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What is Flakka?

What is Flakka and What Effects Come from It? - Resurgence - A young woman sits on the couch next to an addiction counselor who is doing an initial intake and asking the patient about flakka use to which she responds, "What is flakka?"

What is Flakka?

Flakka is a dangerous drug trend that could is very popular with teenagers.

What is flakka?

Flakka contains synthetic cathinone’s that are classified as a psychoactive drug–but.html.

What is more troubling for parents is that these drugs are usually used in combination with other dangerous substances.

If you suspect your teen is suffering from drug abuse, Resurgence Behavioral Health is here to help you with successful intervention strategies.

Immediate Placement in Rehab for Flakka Abuse

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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Flakka, aka Bath Salts

Flakka drug abuse has been associated with thousands of emergency room visits and hundreds of deaths in the U.S alone.

Flakka, similar to bath salts, cause strange and erratic behavior that has been made infamous through viral videos and national news.

The consequences of this drug are not mild and can easily take the life of your teen.

If you feel hopeless, call Resurgence Behavioral Health, where we will help protect your child from the dangers of drug abuse.

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Understanding Flakka

Teenagers will typically sniff or snort flakka though it can be concealed in an e-cigarette or smoked. In some cases, teens will even shoot it up. If you don’t know what to look for when suspecting drug abuse, you can usually identify it as a powdery white substance looking very similar to actual bath salts. In some cases, they are put in gelatin capsules. If you have heard your teen use the terms “Bliss,” “Stardust”, or “White Lightening”, it could be in refernece to flakka use. Due to the teenage psyche’s resistant nature, we know it can be the struggle of a lifetime to get your child into addiction treatment. Our team at Resurgence Behavioral Health has decades of experience in helping families conduct successful interventions. If your child is not willing to go to drug rehab, we can counsel you on how to get your teen the help they need.

Effects of Flakka and Other Drugs

Flakka has a high potential for abuse and is considered a designer drug. Bath Salts and drug abuse is comparable to the high produced by other stimulants such as cocaine and methamphetamines: Drugs of Abuse (2017 Edition). Dangerous side effects of flakka use include rapid heartbeat, hypertension, hyperthermia, teeth grinding, heart palpitations, and seizures. Other symptoms of drug abuse include loss of coordination, slurred speech, and dizziness. The most severe side effect of this drug is a lethal overdose. Addiction treatment may be the only way to get through to your teen if they suffer from flakka drug abuse. When your teen is dealing with a severe addiction, drug rehab should be considered immediately.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Is Your Teen Suffering from Drug Abuse?

While studies show that under 1% of teenagers abuse flakka, the numbers could be inconsistent and underreported: One percent of US teenagers are using flakka – but it could be more. Other studies have shown that 19.2% of teens who have used flakka have used it more than 40 times. These numbers tell us that flakka is addictive, and the potential for drug abuse is too high. When your teen takes flakka, they are chasing a high that is very similar to speed. As new and dangerous drug trends emerge, it has become increasingly challenging to monitor what our teens are exposed to. With some of the best drug treatment specialists in the country, Resurgence Behavioral can positively influence your child’s future and show them a tomorrow without drug abuse!

Terrifying Transformation Under the Influence of Flakka

Flakka, also known as the “zombie drug,” can cause terrifying, erratic, zombie-like behavior. The high teens are looking to produce effects such as euphoria, hallucinations, talkativeness, empathy, and an elevated sex drive Adverse psychoactive effects associated with flakka include paranoia, agitation, aggression, and inappropriate laughter.
If your teen suffers from a psychiatric disorder, the results of flakka use could be of a higher consequence exacerbating existing symptoms. Our mental health specialists offer several innovative addiction treatment options to help your child recuperate from a dual diagnosis.

Detox Options for Flakka Use

Our team at Resurgence Behavioral Health will treat your teen’s addiction needs with the utmost professional care and supervision. We realize it is not easy to watch your child succumb to the influences of drug abuse. We can assure you that we will be there to guide your teen through every step of the recovery process. Medication Assisted Treatment may be a necessary step if your child is suffering from severe physical dependency. Experienced professionals will monitor your teen’s progress to get them safely through detoxification. The withdrawal phase will be a challenging but necessary step towards total rehabilitation. Intensive Outpatient Programs and Partial Hospitalization Programs are viable options that we can discuss for your teen’s optimal recovery.

Holistic Drug Rehab Care for Flakka Addiction

Addressing your teen’s emotional stability is imperative when managing a severe addiction to flakka and other drugs. Our behavioral health experts are passionate about their work with adolescents and young adults and are there for every type of mental health concern. Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy can help your teen understanding the underlying reasons for drug abuse. This type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will address thought patterns and educate them on how they can live a better life without flakka. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy benefits teens that experience symptoms from flakka use and undiagnosed mental health disorders. This type of treatment helps patients cope with a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression.

Continual Support for Your Teen

We emphasize the importance of maintaining outpatient programs so the whole family can experience healing. One on one counseling, family counseling, and group therapy sessions are beneficial forms of continued therapy. Your teen can get involved in our Alumni Program, which offers opportunities to connect with a counselor, peers, and other alumni. Science-based SMART recovery and NA support groups can provide a safe hangout for other individuals seeking sobriety. Depending on the chosen treatment plan, we offer therapy forms such as yoga, art, and music that can be continued even after initial rehabilitation is completed.

Sanctuary from Flakka Use

If your teen’s best course of recovery is an inpatient program, we have beautiful facilities that encourage sobriety and relaxation! Our California locations provide comfortable housing alternatives for every treatment option. Healthy meals, exercise areas, mediation zones, and therapy dogs can help reduce emotions of homesickness. We understand that it may be challenging for your teen to commit to an inpatient program and want them to feel at home. Swimming pools, basketball courts, and video games allow your teen some relief from drug rehab’s difficulties. We want your peace of mind as well and offer only the safest accommodations with supervision.

Insurance Options

Resurgence Behavioral Health provides free insurance verification to make the process of intake that much easier. We accept most PPO plans and monthly payment arrangements. Our intake specialists will negotiate the best treatment plan with your insurance so your child can receive the best treatment possible. Our team will build a custom recovery plan that is affordable and effective! Time is of the essence when dealing with drug abuse and dangerous drugs such as flakka. Contact our intake specialists to get your child on the road to rehabilitation!

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Quality Care for Flakka Use and Your Teen

In the age of social media influence and design drugs, it can feel nearly impossible to shield your teen from all the outside world’s dangers.

If you think that you are losing your child to drug abuse, we do not want you to lose hope.

Sadly, there are many parents out there who are facing the same battles.

With drug addiction and an increasing number of treatment options available, it can be tough to cut through the clutter.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, you can be assured that your teen is receiving some of the best care available in the nation.

We are Legit Script certified with decades of experience in addiction treatment.

Please give us a call so you can begin the process of restoring your family!

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