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Vicodin Drugs Are Getting Tighter Restrictions

Vicodin Drugs Are Getting Tighter Restrictions Resurgence – The restrictions on the drug Vicodin are getting tighter as the abuse of the drug grows.

Vicodin Prescriptions with Tighter Restrictions

In the last decade, the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA made Vicodin a Schedule II drug after its long-standing Schedule III status. The class changed because more people have been abusing the medication and experiencing addiction and lethality. In 2017, Vicodin was the thirteenth most prescribed drug in America, with over 40 million prescriptions administered.

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Vicodin Abuse

Many people who use Vicodin may not need the drug, but they coerce the physician to refill their script for their ailments. But that is hardly the case as of recently. Vicodin and other opioid-related deaths have been steadily increasing over the past few years. Approximately 115 people die every day in the U.S. due to opioid-related causes.

It was then that the government intervened to stop this drug epidemic from spiraling out of control. As a result, the DEA has become stricter with physicians’ regulation and administration of Vicodin prescriptions. They deem the drug as highly addictive and lethal with prolonged abuse and addiction. It is now commonly prescribed as a mild analgesic, such as Tylenol or Tramadol, as a substitution. For those already battling an addiction to Vicodin or other opioids, seeking treatment options like those at alcohol rehabs Los Angeles can provide the necessary support to overcome their dependency.

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Pros and Cons of Vicodin

Many people who genuinely experience moderate to severe pain do not have the relief from Vicodin that they once had. This is due to the rising abuse of these prescription pills. The enforcement and restriction remain controversial because of the people who abuse it. As with any major administration regarding America’s health, there are pros and cons to this restriction. For those seeking help and guidance in dealing with prescription drug abuse, consider alcohol rehab facility Riverside.


  • The Food and Drug Administration placed a Black Box Warning on Vicodin, which means it has a higher risk factor than before. This warning tells consumers that the prescription pill may have serious and even life-threatening side effects. The government agency has provided the consumer with the necessary information to proceed with their own volition. Psychotropic drugs hold a Black Box Warning, which is misleading about Vicodin’s possible dangers and its potential for abuse and addiction.
  • Small discomforts, such as minor outpatient dentistry procedures, can now be treated with a mild analgesic such as extra-strength Tylenol. Previously, dentists would prescribe Vicodin for minor procedures. During that process, the patient would become used to the drug, and it would sometimes escalate into an addiction. Now those mild analgesics are being prescribed, the legal route of obtaining Vicodin is slimmer.
  • With the prescription of heavy medications such as Vicodin, you feel groggy or tired most of the time. This fatigue is especially true if you abuse the drug. Since Vicodin prescriptions are not common, this gives you a chance to use alternative natural ways to manage your pain. Exercise, fresh air, and proper nutrition are essential to restoring your health to full function. For more information, visit alcohol rehab facility Palo Alto.
  • People who are severely addicted to Vicodin will often steal the identities of individuals who have a prescription for this medication. Since Vicodin prescriptions have decreased, these people will have difficulty finding illegal methods to obtain the drug. This decrease will prevent many identity theft crimes and reduce criminal activity in pharmacies and drug stores across the nation. If you or someone you know is struggling with Vicodin addiction, consider seeking help at our alcohol rehab treatment los angeles.
  • Vicodin can be a highly addictive drug. Now that it has been deemed a Schedule II status by the DEA, people are unlikely to continue their habit. They will stop due to the pill shortage at the pharmacy and the black market. This shortage may or may not inspire people addicted to Vicodin to seek help. It is only one step of many that this nation has to take to reduce our nation’s drug addiction problem.
  • The number of people who are accidentally becoming addicted to Vicodin will decrease. A much safer and non-addictive analgesic will replace the opioids they take for their pain relief.
  • Overprescribing Vicodin will decrease and allow for a more sensible approach to pain management. Several alternatives can replace this drug.


  • People who genuinely need a more potent pain reliever may not have access to Vicodin. Physicians are now hesitant to prescribe the drug due to its recent change with the DEA and the close monitoring of prescriptions. This enforcement may leave many individuals without the proper care they need, which is medical malpractice or even outright cruelty.
  • Just because Vicodin is restricted and more difficult to obtain does not mean that addicts will not procure the drug. They will resort to alternate methods, some of which may lead to violence and robbery. Crime rates may see a spike due to this enforcement.
  • In the medical field, Vicodin is an opioid drug that has many benefits for those in need of its pain-relieving properties. Vicodin treats severe and moderate pain, which will now be difficult to prove to physicians.
  • The DEA will now heavily regulate and document the number of Vicodin prescriptions administered by physicians to verify the treatment’s legitimacy. This regulation can lead to legal issues should the DEA find a physician guilty of overprescribing Vicodin. It could cost a physician his license to practice and tarnish his name and livelihood.
  • Physicians are now fearful of prescribing Vicodin because of the heavy DEA regulation. They would rather allow their patients to endure major pains to avoid any legal repercussions from doing their job. There is a fair share of physicians who overprescribe or prescribe Vicodin when it is unnecessary. The newly implemented DEA regulation should not deter any physicians from engaging in honesty and integrity standards.

Tighter Vicodin Restrictions Means Alternative Medications

Since Vicodin is now seldomly prescribed to patients who require heavy pain relief, more people are suffering. Are more people benefiting from Vicodin’s heavy monitorization and regulation, or are more people not receiving proper treatment for their serious ailments? Physicians have explored alternate medications and treatments to address the issue.

They commonly prescribe pharmaceutical strength Tylenol, Aleve, and Naproxen. If the pain is extremely discomforting, physicians may prescribe Tramadol. This mild opioid is less addictive and not as commonly abused due to its weaker effects on the opioid receptors. While these drugs may help alleviate some minor pain, many people will still not receive the relief they need.

There is no other viable medication that closely mimics the pain-relieving effects of Vicodin. The restriction placed on the drug has caused thousands of people with serious ailments to suffer in pain because of government regulation.

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Vicodin in Moderation and Help

Many people across the nation suffer from chronic pain and long-term illnesses. Vicodin is a drug that alleviates their suffering, even if it is a palliative solution. It is the humane treatment for patients in that state. Many states mandate that physicians provide more evidence and documentation for their reason behind prescribing opioids to patients.

Despite those who need the medication, Vicodin is now monitored and has seen a great decrease in overdoses and addictions. If you are suffering from a Vicodin addiction, do not hesitate to call Resurgence Behavioral Health today and receive help. Our professional and caring staff is here to walk you through the path of recovery.

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