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What is Yoga for Substance Abuse?

Yoga for Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment - Resurgence - An image of a yoga mat, dumbells, and a water bottle as yoga for substance abuse is a healthy coping mechanism for addiction treatment.

What is Yoga for Substance Abuse?


Yoga is increasingly used in substance abuse treatment programs and throughout recovery to help prevent relapse, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and drug cravings, and provide a healthy outlet to cope with potential triggers and daily life stressors.

Yoga is a mental, physical, and spiritual practice that originated in India Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years. Through the millennia the interpretations and styles have varied, but the end is still the same. The alleviation and liberation from suffering. Yoga has many benefits and, at the top of the list, is the fact that it is a proven stress reducer. This is an important part of recovery during drug treatment.

Immediate Placement in Rehab with Yoga Therapy


Your Mental Health and Yoga for Substance Abuse


Yoga is a great way to relieve pent up stress and frustrations that come along with substance abuse disorders. The practice of yoga can help your brain and body that have been impacted by drug abuse. When you have used drugs for an extended time your brain is deficient in many neurotransmitters. It takes time for this to balance out. Keeping your mind free from the negative thoughts is an important part of the recovery process.

Learn More About Rehab with Yoga Activities


Stretching Toward Recovery with Yoga


Yoga goes beyond just stretching. It can be that extra boost you need to get through a drug rehab program.

Practicing yoga helps you be mindful through breathing and meditation. Learning to calm down the external influences with yoga for substance abuse is a powerful way to find inner peace.

Not only does yoga improve your health, but it improves your whole body. When you’re finished with rehab, you can take lessons you learned on your yoga mat at treatment and continue to put those learnings into practice in your daily life.


How Can Yoga Help With Addiction Treatment?


Finding inner peace is an important part of effective drug rehab. Calming down and stopping the negative thoughts is a process that does not happen overnight.

Today, there are many options that help you through the initial detoxing stage to aftercare. Yoga for substance abuse treatment is another healthy way to maintain sobriety.


Treatment for Substance Abuse


Addiction treatment varies and learning how these programs work gives you a better idea of which services will be the most beneficial for you.

There are many things to consider when you are ready to commit to addiction treatment. Three things to look at when choosing the ideal rehab center for you include:

  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Access to Family

There are many different levels of care, including inpatient and outpatient rehab centers.


Detoxing from Substance Abuse


The first step in any drug rehab is the initial abstinence from using. This comes along with the unpleasant withdrawal that is unpleasant. The process is hard. You will experience a myriad of emotions and physical symptoms during the first week of detoxing.

The timeline depends on how long, type of drug, and your mental health. Getting the right medical treatment to alleviate this stage in treatment is the most important part to make the road to recovery possible. When you are in medical drug detox, your withdrawal symptoms are managed.


Intensive Outpatient Care


Intensive outpatient care is an ideal setting if you are unable to commit to a full rehab stay. This is an ideal situation if you have responsibilities that do not allow flexibility. Here, you still have access to medical care. Your withdrawal symptoms are handled as they arise. You are also expected to attend group therapies and individual counseling sessions.


Inpatient Care for Substance Abuse


Inpatient care is 24/7 monitoring.

Being in-patient allows you to focus on yourself and treatment. Being inside a residential rehab helps reduce your triggers and stresses that could cause you to relapse if you were outside the facility.

For others, inpatient care is the only way to safely stop using drugs. Many abused substances can cause life-threatening conditions if they are abruptly stopped.


Outpatient Care for Substance Abuse


Outpatient care treatment allows you to be patient for half a day. You attend counseling sessions just like those in residential rehabs are required. Your vitals are monitored and charted. You continue your therapies with one exception — When the day program is complete, you are free to return to a home setting.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)


One of the most important aspects of addiction treatment is to change confront and change your behaviors.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) teaches you how to identify and challenge these negative thoughts.

During sessions, you learn practical self-help strategies. You will learn how to think less negatively about yourself and your life. You cannot change the past, and you cannot control the future. But you can make better choices today. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you achieve this.


Insurance Verification


Today, many insurance companies realize most substance use disorders are treatable.

We accept most major insurances. We also offer a free insurance verification tool on our website for easy access to start your recovery process.

Free Insurance Verification for Yoga for Substance Abuse Rehab


Stretching Out For Treatment with Yoga for Substance Abuse


If you are stuck in a drug addiction cycle, there is help.

Resurgence has dedicated itself to the improvement of addiction treatment. We believe that drug rehab is not streamlined.

Incorporating new techniques, like yoga for substance abuse, is a way to destigmatize rehab.

You are a unique person with needs that differ from someone else.

We utilize innovations that stimulate your mind, body, and soul.

We understand the stigma and shame that go hand-in-hand with addiction.

We want to help you break free from substance abuse to live your best life.

Give us a call today to discover how our treatment plans help you reach your sobriety goals.


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