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Party Sober 5 Easy Steps

5 steps to be the sober person at a party

Being the Sober Person at a Party

It’s a common misconception that once you are in recovery that the fun and excitements that come along with parties’ end.

However, this couldn’t further from the truth; your life does not have to become dull routine or unexciting when you become sober.

The thought that you can party after recovery may seem like a strange contradiction.

In fact, partying sober is easy! Recovery isn’t the same for everyone, but if you enjoy socializing, you don’t have to give up every party and night out just because your sober.

There are so many positive benefits that accompany life when you party sober.

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Party Sober in 5 Easy Steps

The ultimate goal of addiction treatment is your ability to have a better life free from the chains of drugs and alcohol.

This include begin able to participate in parties and social events.

Just because your recovering, doesn’t mean that you have to get up a social life.

Thinking about partying sober can be daunting.

There are many factors that you must consider.

Your sobriety is vital. How can you party sober?

There are many ways that you can party sober.

Make choices that support your current stage in your recovery.

Here 5 easy steps to party sober and stay on the path of recovery.

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1. Choose Your Venues

When you are in recovery choosing worthwhile events are important. This means choose the events that serve a purpose. These can include celebrations for someone special or to commentate something special. There are so many options that pair sobriety and fun together. Don’t just attend something out of old habits. Before recovery you may have accepted every party invitation that came your way. One of the first things you learn in recovery is that you must learn new habits and do away with the ones that may cause you to relapse. This is especially true during the early stages of recovery; you may not feel comfortable surrounded by alcohol. It never a good idea to temp yourself, especially when you feel that you are not ready. Never put yourself in a position where you may risk your sobriety.

2. Bring a Supportive Friend

When you were actively using, your circle of friends may have only partied with along because of drugs or alcohol being involved. There is no need to feel any guilt about not inviting old friends that are still actively using. After recovery many addicts finding themselves with a smaller social circle. This is often due to having to make the choice to end unhealthy relationships. Real friends understand that recovery is your top priority. The great thing about life after rehab is that you have a new network of sober minded people that will support and encourage your sobriety. Once you are sober, it may not feel as comfortable around random people. When you first start attending parties after recovery, it is recommended that you bring alone a sober friend. There is an awareness today that aims to promote meeting of life minded people who want to achieve life without drugs and alcohol. Bringing a friend along when you party sober is a smart move.

3. Practice Saying No

No matter how prepared you may feel after recovery it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  When you are surround by people you don’t know, it is important to know what to say if your ever asked for a drink. Unfortunately, addiction is difficult for theres to comprehend, especially if they are under the influence. You’re likely to hear the classic argument about having just one. It is bound to happen at one point during your recovery. Practice what you’re going to say in front of a mirror. There is nothing to be ashamed about partying sober. Politely refuse the invitation. You don’t have to go into detail, a simple “no thank you,” is a perfect answer to party sober. No matter what your response is, its important to feel confident about speaking up for yourself when you party sober. Not everyone will know you are in recovery unless you tell them.

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4. Have Fun

There are so many benefits that happen when you party sober. Having fun is the most important element when partying sober. The first thing you will discover is that you can enjoy every detail and not forgot or regret about what happened the next day. No more hang overs! Partying sober should make you feel good about yourself and your recovery. If you discover the partying sober is overwhelming or too stressful, it might not be the right time in your recovery to attend. Don’t feel ashamed to say you’re you are not ready to party sober, especially when alcohol is present. If you don’t feel comfortable with certain people or places, its important to speak up for yourself. This is another lesson that you learn while in recovery. Protecting your recovery and well-being is top priority.

5. Exit Plan

If you want to party sober, you need to have an exit plan. Having a backup plan is the smart wat to party sober. If you feel that you are at risk for relapsing, knowing how to handle the situation before it happens is important when partying sober. If you own your own vehicle you have the freedom to come and go as you please. One positive is that when your sober you can drive yourself home. If you don’t have access to a vehicle, have a backup escape plan. You can set these exit plans up beforehand with those that support your recovery efforts and want to help. This list of people can include your sponsors, friends and family. There are ride shares like Uber and Lyft that you can call. Walking home is another option if you are not far. When you want to party sober, you need to plan ahead. Your recovery always comes first!

Discover the Fun in Recovery

Recovery is a lot of fun. When you’re sober, your life is the party. You will live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Partying sober provides a secure sense of freedom. When you party sober you can fully enjoy the company all around. Remember all the crazy drama and dance moves. Relish in the fact that you will wake up refreshed with all the memoires and the blessing of being entirely hangover free.

Recovery doesn’t end the fun in your life. It’s the beginning! One of the most important lessons you will learn at Resurgence Behavioral Health is how to live a normal and full life free from addiction. If you struggle with addiction and want to learn to have fun in recovery, there are many options and support systems available. Contact Resurgence Behavioral Health to learn more about treatment and to kick-start your recovery journey.

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