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The 6 Most Commonly Abused Drugs on College Campuses

The 6 Most Commonly Abused College Drugs Resurgence – There are many college drugs, including alcohol, that can lead to dangerous consequences, including addiction.

The 6 Most Commonly Abused Drugs on College Campuses

Drugs on college campuses is a growing concern. Fraternities and sororities are infamous for hazing, which include drinking and drug use. What can start as a harmless experiment can lead to a lifetime of addiction.

College should be a time of positive self-discovery. The temptation to take college drugs can be overwhelming in addition to the pressure to fit in. There will always be drugs associated with college life.

It is a choice you must make to not succumb to the pressures that lead to addiction. All it takes is one time to find yourself trapped in a cycle of addiction.

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Drugs on College Campuses

College students often turn to drugs to deal with academic stress and peer pressure. Here is a list of the six most commonly abused college drugs.

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Students take amphetamine to stay focused. Nicknamed the “study drug,” students take amphetamine believing it will help them study. The pharmacological effects of this drug cause students to stay awake for longer periods. For many college students, using drugs on campuses is a way to stay on top of schoolwork. This drug is addictive and tolerance is developed, leading you to take more to have the same desired effect.


Alcohol has maintained a steady presence on college campuses for decades. For many students, it is just another part of the college experience. Students find themselves drinking for the first at parties or initiations.

Mass consumption of alcohol is often encouraged and supported. Binge drinking can lead to poor academic performance and legal issues. Most college students drink to fit in. Before long, they find themselves consuming larger qualities of alcohol.


Although marijuana is legal in many states, it is illegal on most college campuses. Many students who use marijuana can risk losing grants and scholarships. It is never worth the risk to lose opportunities to further your education by using marijuana on college campuses.


College students make up most psychedelic LSD substance users. Campuses nationwide experience problems with LSD use among their students. LSD can be unpredictable when mixed with other substances. Everyone reacts differently.

What can be a good trip for one student can be a nightmare for another. Due to the history of LSD, some curious college students will experiment for their amusement. However, it is never a good choice to use illegal drugs.

Ecstasy MDMA

One in five students reported that ecstasy was easy to access. Ecstasy is a methamphetamine derivative that has both stimulant and hallucinogenic effects. MDMA increases chemicals in the brain causing a feeling of euphoria. The effects can last a few hours.

Ecstasy is habit-forming and withdrawal can begin immediately after the drugs metabolize. Ecstasy drugs on campus can be dangerous. A potential side effect is increased body temperature that can be fatal.


Cocaine is highly addictive. One in four college students who use cocaine develop an addiction. Once you become addicted, your brain will continue to crave the stimulation of the drug. The sooner you receive help for cocaine abuse, the better your chances at a full recovery.

Drugs on College Campuses

College students make up the largest portion of drug consumers. Open attitudes toward drug abuse, high anxiety during test time, newfound personal freedom, and frequent partying are incentives to try or abuse substances.

It does not matter what college you attend; the presence of drugs is embedded in the college culture. It is important to understand all the risks associated with recreational college drugs.

Effects and Abuse

The signs and symptoms of addiction include mood swings and the loss of connections with family and other important relationships. You can find yourself socially withdrawing. School performance suffers when you are struggling with addiction. If you are suffering from drug addiction, you can receive the treatment you need at Regency Behavioral Health Services.

We understand the pressures of college, and we will help you develop the skills you need to cope. Staying drug-free is a choice. Taking drugs is never the answer to your problems. It will only make your life worse.

College Drugs and Mental Health

Many students suffer from mental health issues. If you have a mental health condition, drugs can put you at a higher risk of developing an addiction. If you feel unable to acclimate to college life without turning to drugs, you must reach out for help.

Resurgence Behavioral Health offers services to diagnose and treat mental illnesses. The sooner you get yourself into the treatment, the greater likelihood of a full recovery.


Addiction will bring you to the lowest places in your life. If you are dealing with a substance abuse disorder, reach out for help to overcome the addiction cycle. You do not have to do this alone. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers many programs that will fit your schedule and situation.

We are dedicated to helping you live the best life. Our counselors will support and encourage you every step of the way. It does not matter if you have used it for a brief amount of time or dealing with chronic use.

Insurance Verification

Resurgence Behavioral Health offers a unique verification process online to determine if your insurance covers treatment. We will even advocate on your behalf to find a treatment solution that will work. You deserve the chance to recovery from substance abuse.

We offer many different payment options that will fit your budget. Seeking treatment is the most important step you can take to keep yourself healthy and living.

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Supportive Care for Drug Addiction

Everyday people just like you suffer from drug addiction. College life is demanding. This is not an excuse to escape the pressures of drugs. It takes one call to Resurgence Behavioral Health to start the recovery process. We understand the difficulties that are involved in drug addiction. Investigating the root cause of your addiction is the first step in getting you the right treatment-based program.

If you are unsure if you suffer from drug addiction, all it takes is one call. We will help you through the questions to determine if treatment is the right option. It does not matter where you are at in your addiction, we can help you find the right plan to help you. Your sobriety is the most important part of a successful outcome.

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