  • You can focus on yourself and your wellness without family distractionswhen leaving home to go to rehab in Costa Mesa, CA
  • You’re insulated from the pressures and questions from your friends and family.
  • It’s a fresh start in a new place. Nobody there will remember that one time you did that crazy thing while you were under the influence.
  • You can avoid the people and places that trigger your drug use or drinking (or both) by removing yourself from your familiar surroundings.
  • Not being near your dealer or those who enable you will help you stay on-task and less likely to relapse.
  • On your free time away from the drug rehabilitation center, you can explore new areas and try new activities after leaving home to go to rehab in Costa Mesa, CA (think of riding the waves here on the sunny West Coast).

Are you ready now to transform your life from the chaos of drugs and alcohol to one of peace? Ready to seriously consider leaving home to go to rehab in Costa Mesa, CA? Call Resurgence California at 888.700.5053.

Does your Insurance Cover Rehab?

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