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What is Opioid Addiction?

What is Opioid Addiction and Opioid Addiction Treatment? Resurgence - A young woman sits at home on the couch and takes another painkiller as she contemplates whether she needs opioid addiction treatment or not.


What is Opioid Addiction?

The Opioid addiction crisis is a critical issue that is affecting millions in the United States today.

Of the millions affected, overdose rates are over 40% in the black community compared to the rest of the population.

Opioid addiction may be a temporary way to mute the pain.

Still, it could very well be destroying your life!

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The Opioid Crisis and the Black Community

With the political climate changing our view concerning the plight of minorities, it is time to address other black community issues.

Death rates involving the black population have seen the sharpest rise due to synthetic opioid abuse.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we want to do our part to combat and prevent these tragedies with acceptance, care, and ongoing support.

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Understanding Opioid Addiction

It is apparent now through media and politics that the judicial systems have displayed elements of systemic racism when encountering opioid abuse. More often than not, black youths are incarcerated for opioid addiction rather than receiving drug rehab. This misuse of law enforcement pushes the black community into further devastation. Our drug rehab centers aim to affect positive change for those struggling with opioid addiction in the black community. Instead of living with a crippling opioid addiction, it is time to seek help to change the reality of drug addiction in your community. Resurgence Behavioral Health is a nationally recognized addiction facility that offers multiple treatment options designed for your dependence needs. No matter the severity of your addiction, we have a treatment opportunity that is right for you!


The Effects of Opioid Abuse


Types of opioids that are commonly abused are OxyContin, Oxycodone, Codeine, Darvocet, Demerol, and synthetic opiates. Symptoms of opioid abuse include trying to maintain a euphoric high and neglecting personal responsibilities to get high. Other signs of abuse include drug-seeking behavior and buying non-prescribed opiates or street drugs. Physical symptoms of opioid abuse can be chronic constipation, shallow breathing, slurred speech, and nausea. If you find that you or a loved one are experiencing these symptoms, drug rehab may be the only way to break free from physical dependence. Resurgence Behavioral Health professionals are available 24/7 to get you the help you deserve!


Opioid Addiction and how it is Affecting You

Physician-prescribed opioids are meant to relieve moderate to severe pain for a short period. Due to the addictive nature of opiates, patients who started off using prescriptions to manage pain find themselves with a draining opioid addiction. The dangers of maintaining an opioid addiction are not only detrimental to your health but can often be lethal. Opioid abuse can lead to comas, permanent brain damage, and sometimes, a deadly overdose. Thankfully, with proper and prompt treatment, these dangerous side effects can be prevented with drug rehab. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer a safe haven with evidence-based programs that provide you a better quality of life!


Mental Illness Caused By Opioid Addiction


Our team of professionals understands that opioid addiction is a mental addiction as well as a physical one. Opioid abuse and dependency can manifest in several ways. Giving up things you used to enjoy and problems with your relationships can all be signs that opioid addiction is destroying your mental health. Anxiety, intense physical cravings, and worsening of existing mental conditions are just a few opioid abuse disorder symptoms. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers state of the art treatment methods to treat addiction and co-occurring psychiatric disorders.


Freeing Yourself From Opioid Addiction


Opioid addiction can affect you even if you have no prior struggles with drug addiction. Opioid abuse can cause a painfully strong physical dependence that will not allow you to quit abruptly without severe withdrawal symptoms. With withdrawal symptoms ranging from moderate to severe, Resurgence offers safe and effective medically supervised opioid detox. Medication-Assisted Treatment options ensure a safe transition from acute physical dependency. After getting through the worst of your symptoms, we recommend either Intensive Outpatient Programs or Partial Hospitalization to encourage a complete opioid detox. If we feel that your detox therapy requires more hospitalization, we will recommend a more prolonged PHP treatment.


Alternative Treatments for Opioid Addiction


Resurgence Behavioral Health offers personalized care that integrates primary care, substance abuse, and mental health services. We provide a safe facility where you can take the time without outside distractions to recover your emotional health.
Some of our mental health care services include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, REBT Behavior Therapy, and Holistic Treatment. These types of treatments emphasize what triggers opioid addiction to prevent future relapse. Sometimes, the mental cravings and addiction can be just as severe as physical addiction. Our behavioral treatment professionals are trained to identify your opioid addiction’s underlying causes and encourage new thought patterns. By reframing how you view your addiction, it can be easier to move on to a fulfilling life without dependency.


Continued Support for Opioid Addiction Treatment


At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we believe that care doesn’t end once you leave drug rehab. We encourage all of our clients to participate in long term community support and aftercare programs to improve your odds of maintaining sobriety after initial opioid addiction treatment. We are proud to offer our alumni program where you can make lasting connections with others who understand the challenges of opioid addiction. Other programs provide group sessions where you can continue to receive and give support in a sober environment. In addition to group therapies, we offer one on one counseling, family counseling, and SMART recovery groups. Resurgence is committed to providing you continual support, however you need it.


World-Class Facilities


All of the facilities offer a safe and relaxing home environment to help you cope with the discomfort you will face during drug rehab. Locations all over California provide the sunshine and beaches that bring so many of our clients the peace of mind they need for optimal recovery. With luxury accommodations and executive treatment options, we have every recovery alternative to fit your needs. Enjoy some relaxation in one of our meditation zones or take a walk with one of our beloved therapy dogs. Our accommodations feel like a home, not a hospital. Enjoy group exercises such as basketball or yoga or have a private workout at our exercise facilities. We also provide outpatient campuses where you can enjoy continued therapy and leisure during your stay!


Insurance Verification


Resurgence Behavioral Health offers free insurance verification to make your admission process that much easier! Our intake specialists will work with you to build a customized and affordable plan that works with your insurance. We accept most forms of insurance, including Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross, and Cigna. Please visit our website or call our helpline for a full list of providers.

Free Insurance Verification for Opioid Addiction Treatment


Breaking Free From Opioid Addiction!

Opioid addiction is a disease that can affect anyone, no matter your color or socio-economic status.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we do not see opioid abuse as a crime, but as a disease treated by professionals that care about the individual.

We want to see you succeed in your recovery, which is why we offer only the best that addiction science can provide!

The cost of waiting to seek treatment could mean life or death.

Our clinical team is behind you every step of the way to provide exceptional care and assess your unique needs.

Give one of our treatment specialists a call so you can start a new life without opioid abuse today!

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