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Nutrition and Diet Tips to Prevent Addiction Relapse

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Addiction can get the better of anyone. People who would never expect to become addicted to prescription medication become addicted all the time. It’s just the nature of the medication and people can sometimes become overwhelmed with how they feel while taking certain medications. It doesn’t make them bad people. In fact, addiction is sometimes out of our control. We become dependent on the medicines that are supposed to be helping us get better. It’s a real problem for many, many people. When addiction takes over, rehab programs are often a good stepping stone to recovery. Fulsome, thoughtful programs can help people overcome addiction and get on with their lives. One very important part of that recovery is in improving the diet of addicts to help them prevent addiction relapse. Here are nutrition and diet tips to help prevent relapse.

It’s important to know that medications and addiction to prescription medications can actually change the way a person experiences food. Foods they once loved will not taste the same to them anymore. Taking food back to basics is the first step in helping addicts regain their sense of taste and enjoyment of food.

Eating whole foods that are organic can help cleanse the palate for an addict to help them return to their “normal” state of taste. Bland foods, such as potatoes, rice, and starches can help with the cleansing because these foods are not overpowering in taste and texture and can reset taste buds in many cases.

Addicts who have entered a rehab program will be put on a special diet that consists of whole, natural foods to reduce cravings and replenish their body of the nutrient deficiencies caused by their addiction. It’s important to eat regularly, although addicts may not be hungry for food. Going through the motions of enjoying a meal and snack can help them start to desire food again if their appetite has been lost.

People in recovery should avoid fatty, fried foods. These foods can spike sugar levels and cause people to “crash” in energy and presence – you know when you eat a big pile of greasy French fries how terrible you feel afterward – it’s not good for anyone, let alone addicts.

Salt should also be avoided if possible. Sticking to fresh vegetables, instead of canned vegetables is best. When a person eats whole foods, medications to help them wean off addictions can work better. The healthier the body is, the more capable it is of fighting off addiction and disease.

Finally, addicts should avoid processed foods that typically have addictive qualities, such as potato chips, chocolate bars, and fast food. These products are designed to keep people wanting more, and while struggling with addiction, it is best to eat real, clean, healthy food. Under the guidance of a rehab program, doctor’s orders and a nutritionist, people suffering from addiction can help prevent relapses by continuing to focus on their health, their eating habits, and their overall energy levels. Eat well makes you feel well. Eating poorly makes you feel poorly. One good habit can create another and consume nutrient-dense food is important in ensuring addicts don’t relapse. It’s part of the bigger, “treat the whole person” approach in many rehab programs.

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