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Top-Rated Drug Rehab for Houston Residents

Drug Detox , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | October 12, 2021

Top Rated Drug Rehab for Houston Residents Resurgence Behavioral Health

What to Expect in Drug Rehab for Residents of Houston? 

The stories behind the clients that reach out to Resurgence Behavioral Health change with each passing hour. There are many clients that reach out to us who have struggled with drug addiction for years and they have finally come to a place where they recognize that their addiction is something that is impacting their life and their well-being. There are many other people that realize that addiction is a more recent development in their life and, as a result, they do want to change the course of their life entirely. Regardless of what category you fall into, the Resurgence team is here to help you put together a plan that can help you to get the most success out of your time at our facility. The crux of your time in treatment will be spent taking part in different types of therapy. The reason for this is because it’s critical to come to an understanding of the root cause of addiction. The root cause of addiction differs for nearly every person that comes to our drug rehab facility. This is primarily done through the following forms of counseling: 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Individual therapy 

Individual therapy, also known as one on one therapy, is a great way for us to check-in and see how you are progressing in your treatment plan. Some clients that come to our treatment facility simply don’t feel comfortable talking about certain events in front of a group. Individual therapy allows you to connect with a member of our team so that these painful memories or events don’t continue to control your thinking and progress. 

Group therapy 

Group therapy is the best way for you to make connections with others that are going through the same struggles as you when it comes to addiction. You will come to find that there are other people in your group that may have similar experiences which can result in you building a system of support that can help you as you progress on in your recovery journey. 

Family therapy 

If your relationship with your family has been negatively impacted as a result of your addiction, then you will come to find that family therapy can be incredibly beneficial. This unique form of therapy provides you with the opportunity to begin to heal the relationship that you have with your family members and for them to learn more about how devastating the disease of addiction can be. We will coordinate with you when it comes to the right time in your treatment to introduce this type of therapy. 

Who Can Benefit from Drug Rehab? 

Any person that has a substance abuse problem can benefit from coming to our drug rehab facility. When you surround yourself with the right group of individuals and recovery team, you have a stronger possibility of overcoming your addiction so that you don’t subject yourself to possible relapse. 

Heroin, Meth, Xanax Recovery for Residents of Houston 

Although there are several drugs that can cause negative impacts on a person’s life, heroin, meth, and Xanax are three examples of drugs that tend to land the most devastating blows simply because they have such an immediate impact on your overall health. Here is information that you should know about these types of drugs: 


Some people mistakenly believe that heroin and opioids fall into two completely separate categories. The reality is that heroin is actually an opioid that is used specifically for recreational purposes. Many people fall prey to heroin addiction because it has such a direct impact on the overall euphoria that a person may feel. Whereas there are many cases where opioids may be used for medical purposes, heroin does not fall into that category. There are many different ways that a person can consume heroin which can include orally, smoking it, insufflation, or by injecting it. While injecting heroin tends to be the most dangerous because it gets into your bloodstream much faster, consuming heroin at all could ultimately lead to serious physical and psychological damage which can include death. 


Similar to heroin, methamphetamine is an example of a drug that can come in many different forms and be known by many different names. However, unlike heroin, there are certain variations of methamphetamine that can be prescribed to a person that may be struggling with a condition such as ADHD. If prescription methamphetamine is given to a person, then it is the doctor’s responsibility to closely monitor this consumption to try to avoid any possibility of addiction. However, sometimes that is not always possible. If meth is abused recreationally, a person may call it several other names including speed, ice, or crystal. The most common result of consuming methamphetamine is an increase in heart rate or blood pressure as well as the traditional feeling of being “high” that comes along with taking any addictive substance. 


Xanax is commonly prescribed to a person that may be struggling with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety is a condition that can make you feel completely helpless and hopeless when it comes to completing any task around you. In severe cases, something as simple as going to the grocery store can feel like an insurmountable task because of how much your anxiety paralyzes you. In cases where an anxiety disorder has been identified, a doctor may prescribe Xanax which can help a person to relax and live a healthier life. However, unless this consumption is closely monitored and tracked by a doctor, Xanax consumption can quickly turn into an addiction. Xanax is not meant to be taken indefinitely and prolonged use or abuse of this medication could be disastrous for any person. 

While it may feel as though you’re in a black hole that you can’t escape from during the time that you’re in active addiction, recovery is always possible, especially when you work with a team at one of the top-rated drug rehabs for Houston residents. We focus on providing you with the important information and resources that you need to overcome and work through your addiction once and for all. 

Types of Drug Rehab Programs 

As addiction experts, we recognize the fact that there are several different approaches that you can take when it comes to treating an addiction to any type of substance. One of the reasons why we are considered to be one of the top-rated drug rehabs for Houston residents is because we understand that every client that comes to our facility needs and deserves to have a certain level of individualized care. Some examples of the types of drug rehab programs that we offer at Resurgence includes: 

Inpatient programs 

Sadly, many people do not live in the type of environment that supports or promotes recovery which makes it difficult if not impossible for a person to truly recover from this disease. An inpatient treatment program will provide a client with the structure that they need to work through the contributing factors of their addiction and learn what steps they need to take to maintain their sobriety in the future. We will provide you with a safe and comfortable environment so that you have everything that you need for a setup that equates to success. 

Outpatient programs 

Our outpatient programs still provide you with a solid foundation when it comes to your recovery, however, it offers more flexibility in comparison to our inpatient program because you will be able to come and go according to your treatment plan. While you will still participate in therapy, you will have the opportunity to see to work, school, or personal responsibilities throughout the week. 

Why Choose Resurgence for Drug Rehab? 

Without question, the Resurgence Behavioral Health treatment team can provide you with the foundation and the structure that you need to work through the different contributing factors of this disease. We consistently go above and beyond to ensure that you have everything that you need to be successful not only during your time in treatment but after as well. For example, we offer an aftercare program that will help you to remain in touch with the Resurgence staff as well as other clients that have successfully completed their treatment plan. Also, we can help you to locate 12-step meetings that are in your area which can help you to develop your system of support once you’re done with your time at Resurgence. Keep in mind that if you decide to work through an outpatient program, you should always make time to attend 12-step meetings throughout the course of your program so that you can reinforce the important tools that you are learning during treatment. 

If you have more questions regarding why we are one of the top-rated drug rehabs for Houston residents, we encourage you to give our intake team a call today at(855) 458-0050. We are available around the clock to speak with you so that you can get started today on your journey toward recovery. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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