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Isolation and Addiction

Isolation and Addiction Resurgence – For many, like this man, isolation and addiction are linked. To find help, call a treatment center today.

Isolation and Addiction

Being alone has advantages, such as expressing yourself without regard for others, reflecting without interruptions, or taking a break from the unstopping world. But being isolated is much more insidious. When you withdraw from others for long periods and do not take the time to interact socially, you become isolated.

This isolation can bring about dark thoughts, loneliness, and emotional damage. It also can lead to addiction. When you think there is no one to turn to, you may find drugs or alcohol as an outlet to overcome your isolation. Isolation can cause addiction and addiction can be the cause of isolation. Isolation and addiction are inherently linked.

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Isolation Because of Addiction

When you are addicted to drugs, you naturally isolate yourself from others. Your behavior will likely push your family and friends away from you. You may not seem to mind at first because you have the drugs to accompany you. But then, you will find that drugs are your only company.

Being addicted and isolated is one of the most challenging things to go through. In an addicted and isolated state, you may find yourself continuing to use more substances to alleviate the emotional pain of depression, stress, and anxiety. The further into the isolation and addiction, the more detached from your feelings and reality you become.

Being isolated, you will live in guilt, loneliness, fear, and negativity. You are not just hurting yourself, but you are hurting others. Isolation and loneliness from addiction can leave you with the following thoughts and feelings:

  • Disconnecting from people—physically and emotionally
  • Feel there is no one to talk to or turn to
  • Feel there is no one to understand what you are going through
  • Feel no one cares about you or what happens to you
  • Feeling abandoned by everyone you care about
  • General discontent and dissatisfaction with life
  • Feel like you are missing out
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless
  • Suicidal ideation
  • General fear

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Addiction Because of Isolation

Social isolation for extended periods can affect a person in different ways. It can physically harm you by causing health problems due to inactivity. Isolation can cause emotional and physical distress. Some physical symptoms of isolation can include:

  • insomnia (which can lead to psychosis)
  • cardiovascular issues or heart disease
  • higher risk for stroke
  • decreased immune system
  • unhealthy diet habits
  • unhealthy routines
  • fluctuating weight
  • decreased cognitive functioning

Some emotional symptoms of isolation can include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • low self-esteem
  • depersonalization
  • stress
  • irritability
  • agitation
  • suicidal ideation

All of these factors can drive an individual to unhealthily cope with these unpleasant effects of isolation. Many people begin to abuse drugs to alleviate the pains of isolation. It may trick them into thinking things are fine when they are under the influence of drugs. However, it is a palliative and harmful solution. Abusing drugs will lead to drug addiction. Drug addiction will further drive people away from you, which only isolates you more from society.

The Correlation Between Isolation and Addiction

Drug addiction can cause an individual to isolate themselves from others. And when an individual separates themselves from others, the individual may develop a drug addiction. We know that correlation does not equal causation. However, in this case, it is evident that one can cause the other to occur.

Isolation does not stimulate dopamine. People need social stimulation to process a healthy physical and emotional connection to the world and others. If you have a predisposition to unhealthy coping habits or struggle with drug abuse, you must find a support system that you can trust to keep you socially engaged and sober.

What To Do If You Are Isolated and Addicted

If you are isolated and addicted to drugs, the first thing you need to do is reach out to Resurgence Behavioral Health so that you can receive the professional treatment you need. Addiction treatment will assist you in becoming socially active again and rebuild your life.

Living life sober will a difficult adjustment to make. But here are some tips to keep in mind when you are in the process of recovery:

Accept that you have lost the comfort drugs once provided for you

  • Accept that you have lost the comfort drugs once provided for you. Drugs used to be the source of your happiness as well as your despair. You must learn to accept that drugs are no longer a part of your life because they will ruin your life. Learning to cope in different healthy ways will help manage the desire to abuse drugs again.

Make amends to those you have hurt, so you can rebuild relationships

  • It can be difficult to swallow your pride and apologize to those you hurt with your drug addiction. You may feel guilt and shame, but you must rebuild the relationships that have been damaged.

Learn to forgive yourself

  • This may sound easy, but for many people, it is not an easy feat. You may have done or said things while under the influence of drugs that you deeply regret. But you have to realize and accept that addiction is a disease, and you were a victim. Now, you are on the right path, and forgiving yourself will allow you to move forward with your life of sobriety.

Break free from unhealthy relationships or enablers

  • Cut ties with individuals that abuse drugs or enable you by allowing you to do drugs. It is also important to end your relationship with the source you get drugs from.

Find ways to interact in the community and make time to socialize with positive people

  • This can mean going to community groups such as Narcotics Anonymous or any support group. You should make time to meet with friends that you have out on associating with.

Learn from your past mistakes

  • Do not attempt to repeat old patterns because they are likely to steer you back into the arms of addiction. It is important to find new ways to live your life without drugs.

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