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What Makes Our California Rehab Center Different

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Addiction does not manifest on its own. Many underlying factors contribute to its rise, which is why our main approach is to identify these factors and find the best treatment for them.

Fortunately for our patients, our rehab center has a comprehensive list of treatment programs available, manned by a team of experts. Our team is capable of not only helping a patient get through their treatment, but also in helping clients beat co-occurring conditions and post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

Traditional mixed with modern care

Our rehab center offers patients a comprehensive primary care program where they can establish a sober baseline, while being given the environment to try recovery principles safely. This is done with the help of a primary clinician who will develop an individualized plan for the patient. This plan gives the steps to achieve rehab goals and are related to the patient’s personal needs.

Our approach is to enable recovery by addressing the issues that drove the addictive process. This approach starts with identifying these factors and then goes on to the process of resolution and reconciliation between the patient and his or her loved ones. Apart from this process, we also offer continuing clinical and transitional aftercare support utilizing the same counselors and facilities so as not to make the transition difficult for patients.

Clinical services, on the other hand, are the most important aspect in treating addiction. This includes individual therapy sessions, group sessions, experiential activities, and the educational aspect of the treatment. Patients who are adverse to the commonly prescribed 12-step process are advised to take clinical services instead.

Key to finding the best rehab

The key finding the best rehab center in California is simple: the best one should have all the services mentioned above in one place. It is incredibly taxing to bring a patient to a different location every time he or she requires a particular treatment.

In our rehab center, patients can work with the same counselor they have already developed a relationship with. In addition, all the essential treatments they need are readily available under one roof. Call us at 855-458-0050 and start your journey to recovery today.

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