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Meth Use: What to Watch For

Meth Use What to Watch Resurgence – Many people on meth suffer from severe addiction and should look for a treatment center to get help.


Meth Use: What to Watch For

Do you suspect someone you know is using methamphetamine, but you are not entirely sure?

People on meth exhibit certain behaviors that indicate they are using or are high.

The physical signs of a meth user are relatively easy to spot.

Meth users are a law enforcement officer’s worst nightmare when it comes to searching their person for drugs or drug paraphernalia.

There is a potential of getting stuck by needles or broken glass meth pipes.

Meth is an ugly drug because of the physical and psychological damage it does to people on meth.

People on meth turn into someone almost unrecognizable!

Do you know someone that twitches and grinds their teeth while you are talking to them?

Does that someone have the appearance of rotting teeth and gums?

Does that someone have open sores all over their body?

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What are Methamphetamines?

Methamphetamines are a manufactured drug that stimulates the central nervous system.

Drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc. are plant derivatives, whereas meth is man-made using chemicals.

Meth is one of the highest-addictive drugs there are.

Meth has numerous street names, but those we are most familiar with include ice, crystal, and crank.

People on meth typically refer to meth in slang names, and when texting to invite someone to use with them, they will use the phrase “PNP” (party and play.)

We use meth because it is much cheaper than other drugs, and it provides the high that we seek.

It only takes one time trying it, and we are hooked!

When using, we have a total disregard for our behavior and appearance.

It is easy to pick us out from a crowd because we stand out.

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Where Did Meth Come From?

A Japanese pharmacist developed meth back in 1919 to treat narcolepsy, seizures, asthma, ADHD, ADD, and weight loss. Meth originated here in the U.S. through illicit “cookers” who manufactured it illegally in labs.

These “cookers” create the drug by combining acetone, fertilizer, ether, lithium, and decongestants. It is then transformed into a powder or liquid and converted into crystal meth, which resembles crystal rocks. Meth powder is also used to make pills. Many users are not aware that meth often has a dangerous drug, fentanyl, laced in making the drug extremely powerful and dangerous!

Because of the illicit use of decongestants, when you purchase something such as Sudafed, you must present your ID and sign for it because it is a “controlled over-the-counter” medication. The “Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act” was passed in 2005 by Congress. It required retailers to limit the number of decongestants containing pseudoephedrine we can purchase within a given amount of time.

Meth labs have been found in almost every possible structure you can think of. Such places include residential homes, RVs, caves and underground tunnels, office buildings, ships, backs of stores and restaurants, and many more places! These labs present a danger to those living or situated around them because of the toxic and deadly chemicals used to make meth. Once a meth lab has been located, raided, and shut down, it takes specialized remediation experts to come in and clean the place up.

How is Meth Used?

Once meth has entered the body, we experience a rush of euphoria. This rush lasts a short time (a few minutes.) When our brain detects methamphetamine in our system, it releases dopamine, which accounts for the pleasurable rush and high. It is this rush that encourages repeated use, which then leads to binging and crashing.

Some of us want that continuous high, so we partake in a binge of continual use. This allows us to go days without sleeping or eating.

People on meth use in different ways:

  • Smoked with a pipe (immediate rush lasting a few minutes)
  • Snorted through the nose (less intense rush which takes up to 5 minutes to experience)
  • Injected directly into the veins (immediate rush lasting a few minutes)
  • Taken orally (less intense rush which takes up to 20 minutes to experience)


Where is Meth Purchased From?

Simply put, meth is only sold through a closed drug market of drug dealers. When we choose to try meth, we place ourselves into an illegal, dark world that is extremely difficult to escape. Once you are in, it is hard to get out!


Effects of Meth

As we mentioned earlier, it is easy to spot people on meth. This drug infiltrates us from the inside and works its way out where it manifests physically. 

Short-term Side Effects

  • sudden euphoric rush (high)
  • sense of energy
  • uncontrollable movements
  • teeth grinding
  • dilated pupils
  • feeling cold
  • mood swings
  • anxiety
  • confusion
  • picking at skin
  • no appetite

Binge and Crash Side Effects for People on Meth


  • continual use to feel high
  • lack of sleep for days
  • no appetite; goes for days without eating
  • after the drug wears off, the user sleeps for extended periods

Long-term side effects


  • addiction
  • paranoia
  • hallucinations
  • repetitive movements
  • permanent brain damage
  • inability to focus or think
  • memory loss
  • violent behavior
  • the health of teeth and gums deteriorate
  • weight loss
  • overdose
  • death
  • worsening of mental disorders
  • suicide

Studies by the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicate that merely using one high-dose hit of meth causes damage to the nerves. People on meth with low-level use can lose 50% of their brain cells that produce dopamine.


Mental Illness and Meth Use

People on meth who have mental disorders are more prone to abuse meth because of the desire to feel better. Meth intensifies mental disorder symptoms. The more you use meth, the worse your mental disorder becomes. In our minds, we counteract those worsening psychological symptoms by doing more meth. We are not aware of being caught in a cycle that is difficult to break.

On the flipside, meth psychosis can develop from using this drug. If you did not have a mental illness before using, you are at high risk of developing a mental disorder because of using meth. It is a lose-lose situation when it comes to mental illness and using meth.


Meth Abuse Leads to Addiction

All it takes is one time of trying meth to become hooked! That statement alone is enough to scare most of us from ever trying it.

If you see yourself in any of the below statements, it is time to get help.

  • You need meth to function.
  • You “crave” it.
  • You use meth repeatedly to get high.
  • You use meth, knowing that high ends up crashing.
  • You purchase meth from a drug dealer.
  • You have no regard for your safety, health, or loved ones concerned about you.


Tell-Tale Signs of People on Meth


  • unkept appearance; lack of hygiene, dirty clothes, etc.
  • dental health has deteriorated
  • the person’s overall health and vigor are reduced to looking malnourished and sick
  • sudden energy and intense focus
  • severe mood swings, especially violent outbursts
  • seeping for unusually long periods
  • staying up all night
  • constant uncontrollable twitching and jerking
  • people on meth grind their teeth
  • open sores on body and continual picking at skin
  • going long periods without eating


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