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Comedy Provides Comic Relief During Recovery

Comedy Provides Comic Relief During Recovery Resurgence – Comedy, like this stand-up comedian, can offer much needed relief during addiction recovery.

Comedy Provides Comic Relief During Recovery

Famed comedians such as John Mulaney and Mitch Hedberg provide an insightful but humorous perspective on recovery and sobriety. Laughing about long drunken nights and drug-fueled parties is a prop that helps the audience identify with this type of comedy. However, reliving these substance abuse experiences through comedy can be a sobering reminder of why you need to quit.

While these comedians can make light of recovery, sobriety can be challenging to attain without drug rehab.

Immediate Placement in Rehab

Comedians Providing a Different Take on Rehab

While performing, comedians will often reference their experience with sobriety and recovery in their standup routine. Through laughter and insight, comedy provides a relationship that makes you feel less alone. Laughing about some of life’s darkest moments can support your mission back to sobriety.

Indeed, sometimes laughter can be the best medicine. For every other aspect of recovery, there is Resurgence Behavioral Health.

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Understanding Recovery

Recovery is not a clear-cut, one-dimensional journey for everyone. Outside of restorative medicine, there are other elements to successful recovery that look different for every person pursuing sobriety. Many have found that being able to personally relate to another person’s struggles with rehab and sobriety can be inspiring.

Comedian Mark Lundholm, a proprietor of recovery, reports people thanking him after his show for giving them another reason to remain sober. When working on recovery, you can draw inspiration from many places that are not always conventional. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we want to provide you several opportunities to rediscover what will help you recover.

Why is Recovery Important?

Humor has extremely positive effects on your psychological and psychological well-being. Humor also helps with mood disorders and anxiety, something many in the beginning stages of sobriety experience. The client’s suffering from substance abuse may benefit from the utilization of humor throughout recovery.

Often recovery can mean the difference between life and death because substance abuse has severe and swift consequences. Our nationally accredited experts will work with you to realize why recovery is beneficial for your long-term health.

Long-Term Abuse Is Not a Joke

There are several severe health conditions associated with long-term substance abuse that are no laughing matter. You are at higher risk for suicide, injury, cancer, and diseases when you suffer from an addiction. Alcohol, prescription drugs, illicit drugs, and marijuana are all commonly abused substances we treat at Resurgence Behavioral Health.

Recovery is your only choice if you want to avoid succumbing to the dangers of these substances. If you commit to rehab, you can celebrate each milestone and know that you are achieving your sobriety goals. Whether you are suffering emotionally, physically, or spiritually, our professionals have a customized treatment plan just for you.

Recovery for Your Mental Health

While comic relief can provide encouragement and a better outlook on recovery, it is not a way to fully manage mental health. Substance abuse occurs more often with people who already have an underlying mental health disorder. Serious mental health problems caused by addiction are depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, and personality disorders.

Recognized for exceptional dual diagnosis care, our behavioral health experts explore mental health treatments through holistic methods. These methods work to identify and treat addiction and co-morbidity of psychiatric disorders. When working towards recovery, it is essential to address the underlying causes of addiction and physical dependency.

Resurgence California Rehab for Optimal Recovery

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we understand that you have to work harder to maintain sobriety than you did to stay high. Recovery may be one of the hardest things you accomplish in life, but in the end, it is always worth it. To maintain sobriety, Resurgence Behavioral Health experts will teach you relapse prevention skills to identify and prevent your triggers for addiction.

We practice these types of skills in both our inpatient and outpatient programs. If you are suffering from a severe physical dependence, we offer safe 24-hour care to get you through your detox symptoms. Depending on your progress, we may recommend continuing recovery at one of our luxurious inpatient facilities to further your improvement.

Recovery Methods

At Resurgence, we offer various recovery methods, including holistic methods that address your overall health and wellness. By addressing the body, mind, and spirit, our rehab professionals provide clients with a full continuum of care. Therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy are a practical approach to encouraging our clients to improve thought and behavior patterns.

Through self-discovery and actualization, you will receive the tools to change how you address your struggles with sobriety. REBT therapy and dialectical behavior therapy are also important when learning emotion regulation and individual effectiveness.

Maintaining Sobriety

Your addiction and recovery may be a journey that you have kept private from others in your life. Either you feel they cannot understand you or recovery is not a struggle you want to share with an outsider. Because of these perfectly normal hesitations, Resurgence Behavioral Health encourages continual therapy options.

Through support groups such as N.A. or A.A., you can open up to others facing the same recovery struggles. The opposite of addiction is a connection, and you can find more profound connections among those who have been in your shoes. Resurgence Behavioral Health also offers an alumni program where you can stay connected to alumni, counselors, and peers you met in recovery.

Rehab That Does Not Look Like Rehab

Many in recovery struggle with whether to start using again and then relapse after rehab. Fortunately, Resurgence Behavioral Health offers one of the top luxury accommodations in the U.S. for optimal recovery. Taking time to commit to sobriety with alcohol rehab or drug rehab has never been more comfortable with the luxuries that California and our facilities afford.

Many of our facilities are close to a beach where you can pick up a surfboard or stroll with a therapy dog. Group sports such as tennis and basketball provide opportunities for exercise and camaraderie. Art therapy can provide a creative outlet and a new hobby to benefit you on your road to recovery. Amenities such as gourmet meals and cozy upholstery provide our clients with all the comforts of home.

Free Insurance Verification

Finding the right rehab can be an exhausting process when determining what your insurance is willing to cover. Fortunately, at Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer free insurance verification to mitigate this process. Our intake specialists will discuss the treatment available to you, so you know your recovery options.

We accept many insurance types, including Assurant Health, Humana, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Horizon Blue Cross. We also accept different payment options, including private forms of payment.

Free Insurance Verification for Rehab

Recovery for a Lifetime

Self-deception can be your best friend when you are on the fence about seeking recovery. It is always tomorrow you plan to quit as you feel sobriety is just too overwhelming. Being vulnerable and authentic can lead to great things and a life of sobriety and hope.

If you listen to comedians talk about their recovery journey, one of the reoccurring themes is always self-denial and the best intentions. Instead of repeating the patterns of yesterday, why not give rehab a chance? Seek the recovery experience you deserve by giving Resurgence Behavioral Health a call today.

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