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Why Does Rehab Have a Stigma


Drug abuse is scary because it leads to addiction.

Nobody enjoys an addiction controlling every part of their life.

It hurts themselves and everyone around them.

An individual with an addiction will experience an abundance of judgment in all forms from family, friends, and even coworkers.

The person making judgments may feel they are justified in their actions.

While addiction comes with selfishness, it is a disease that an individual does not want to have.

Being judged for his or her addiction is counterproductive to the addicted individual.

It may only overwhelm the individual and lead him or her toward further deterioration of their life.

Words can truly make a deeper impact than you may realize, especially to a vulnerable class of those with an addiction.

It can make the individual unlikely to consider drug rehab.

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Stigma of Rehab

People need to be aware of how drugs affect every person involved, not only the user. It is not helpful to continue the stigma of addiction.

This facilitates false beliefs and evokes negativity. An individual struggling with addiction does not need to hear more negativity than he or she already feels.

Being trapped by drug addiction is not anything anyone truly intends to set out to do. People make mistakes and consequences follow.

Judgment never helps anyone. It only puts down the individual who is struggling with addiction. Despite the selfishness that drug addiction demands, it is important to be a positive influence in that individual’s life.

Encouraging him or her to seek professional help is the right step to take to guide that individual on the path to recovery.

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, please do not hesitate to reach out to Resurgence Behavioral Health today.

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The Impact of Words on Someone with an Addiction

Individuals with addiction are particularly susceptible to judgment for his or her lifestyle choices and behavior.

All judgments are negative words that comprise of demeaning statements. An individual who abused drugs to the point it became an addiction has suffered, usually suffering by themselves.

The judgments knock down an addicted individual’s self-esteem to the point of emotional exhaustion. The individual already feels the negativity of angst and failure.

Someone with an addiction may want to quit but finds themselves unable to, which only draws them further down the hole of drug abuse. You may feel like the addicted individual should “have a change of heart” or have the “willpower” to quit abusing drugs, but it is not that simple.

Getting to drug rehab is a difficult process. Addiction is a deadly and costly disease that hurts everyone involved. So, it may feel natural to want to judge someone for what his or her addiction has caused, but you do not see the desperation, fear, pain, shame, and sadness that the addicted person goes through when they feel physically and psychologically compelled to abuse drugs.

Many people will argue that an individual should have never used drugs in the first place, then they would not have a drug addiction. That is a fallacious statement for many reasons.

Many factors determine who uses drugs and who will develop an addiction. Not everyone is the same. Mistakes are made by everyone. When you judge a person for being addicted to drugs, you are responsible for the impact it creates for that individual.

Judge Not What You Do Not Know

Everyone knows what addiction means. But not everyone understands what addiction truly is. It is an issue that often goes misunderstood and leads to negative judgment.

It is unfair to say you know what an individual with an addiction is going through if you have never felt the power of addiction in your life. Addiction occurs for many reasons, but no matter the reason, it is never helpful to judge.

You may look down upon those who are struggling with addiction because you feel it is their own fault. You do not know everyone and their situation, even if it may be family or a close friend.

Addiction is mostly a naturally isolating problem in an individual’s life. You have no right to judge an addicted individual who is already in pain.

You are not living his or her life, so you do not know what that individual is experiencing.

They certainly do not need judgment if they want to receive help for their drug abuse. Addiction already comes with feelings of sadness, miserableness, loneliness, anger, guilt, and even suicidal ideation. Even if you have experienced the feelings, it is not the same experience as that of an addicted individual.

What Not to Say to Those with an Addiction

There are some cliché phrases and paradigms that are associated with addiction. However, they carry a negative stigma with them. They are not true and are damaging to an individual with an addiction.

You must be careful with what you tell someone with an addiction because they are vulnerable and already experience a massive amount of emotional turmoil.

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  1. Once an Addict, Always an Addict
    You may have heard this phrase attributed to an individual with an addiction. It is a defeating phrase, and it is not true. People recover and make healthy changes in their lives. Living with an addiction is difficult but so are treatment and recovery. Phrases such as this one label and limit an individual’s self-esteem. It is insensitive and demeaning to make statements like these. By saying this, you are saying that an individual will always be a mistake. This is simply not true. Everyone has a chance to redeem themselves.
  2. The Only Way to Sobriety is Going Cold Turkey
    There is no one path to recovery. Everyone is different and responds differently to their approach to recovery. Stopping all drug use may seem like the only and best solution to the problem; however, a sudden cessation from certain drugs may not only be extremely difficult but dangerous as well. Withdrawals from alcohol and benzodiazepines can induce seizures and can be lethal. Withdrawal from methamphetamine can result in delusion and violence. The safest way to recovery is through medical detoxification by professionals.
  3. You Can Have One Drink
    While alcohol is legal, it is one of the most toxic and addictive substances to exist. Replacing drug use with alcohol is not a good way to help an individual recover. Alcohol is a depressant, which reduces inhibition and may make the individual feel guilty and sad after the effects of alcohol subside. Additionally, drinking socially makes a statement to a recovering individual that psychoactive substances are necessary to socialize with family and friends. The truth is that alcohol and drugs are not always necessary to be around others and have fun. Instead, opt for other activities that do not include alcohol, such as dining, going to a movie, getting coffee, or even starting a book club if you and the individual enjoy reading.
  4. You Just Need to Snap Out of It
    If an addicted individual could stop at any time just because they “snap out of it”, then recovery would be a walk in the park for everyone who has an addiction. This statement undermines the power of the disease that is addiction. Attempting to become sober is profoundly difficult for everyone. By saying this, you are conveying to the addicted individual that he or she does not possess the willpower or strength it takes to become sober. This can fragment their already frail self-esteem. People recover at different paces. Uninformed lectures are not the answer, especially when it contains a negative statement such as this. Let them know you care, and you will do what you can for them to get well again.

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