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Why Prescription Medication is the Leading Cause of Addiction

Prescription Medication is the Leading Cause of Addiction Resurgence Behavioral Health

How Can Prescription Drugs Lead to Drug Addiction?

For many people that don’t suffer from addiction, being prescribed a medication to manage pain is akin to being given a tool that can help you complete a certain task. The medication is there when you need it to help relieve your pain after surgery or after you sustained an injury. However, for a person who either has an addiction or a person who may be susceptible to addiction, taking prescription medication can open a can of worms and can have a life changing impact on their life.

Taking More Than the Recommended Dosage

There are some patients that believe that they know their body better than any doctor. Although this is true in most cases, this mentality can be dangerous when it comes to the consumption of prescription medication. Countless patients begin to take more than their recommended dosage because they believe that they need more to combat the pain that they’re feeling. They usually do this without telling their doctor which results in needing a larger dose over time. If their current doctor doesn’t prescribe them a larger dose, some patients will go to different doctors to maintain their addiction.

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Co-Occurring Disorders

Did you know that a person that suffers from mental illness such as depression or anxiety disorder is more likely to fall into the black hole of addiction? Unfortunately, many patients don’t realize that they have this condition or they aren’t sure where to turn for help. When you come to Resurgence, we will help you to identify an underlying mental health disorder and your addiction at the same time.

Poor Medication Management by the Prescriber

Although there are countless talented doctors in the medical field, there are many more doctors who are simply overwhelmed with their client caseload. Without proper management, it’s easy for a doctor to fall behind when it comes to monitoring the medication consumption of their patient. When this happens, there is a strong possibility that a patient may be prescribed more medication than what they need, or they can convince their doctor that they aren’t getting enough medication.

Prescription Drugs That are Commonly Abused

Examples of commonly abused prescription medication include:

  • Opioids: These types of drugs have been prescribed by doctors for years. Codeine, hydrocodone, and morphine are all examples of opioids that are used by doctors to address pain issues for their patients.
  • Depressants: If you’re diagnosed with a form of depression or you have trouble sleeping, your doctor may prescribe you Ativan or Valium to help combat your addiction.

Get Help Now at Resurgence Behavioral Health, Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

It’s important to remember that it’s critical for your recovery to identify the genesis of your addiction. When you come to Resurgence, we will work with you on a personal level to help you understand why you developed your addiction. In many cases, there may be an underlying trauma that has not yet been addressed. During the course of your treatment, we will help you to overcome that trauma so it’s not an experience that haunts you going forward.
The members of the Resurgence team have years of experience in assisting clients to overcome their addiction to prescription medication. Whether this is something that you’ve been suffering from for years or this is a recent development in your life, you can rest assured that you will receive the personalized care that you deserve as you work through the various facets of your addiction. Are you ready to overcome your addiction to prescription drugs? Give us a call today at (855) 458-0050 for more information about our recovery programs.

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