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Outpatient Rehab for Houston Residents

Alexa Iocco Alcohol Rehab , Drug Rehab October 7, 2021

Outpatient Rehab in Houston Resurgence Behavioral Health

Finding the Best Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab 

One of the leading reasons why so many people choose to push off getting the treatment is that they mistakenly believe that they don’t have the time or the flexibility to commit to a recovery program. Over the years, however, there have been different changes in the approach that is taken to addiction treatment and recovery. As addiction experts, the team at Resurgence Behavioral Health understands that it would be impossible to take a “one size fits all” approach to recovery which is why we have developed several different treatment options for our patients including an outpatient rehab for Houston residents. Outpatient rehab provides you with the foundation to grow in your recovery so that you can go on to live the healthy and sober life that you have always dreamt of. 

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Drug Rehab that Lets You Attend School or Work 

An understandable concern among many of the clients that reach out to us regarding their options for outpatient rehab is whether or not they will be able to maintain certain personal or professional responsibilities during their time in treatment. As one of the best outpatient rehabs in the country, we pride ourselves on taking the time to listen to our clients and their needs so that we can help them to develop a recovery program that works for them. Something that we always recommend is to let us know if you have work or school responsibilities so that we can take these important duties into account as we are helping you to develop a treatment plan. 

How Outpatient Rehab is Different than Inpatient Rehab 

Before you can make the decision regarding whether or not our outpatient rehab is right for you, it’s critical that you understand the differences between inpatient and outpatient care. When you initially reach out to our intake team, we will take the opportunity to learn more about you and your struggles with addiction so that we can help you to determine which option is best for you. 

Without question, the biggest difference between an outpatient rehab and an inpatient program is the way that each program is structured. For example, if you were to work through an inpatient program, you would have the opportunity to live at our facility and have around-the-clock access to our team and interact with others that are working through their own treatment program. There are several benefits associated with an inpatient program which is one of the reasons why we strongly recommend that you consider this treatment option.

An outpatient program offers much more flexibility than an inpatient program in the sense that you will be able to come and go from our treatment center around the plan that you set up with our team. 

IOP Rehab 

While there are several people that may benefit from one of our general programs for outpatient rehab, there are some clients that feel as though they have the flexibility to commit to more hours of treatment per week. If you fall into this category then we will recommend that you consider working through an intensive outpatient rehab. This program has less of an hourly commitment per week in comparison to our inpatient program, however, more of a commitment than our general outpatient program. 

Outpatient Drug Rehab for Houston Residents

A drug outpatient rehab will help you to understand what steps you need to take to maintain your sobriety. This is something that can be difficult for a person especially if they live in the type of environment that may have drug use or they still interact with people that use drugs. Something that you will focus on during your time at our outpatient rehab is relapse prevention because this is a serious concern. Although you will take part in a multitude of different therapies during your time in treatment, we also recommend that you take the time to locate and attend 12-step meetings that are in your area. This will help to reinforce the lessons that you are learning during your time in treatment and it will also give you a great opportunity to meet and develop relationships with other people in your area that may be struggling with the same things that you are going through. If you need help in finding 12-step meetings in your area, just let us know so that we can assist you. 

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

If you’re suffering from alcohol addiction, it’s possible that you may feel lost or overwhelmed when it comes to where to look for help, especially when alcohol is so readily available all around you. While making the decision to tackle your addiction is a critical first step, if you decide to work through an outpatient rehab you may face certain challenges to your sobriety due to the temptation that is around you in the form of a liquor store, a bar or a restaurant. 

Our top-rated alcohol outpatient rehab will help you to learn what you need to do to not give in to the temptation that you may experience. We will help you to identify when you may be struggling with cravings or urges. You will still experience the same forms of therapy that a person in our drug outpatient rehab would which will give you the chance to heal holistically as a result of your addiction. When you initially reach out to our treatment team, we will be able to provide you with more information regarding what you can expect when you come for treatment. 

Who is a Good Candidate for Outpatient Rehab 

The first step in any recovery program is coming to an understanding and a realization that you have an addiction and that you need help. Here are some examples of a good candidate for our outpatient rehab: 

  • A person that cannot commit to an inpatient program because of work, school or other professional responsibilities 
  • A person who recognizes that their health is suffering as a result of their addiction and wants to make a fundamental change in their life 
  • A person who has lost relationships with friends or family members as a result of their addiction 
  • A person who is sick and tired of the negative impact that addiction to drugs or alcohol has had on their life 
  • A person who has recently completed an inpatient program and would like to continue on in their recovery journey 

If you can identify with just one of these categories we would love to hear from you. 

How to Find the Best Outpatient Rehab  

Something that many Houston residents feel overwhelmed in doing is finding the best outpatient rehab for them. This is understandable especially if you have struggled with addiction for years. Here are some tips and suggestions that you may want to keep in mind as you work through your search: 

Make a list 

Approaching addiction treatment is different for every person. For instance, it may be critical for you to receive a certain level of support or work with a specific type of team. Making a list of the things that are important to you when it comes to treatment is critical because it can help you and our team to identify the direction that you would like to go in when it comes to your long-term recovery. 

Do your research 

Remember, you have multiple options when it comes to finding the best outpatient rehab for you which is why you should always take the time to do your research and look at the different features that are offered at that treatment center. This will help you to further narrow down your list of possible options. Another recommendation is to check out the websites of these different facilities and learn more about what past clients are saying regarding the treatment that they received. 

Reach out for help 

Once you have a list of facilities that you believe may work best for you, the next step is to reach out and speak to a member of their intake team to learn more about what you can expect from that treatment center. If you can’t make this call yourself, you can always ask a friend or a family member to help you. 

What Stands Resurgence Apart from Other Rehab Facilities 

As one of the best outpatient rehabs, you can take comfort in the fact that our team will consistently go above and beyond to ensure that you have access to all of the tools and resources that you need to overcome your addiction once and for all. We have worked hard to create a warm and welcoming environment so that you feel completely comfortable with the treatment approach that we take from the moment that you reach out to our intake team. To learn more about what you can expect from an outpatient rehab, please give us a call today at(855) 458-0050.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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