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Whole Health Recovery for Addiction


Overcoming Isolation and Addiction is Possible

Mental health conditions and addiction can leave an individual with a feeling of a void in his or her life.

This often causes intense feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, and an inability to connect with others healthily.

Often, untreated mental health conditions and addiction result in damaged relationships with family and friends.

This leads to the individual becoming isolated, which makes it more challenging to find the motivation for recovery.

Isolation leads to further deterioration of mental health and addiction.

The symptoms may become so unbearable that the individual may become preoccupied with self-harm or suicide.

It is common for the untreated individual to continue using more substances to alleviate negative symptoms.

But this almost always makes the situation worse in many ways.

A whole health recovery is an approach to treatment that has helped many people struggling with mental health conditions and addiction find recovery and happiness.

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Addiction (Substance Use Disorder)

Drug addiction, medically referred to as substance use disorder, is a chronic mental health condition that alters the brain.

In drug addiction, an individual is compelled to compulsively seek and use psychoactive substances despite the negative effects it has on his or her physical health, mental health, and life.

Upon first using drugs, an individual may experience enjoyment from the effects of the substance and feel as though nothing is wrong, or that they are immune to addiction.

However, the brain develops a tolerance to drugs, causing the individual to use more of the drug just to maintain a semblance of normality.

However, this “normality” is not a comfortable experience for the individual; it is merely a brief respite from depression, anxiety, physical ailments, and a general disdain for life.

Under the influence of drug addiction, an individual unwillingly forfeits his or her choices in life and feels the need to continue the vicious cycle of addiction.

Addiction produces withdrawal symptoms when the substance is not consumed in great amounts or frequency.

To avoid withdrawal symptoms, the individual will use drugs to alleviate these unpleasantries.

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What is Whole Health Recovery?

A whole health recovery is a biopsychosocial approach to recovery that considers culture, environment, and spirituality to achieve balance in parts of an individual’s life. It takes into account factors such as mental health, physical health, spirituality, and relationships. Many components of whole health recovery can facilitate a better quality of life.
The main factors that comprise whole health recovery are physical health and wellness, social environment, and culture, and spiritual health that integrates the wellness of mental and emotional health.

Physical Health and Wellness

The first step to achieving whole health recovery for addiction is to find effective therapy and/or medication specific to you. Abstaining from drugs, alcohol, and other substances will help your body function more efficiently and reduces the risk of disease.
A highly important factor to achieving physical health and wellness is following a routine sleep schedule with proper rest. Sleep and rest are linked directly to mental health. A related factor to sleep and rest is relaxation. Finding what provides you with relaxation will ease anxiety and possible withdrawal symptoms from addiction that may still be present during your recovery.
Physical health is notably contingent on healthy nutritional habits and a healthy body fat percentage. Nutrition and body fat percentages are different for each individual due to many factors, such as biochemistry, genetics, sex, age, and height, among others.
Exercising to achieve a healthy level of fitness will also help maintain your physical health because it allows the body to function more effectively while reducing risks for physical health issues.

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Social Environment and Culture

Success in this stage of whole health recovery for addiction includes finding balance in your social environment and culture. Adapting healthily to your environment will allow you to socialize and interact with people in a wholesome manner.
Humans benefit from social interactions because of our social nature. Developing and maintaining close relationships with friends and family will be a protective factor that will support your recovery.
You must ensure the people you surround yourself with have the best interest of your recovery in mind. Lastly, learning to respect and accept differing opinions and beliefs of others will help you become more dynamic in your adaptation to your environment and culture.

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Seeking treatment for your dependency is one of the bravest things you can do for yourself. Do not let your situation stop you from contacting Resurgence Behavioral Health.
We provide honest and accurate pricing information for all of our treatment options, and we offer free insurance verification. Call us today to find out more.

Spiritual Health (Mental and Emotional Health)

Recovery from addiction does not have one cookie-cutter solution for all. However, several treatments have been specifically developed to effectively treat a variety of individuals. Many drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, including Alcoholic Anonymous or AA and Narcotics Anonymous or NA, build a foundation around establishing lost trust from those the individual has hurt with their addiction.
One of the main concepts of these programs is the ideology of submitting to a higher power. Typically, this includes recovering your identity or soul prior to addiction. The programs facilitate the idea of you as a renewed person who has a healthy way of coping, thinking, and behaving. These programs are also designed to restore broken relationships with family and friends.

Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Drug rehabilitation centers offer a variety of treatment options and typically include whole health recovery for addiction. Drug and alcohol dependency are often treated at substance abuse treatment centers or rehabilitation facilities.
Mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and nurses provide treatment such as medical detoxification, individual and group therapy, skills and coping management, and medication management. Individuals can also be treated for a variety of mental health conditions in addition to substance abuse and addiction.
Individuals who are diagnosed with a mental health condition and addiction are considered to have a dual diagnosis. The most effective model of treatment for dual diagnosis is the integrated dual disorder treatment, or IDDT. IDDT is a dynamic model of psychotherapy specifically developed to treat multiple occurring disorders.
Most substance abuse treatment centers provide outpatient and inpatient services. If you are receiving outpatient services, you are not required to remain at the center at all times. Instead, you will attend treatment services at the substance abuse center a determined number of times per week.
If you are receiving inpatient services, you are required to remain at the center for the duration of treatment.

Payment for Treatment and Our Free Insurance Verification

Seeking treatment for your dependency is one of the bravest things you can do for yourself. Do not let your situation stop you from contacting Resurgence Behavioral Health.
We provide honest and accurate pricing information for all of our treatment options, and we offer free insurance verification. Call us today to find out more.

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