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Prescription Drug Rehab Nevada Resurgence Behavioral Health

Best Rx Drug Rehab – Nevada

Struggling with any type of substance abuse is never easy. Although you may have heard of different forms of addiction including meth addiction, heroin addiction, or even alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction is something that is often overlooked due to the fact that many people don’t understand prescription drug addiction. In most cases, this type of drug addiction is something that begins as a result of being prescribed prescription medication by their doctor following an injury or surgery. However, these prescription opioids are highly addictive and unless you are completely transparent when it comes to your use of these prescription medications, it’s possible that you could fall into the trap of drug addiction. When you’re ready to take back your life, it’s imperative that you reach out to one of the best rehab centers in Nevada so that you can take full advantage of the various addiction treatments that are available to you. 

Addiction Treatment that
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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

What Is Prescription Drug Rehab Like?

The focus of your time in one of the treatment programs in Nevada is to determine the root cause of your addiction. The reason for prescription abuse in Nevada is different for every person. It’s possible that you may have experienced some form of trauma during your life or there may have been another contributing factor that triggered your addiction to prescription medication. When you come to an addiction center, you will be able to focus on working through the root cause of your addiction and also consider whether or not mental illness plays any factor in your prescription drug addiction

The main way that the root cause of your treatment will be addressed is through participating in different forms of addiction therapy. Although addiction therapy is something that may feel awkward or uncomfortable at times, interacting with others that are working through their own treatment program or your addiction recovery team can help you to come to peace with some of the contributing factors of your addiction. The different forms of addiction therapy that will be available during the time that you’re in treatment include: 

  • Group therapy 
  • Individual therapy 
  • Trauma therapy 
  • Behavioral therapy 
  • Family therapy 

When you initially reach out to your treatment facility, the intake team at that location should be able to provide you with additional information regarding the unique details of these different therapy options. A good rule of thumb is to write out some of the questions that you may have not only about therapy but also what you may experience during the time that you’re in treatment so that you can enter treatment with the peace of mind of knowing that your concerns are taken care of. 

What To Expect in RX Rehab?

It’s important to understand that in order for you to get the most out of your rehab treatment, you need to commit to an individualized treatment program that will help you to address the root cause of your prescription drug addiction. There are many different forms of addiction treatment that you can take advantage of, however, before you commit to any one of these levels of care, it’s possible that you may need to work through a drug detox program. This treatment option gives you the best opportunity to work through the withdrawal symptoms that you are likely to experience within the first few hours from the time that you last take your substance of choice. Withdrawal symptoms associated with substance use disorders can vary but typically include nausea, shakiness, stomach issues, or breathing problems. Top-rated drug rehabilitation will give you access to medication-assisted treatment which includes medication that can help you to better manage these withdrawal symptoms and help you to get in a better place both physically and psychologically to work through your addiction treatment. Overall, you can expect drug detox to last at least one week with the work through your withdrawal symptoms with the worst of your withdrawal symptoms developing within the first 72 hours. 

After your time in drug detox, you will be able to meaningfully commit to a program for treatment in Nevada to address your addiction to prescription opioids. When it comes to prescription drug addiction treatment in Nevada, it’s important that you lean on your recovery team for guidance when it comes to the best treatment plan for you, however, the ultimate choice will be yours when it comes to the details of your time in one of the rehabs in Nevada. Here are some of the treatment options choices you will be able to take advantage of: 

Inpatient addiction treatment 

Inpatient addiction treatment gives you the opportunity to live on the campus of your addiction treatment facility of choice during the time that you’re in recovery. You will have around-the-clock access to your addiction treatment team and be able to continuously interact with others that are working through their own forms of treatment. Inpatient treatment is something that can be particularly beneficial for a person that feels as though they need to change the people, places, and things around them so that they can truly change their addictive habits. 

Outpatient rehab 

If you’re unable to commit to an inpatient treatment program due to work or school responsibilities or you simply do not feel comfortable with the premise of inpatient treatment, you will still be able to complete your addiction treatment care through an outpatient treatment program. Outpatient programs such as intensive outpatient treatment or general outpatient treatment provide you with much more flexibility in comparison to their inpatient counterpart. You will be able to work, go to school and live at home during the time that you’re in outpatient treatment and your recovery team will continue to check in with you on a regular basis to ensure that you are still on the right course when it comes to your overall recovery program. 

Keep in mind that you can always make transitions between programs as you need them. For example, you can begin your treatment in an inpatient program and transition into an outpatient program when you’re ready. You can also transition between programs as well. For instance, you can begin in an intensive outpatient treatment program and then transition into a general outpatient program when you’re ready. Your recovery needs will likely change throughout the course of the time that you’re in treatment so it’s key that you actively and honestly communicate with your recovery team so that you can capitalize on the best course of action for you. 

How Long is Rehab for Prescription Drugs in Nevada?

One of the questions that you may have when it comes to working through one of the rehabs in Nevada revolves around how long you will need to stay in a drug and alcohol rehab. Any recovery center will give you the opportunity to participate in a treatment program that lasts anywhere between 30 and 90 days. The decision regarding the length of time you spend in a rehab program is, once again, a decision that is personal to you but it is something that you should lean on your recovery team to help you to make. You will have access to a variety of recovery resources that can help you make this decision and you can always extend your time in your chosen rehab program at any time. 

Top Abused Rx Drugs

There are many different types of prescription medication, however, there is a handful that is considered to be the most abused. Here are some examples: 

  • Painkillers such as hydrocodone or fentanyl 
  • Ambien 
  • Antidepressants such as Zoloft or Lexapro 
  • Benzodiazepines such as Valium and Xanax

Although there may be several benefits associated with using these types of medications, it’s imperative to remember that they are only meant to be taken for a short period of time. Taking these medications for longer than they are prescribed or taking them outside of the directions that your doctor has given you is something that can easily lead to addiction. 

Why Choose Resurgence for Prescription Drug Rehab

Regardless of the type of substance abuse, you’re struggling with, you can count on Resurgence Behavioral Health to provide you with the addiction treatment that you need to overcome any drug addictions. Our treatment programs are second to none and focus on treating a client in a holistic manner so that they are able to make the most of their time at our treatment facility. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our treatment team goes above and beyond to provide you with a safe and sober environment that will help you to focus on healing in a holistic manner. You will also be able to take advantage of the myriad of luxurious amenities that we have to offer. For more information about what you can expect when you come to Resurgence Behavioral Health or about our addiction treatment programs, we encourage you to get in touch with our intake team today at (855) 458-0050. We are available around the clock to help you start your recovery journey. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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