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Woman Thanks Resurgence Behavioral Health for “My New Beginning to Find Myself”

Resurgence Behavioral Health for “My New Beginning to Find Myself”

Costa Mesa, California—A woman found a warm welcome and compassionate care at Resurgence Behavioral Health and was so grateful, she posted a heartfelt  5-star review praising the program in Costa Mesa, California.

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“I was totally scared of this unknown experience to a new state to take care of my health situation,” wrote KeeMo, the former patient. “But the people and place were totally inviting and caring and helped me with my first steps to my new beginning to find myself. I’m so grateful to the Balboa staff and their patience. Having said this, I thank y’all so much.”

Like KeeMo, many patients leave Resurgence with gratitude for the staff who helped them begin their journeys to long-term sobriety. They are highly experienced and bring a true passion for helping others, with a unique understanding of clients’ experiences and needs so they can assist clients in breaking free from addiction and living their best lives. The treatment team includes medical professionals, certified addiction counselors, licensed therapists and trained addiction specialists.

Resurgence Behavioral Health is a nationwide network of addiction and mental health treatment centers where clients receive customized care, from medically assisted detox through residential and outpatient rehab, continuing to sober living and long-term follow-up programs. They use a variety of evidence-based therapy to attack the root causes of addiction, not just the addiction itself.

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Resurgence takes a comprehensive approach to treatment, believing that addiction and mental illness cannot be treated separately but are often intertwined. This is what addiction specialists call a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about half of people who experience a substance use disorder have struggled simultaneously with a mental illness such as anxiety, depression, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, personality disorder and schizophrenia. Neither condition can be effectively treated in isolation but must be attacked together; if the underlying psychological issues are not resolved, addiction is likely to return when rehab ends.

Resurgence offers a customized program for each client, but the journey usually begins with medical detox, which prepares the body for treatment by eliminating toxins built up over long periods of substance use. It can be a physically uncomfortable and even dangerous experience, so at Resurgence, it is fully supervised by medical professionals, ensuring that withdrawal is not only safe but is also delivered with compassion and understanding.

After detox, the work of recovery begins. Therapeutic strategies are designed to help clients discover and understand what has caused their addiction. They learn to work through the problems and develop more positive ways of resolving them without “self-medicating” with alcohol or chemical substances.

Most clients begin with residential care, where they get the time and space to focus on their recovery without distractions. If they cannot take extended time away from family or work responsibilities, they may choose outpatient treatment if they can commit to regular attendance at therapy. This option offers the same high-quality therapy as residential care; the only difference is that clients do not reside at the facility.

At Resurgence, facilities are designed to provide a stay that’s as stress-free as possible. Many of its facilities are located in secluded rural areas, in keeping with Resurgence’s belief that being surrounded by the peace and serenity of nature helps open the mind and spirit to healing. 

Inside the facility, clients find comfortable, homelike décor and living arrangements. Residents can relax in attractively designed living areas, entertain and challenge themselves with games and keep themselves in good physical condition – while also blowing off steam – in an exercise area. Meals are prepared by onsite chefs. If they wish, clients may smoke outside and enjoy TV in their rooms, and they can have access to their cellphones after their first 14 days of treatment. In addition, couples in recovery may undergo treatment together while living in separate, same-sex accommodations.

To learn more about getting help for addiction and accompanying mental health disorders, visit Resurgence Behavioral Health or call 855-458-0050.

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