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Legalized Marijuana, a Cure, or a Cause for Concern?

Does Marijuana Kill Brain Cells? Resurgence - A man is smoking a joint, while wondering: "Does weed kill brain cells?"

When reading the news, it may not seem like legalized marijuana should be a problem for anyone.

After all, it is constitutional and has so many health benefits, right?

In 2018, Illinois became the 11th state to legalize marijuana for recreational and medical use, reinforcing the idea that weed is harmless.

Sadly, this is not the case for many people who indulge in the use of legalized marijuana.

If weed addiction is killing everything you love about yourself and your interest in life, Resurgence Behavioral Health can provide answers!

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When Marijuana Becomes a Problem

Everyone in your friend group or personal life may be telling you that it is not possible to become addicted to weed.

You may have reached out to friends or tried quitting, but you are having difficulty reaching your personal goals.

Often marijuana addiction gets pushed to the back burner because people do not see it as a medical emergency.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our professionals will take your concerns seriously and guide you to a path free from addiction.

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Understanding Legalized Marijuana

Marijuana is legal for both medical and recreational use. Marijuana does not pose any immediate physical threats and helps with pain management in some cases, such as cancer treatment. Legalized marijuana has also decreased crime statistics, as many citizens are arrested annually or are serving time for weed possession. Derivatives of cannabis such as CBD or legalized marijuana with high CBD are a miracle cure for some conditions such as epilepsy. Despite all of the pros, we must stay informed and look at the cons as well. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we can examine your relationship with legalized marijuana and why it is problematic for you.

Effects of Legalized Marijuana

While states such as Illinois have legalized marijuana to stimulate the economy, it does not come without consequence. Legalized marijuana has been responsible for an increase in teen use and an increase in marijuana-related traffic deaths. These traffic deaths reportedly rose as high as 62% in many states, causing an increase in emergency room visits. After legalized marijuana became available for retail, emergency room visits rose to nearly 30%, with hospitalizations increasing by 200% When misused, the use of marijuana can not only be costly to your health but deadly as well. Our effective drug rehab will help you understand the negative impact that legalized marijuana could have on your life.

Is Legalized Marijuana Detracting Not Adding to Your Life?

There is often a misconception that legalized marijuana is not addictive or harmful, but this is not the case. Smoking pot can cause respiratory problems, damage lung tissue, and increase your stroke risk and heart attacks In many cases, users will often experience withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, chills, stomach pain, and insomnia. This information denotes that legalized marijuana can indeed become physically addictive. In this same study, baby boomers have difficulty grasping this concept because today’s marijuana is stronger than the weed of their youth. If you or a loved one have a physical addiction to legalized marijuana, Resurgence Behavioral Health can help with a drug rehab program.

Mental Health and Legalized Marijuana

While many people smoke marijuana for the pleasurable effects it produces, studies have shown that it can adversely affect your mental health. Research has shown that the use of legalized marijuana can cause mental health disorders and worsen existing ones. Mental health problems related to cannabis use include schizophrenia, depression, psychosis, vegetative behavior, and mood disorders http://Cloughetal2005Adversementalhealtheffectsofcannabis.pdf. If you find that you are unmotivated and not interested in life, you could be suffering from dependence. Additionally, if you are suffering from mental health problems, the use of legalized marijuana could be to blame. At Resurgence California, our mental health experts will administer a comprehensive mental health exam to treat your addiction properly.

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Finding Sobriety Through Resurgence Behavioral Health

Coming to terms with addiction is never easy, which is why we make this growth process as painless as possible. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers a variety of innovative treatment options that are incredibly effective for marijuana addiction. To meet the challenges of legalized marijuana dependency, we provide several therapies to address psychological addiction. With cognitive behavioral therapy, we utilize self-awareness to teach clients how to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy behavior. We also focus on the underlying reasons for marijuana use and modify those behaviors. Dialectical behavioral therapy and rational emotive behavioral therapy are also treatments we are proud to offer to treat addiction at our rehab.

Drug Rehab Therapies

If you have an undiagnosed mental disorder that has worsened since using legalized marijuana, we offer complete dual diagnosis care. This form of therapy identifies dependence and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. The professionals at Resurgence Behavioral Health believe in the importance of continued support. We offer continual support programs such as faith-based narcotics anonymous and science-based SMART recovery. Both programs provide the support and fellowship of others who are seeking to maintain their sobriety. One on one therapy and group sessions are also an integral part of our drug rehab programs.

Drug Rehab Support for Legalized Marijuana Abuse

Our nationally accredited facilities offer many treatment types depending on your recommended treatment and preferences. Inpatient treatment at one of our luxurious California locations can provide you the physical and emotional support to beat marijuana addiction. If you cannot commit to a sober living facility or inpatient program, we offer other viable options. Intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs provide the continued support you need while allowing you to maintain your responsibilities. These programs are ideal for clients who are in recovery but cannot commit to a full time stay at our drug rehabs. No matter your situation, we will find the right treatment options for you!

Finding Sobriety at Our Luxury Accommodations

Resurgence Behavioral Health was named best in the business as one of the nation’s top drug rehab programs. Amenities such as group sports and massages combined with our excellent staff will make you feel right at home! Commune with nature and reflect on life in our coastal environments or walk on the beach with a beloved therapy dog! Discover a love for art with art therapy programs and enjoy a gourmet meal after the day’s activities. No matter your expectations of drug rehab, Resurgence California is sure to exceed them. We want you to commit to change, so we provide the best facilities possible!

Free Insurance Verification

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer free insurance verification to confirm your benefits! We will communicate with your insurance company and file the necessary paperwork needed to begin drug rehab. Our intake specialists will determine the best possible treatment program for you that works within your network. We accept multiple forms of PPO insurance and private forms of payment. Our specialist will go over your benefits and the treatment options available to you. No matter your coverage, we guarantee a drug rehab option that will best serve you!

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A Drug Rehab You Will Trust!

While legalized marijuana may seem harmless, it could very well be dismantling your life without you realizing it.

The changes that happen with marijuana abuse can be subtle initially, making it harder to recognize.

If you are looking for a change and no around you is taking you seriously, our team is here for you.

The happiness of sobriety is hard to actualize when your judgment is clouded.

Let us help you rediscover your self-confidence and motivation with effective drug rehab.

Start your journey to recovery by giving Resurgence Behavioral Health’s intake specialists a call today!

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