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Xanax Rehab in Costa Mesa

Drug Detox , Drug Rehab Alexa Iocco | October 18, 2021

Xanax Rehab in Costa Mesa Resurgence Behavioral Health

What is Xanax? 

Xanax, a member of the benzodiazepine family, is a medication that has seen both praise and criticism in recent times. On the one hand, Xanax can be incredibly beneficial in helping individuals cope with overwhelming emotions and anxiety, providing a semblance of relief. On the other, without proper oversight from a medical professional, its consumption can lead to serious complications. Unfortunately, misuse or over-reliance can result in dependency issues. If you or someone you know is grappling with a Xanax addiction, it’s crucial to seek professional assistance. Contact Resurgence for Xanax rehab in Costa Mesa, a leading inpatient rehab Costa Mesa, to embark on the path to recovery.

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What is Xanax Prescribed For? 

Xanax can be used to treat a number of different mental health disorders. Some examples of mental health conditions that Xanax can treat include: 

Panic attacks 

Panic attacks can come on suddenly and sometimes without any direct reason. You may be working or going through your day and then you are gripped by a fear of the unknown that you seemingly cannot control. 

Anxiety disorders 

Anxiety is something that can prevent a person from living a fulfilling life. There are many people that can specifically identify the source of their anxiety which can make this condition easier to work through. However, there are several other people who cannot clearly indicate where their anxiety is coming from. In these cases, medication such as Xanax may help them to better manage how they are feeling so that their anxiety isn’t something that completely rules their life. If you or someone you know is struggling with anxiety or substance abuse, drug rehab center costa mesa can provide the support needed for recovery.

It’s important to remember that in most cases, any dosage of Xanax is not meant to be taken long-term. Any type of prolonged dosage could ultimately lead to addiction and cause serious physical damage to a person as well as further psychological damage. 

Other Common Benzodiazepines 

Xanax is not the only type of benzodiazepine that can potentially cause an addiction. Here are other examples of benzodiazepines that could lead to serious issues in your life: 


This drug can also be known as Paxam or Klonopin. Clonazepam is mainly used as an anticonvulsant or a muscle relaxant. As a result, when a person takes this type of substance they can feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation. 


Other common names for Lorazepam can include Ativan, Lorenin and Tavor. This drug was approved for use in 1977 and is prescribed to patients that may have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression. 


Tetrazepam was approved for use in 1981. This drug can also be known as Tenox, Restoril, or Temaze and has a similar reaction to Clonazepam. 

Signs and Symptoms of Xanax Addiction 

There are many instances where a Xanax addiction can be fairly easy to identify and other times where it may be more difficult. Many times, concerned loved ones will reach out to learn more about the signs and symptoms of Xanax addiction so that they can help in the recovery process. If you have concerns regarding the behavior of a loved one or a possible addiction, here are a few examples of addiction indicators that you should be on the lookout for: 

Change in behavior 

It’s fairly common for a person that has any type of addiction to become somewhat secretive or experience a shift in behavior. This change can have a serious impact on both their personal and professional career and lead to other long-term consequences. 

Frequent doctor changes 

If a doctor catches on that an addiction may be developing, then it’s likely that he or she will raise concerns and attempt to taper their patient off of this drug. However, if an addiction is a factor, then the person that is suffering from the addiction may try to see other doctors as a way to support their substance abuse issue. 

Financial struggles 

If a person is not able to get Xanax legally through their doctor, they may turn to other illegal methods to feed their habit. This could cost any person an arm and a leg and could result in financial strife. 

Xanax Withdrawal Symptoms 

It’s impossible to simply stop taking Xanax and not experience some form of withdrawal symptoms. Here are just a few examples of Xanax withdrawal symptoms: 

  • Feeling of agitation or irritation 
  • Tremors 
  • Muscle aches 
  • Restlessness 
  • Problems sleeping 
  • Increase in anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Forgetfulness 
  • Seizures 

You will experience the worst of these symptoms within the first 72 hours from the time that you last consumed Xanax and generally begin to feel better toward better between the fifth or seventh day of detox, however, it’s always possible that some of these symptoms may linger.

Medical Detox for Xanax Addiction 

You should never overlook the importance of detox on your overall recovery plan. Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t understand how severe detoxing from Xanax can be and opt to try to do it cold turkey. This is a dangerous step to take and it is one that could be potentially deadly. A medical detox treatment team will help to determine the best course of action when it comes to coming off of Xanax. In most cases, that is not simply coming off of Xanax cold turkey. An option that medical detox provides is that you can taper down your doses so that you don’t feel the full impact of withdrawal symptoms and you take yourself out of harm’s way. 

However, it’s essential that you never try to go through this process alone. You should only ever taper your dosage of Xanax or attempt any type of detox when you’re in a controlled environment under the care of a trained medical staff that can provide you with a continuous level of care during these critical hours and days. Don’t let how you feel during detox discourage you from your ultimate goals, however. Keep your eyes focused on your long-term goals. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Anxiety and Xanax Addiction 

Although Xanax is usually prescribed to a person that is suffering from a mental health disorder, there are other options that a person has other than resorting to taking copious amounts of this prescription medication to be able to manage their mental health. Dual diagnosis is a critical component of any Xanax rehab in Costa Mesa because it can help a client in the following ways: 

A comprehensive psychiatric assessment 

While your mental health issues may have begun as just anxiety, there is always the possibility that they may have grown into something more severe such as depression. When you initially begin your treatment plan, you will receive a thorough psychological evaluation to ensure that the treatment that you’re going to get will truly benefit you. 

Learning how to manage both your mental health and your disease 

When you live with a co-occurring disorder, certain aspects of your life can be very difficult. Part of dual diagnosis treatment will be learning ways that you can cope with managing both your sobriety as well as your mental health. During the course of your treatment, you will learn more about certain triggers and how to avoid them. Whether that means changing the environment around you or stepping away from certain situations, any top-rated treatment center will set you up for success when it comes to this aspect of dual diagnosis treatment. 

Plan for the future 

An experienced treatment team will help you to put in place a plan going forward and provide you with options when it comes to roads that you can take. This will give you a certain sense of peace and calm in knowing that you can face each day without being dependent on Xanax. 

Xanax Addiction Treatment at Resurgence Behavioral Health 

It’s important to remember that you will have the opportunity to personalize your treatment plan at our Xanax rehab in Costa Mesa which means that there are certain decisions that you will need to make when it comes to your overall treatment. Without question, one of the most important choices that you will need to make is whether you are going to work through an inpatient or an outpatient program. 

The difference between an inpatient and an outpatient program is where you will live as you begin to work through the ins and outs of treatment. Clients that decide to commit to an inpatient program will have the opportunity to live on our campus throughout the course of their recovery. Outpatient clients, on the other hand, will have more flexibility in the sense that they will be able to still see the responsibilities that they may have for work or school. 

There will also be several different types of therapies that you will take part in as well which will help you to address the root cause of your addiction. Individual therapy, group therapy, behavioral therapy, and even family therapy are just a few examples of what you can expect when you come for treatment to address your Xanax addiction. 

If you’re ready to learn more about what you can expect when you come to a touch notch Xanax rehab in Costa Mesa, please give us a call today at(855) 458-0050 for more information. 

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

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