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Drug abuse and addiction is an epidemic sweeping the nation.

From substances like marijuana, cocaine, black tar heroin, and everything in between.

All carry a high potential for abuse and addiction.

A survey conducted in 2018 by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) estimated 21.2 million Americans 12 years of age and older required substance abuse disorder treatment, otherwise known as drug rehab.

However, only 3.7 million of those people received treatment for their addiction.

The growth of drug use is rising.

As of 2018, in one month approximately 31.9 million Americans reported using an illegal substance of some kind.

Recent studies show that an estimated 27.2 American adults have experienced alcohol or drug addiction at one point during their lifetime, and approximately 20.2 million have reported they have recovered or are in the process of recovery.

Often, many people do not believe they have a problem with drugs or alcohol.

This is known as denial, and it is a detrimental factor holding people from receiving the proper treatment they require to find and maintain sobriety during the challenging path of recovery.

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What Threshold Means in Recovery

Virtues are important values people use to define mechanisms of their behavior, usually to mutually benefit those around them.

In drug rehab, recovery typically requires individuals to make amends and keep a shortlist of his or her resentments.

These actions allow an individual to view his or her repercussions with a clear and sober mind.

Ultimate freedom and catharsis are achieved by the individual by acknowledging the errors of their actions and behaviors when they were under the influence of their drug addiction.

As they live a life of sobriety, they can now act and speak with the confidence and self-esteem they lacked for the period of time that drugs controlled their life.

Continued sobriety leads to peace and happiness in an individual’s life, but only if they continue to make sobriety the most important thing in their life.

It is a long and tough road to travel, but with the right supports and resources, the individual has a great chance of maintaining their hard-earned sobriety.

The threshold in recovery encompasses a great understanding of a new way of living without the use of drugs or alcohol.

This is why the recovering individual must have all the support and positivity they can receive.

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How the Thresholds of Recovery Are Obtained

Many drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, including Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA), build a foundation around establishing lost trust from those the individual has hurt with their addiction. The idea is to reintroduce the individual as a person who has a new way of thinking and behaving. Drugs and alcohol had consumed every part of them, including their personality. These programs are designed to restore broken relationships with family and friends. This begins with admitting he or she has a problem and how it affected each person in his or her life. These apologies are well-known as amendments. They require a great amount of humility and honesty while disregarding any sentiment of resent or negativity they may feel. Recovery is about more than holding grudges over things that are trivial in comparison to drug addiction. These virtues are learned from the threshold places, most commonly used in rehabilitation programs. The purpose is to allow more people to be more truthful to who they are and wish to be by awakening their authentic intentions. It does not mean a life absent of drugs and alcohol, but it instills a new view that allows you to find joy without the use of any psychoactive substances in activities that you would normally require drugs or alcohol. These thresholds keep a person accountable for their sobriety.


Recovery from drug addiction is a difficult yet achievable goal to reach for all those who are struggling with sobriety.  However, that in no way means it is not possible to obtain.  Recovery means an individual has chosen to abstain from psychoactive substances by his or her own volition because he or she has experienced enough of the negative consequences that naturally occur with the use of alcohol and illicit drugs.  Nutritional sustenance and exercise also play a key factor in recovery.  Many drug rehabs reinforce positive values and beliefs that the individual can adapt to live a life free from the grip of drugs and alcohol.  It is a concept that he or she must relearn so that he or she can apply those skills and lessons when out in the real world.


Chronic health conditions typically have a chance to enter remission, including drug addiction.  The prevalence of remission is common among those with an addiction.  Remission usually means the individual ceases to use any psychoactive substances or reduces use to a lower level than he or she typically consumes.  An example of this can be a person who wishes to quit drinking, so he or she reduces the amount of alcohol consumed throughout the week.  This is sometimes preferable and effective for some as opposed to going “cold turkey”.  In the case of a severe alcohol use disorder, life-threatening withdrawal symptoms may occur.  Another method of remaining sober is by going cold turkey, although it is difficult for many.  Another medical example includes people addicted to heroin receiving methadone treatments at a medical clinic.  Heroin is an extremely difficult drug to abstain from because of its powerful and intense withdrawal symptoms.  Methadone is given to the former heroin user as a substitute to ween him or her off the drug completely and safely.  However, intense drug addictions can easily become involved in a dangerous cycle of abstinence and relapse over the course of many years.  This is why a personalized sustained recovery management program must be set in place during the recovery process.  That does not mean all hope is lost.  People do recover and do not look back at their past transgressions.

Immediate Placement in Rehab

Recovery Aftermath

Some many stigmas and myths surround drug addiction and recovery. The misconceptions distort the truth of what actually occurs when an individual is in the process of recovery. They gain their life back, in many ways. The aftermath of their actions under the influence of their drug addiction can have lingering consequences. It is the responsibility of the recovering individual to “pick up the pieces” and attempt to rebuild relationships and burned bridges he or she has caused. While the pain of addiction still affects everyone involved, many people are proud to see their loved ones free from the control of drugs.

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