Choosing Faith-Based Addiction Treatment in California

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Addiction Treatment in California

You have spent years partying, drinking, and doing drugs, but now you want to reclaim your life, so you’re considering faith-based addiction treatment in California.

You see, the wreckage your life has become, but you do not know how to fix it.

You recognize the existence of a Higher Power, and you are 100% sure that you cannot reach a state of sobriety without His help. We know that you likely have many questions about faith-based recovery treatment in California. We can help answer any and all of your questions.

In addition, please feel free to reach out to our addiction counselors if you decide the moment to call for help is now.

What is Faith-Based Addiction Treatment?

Faith-based addiction treatment in California is planted on a firm foundation—that we all have a Higher Power who influences our lives. Whether you believe in God or a Prophet, this Higher Power can protect you, guide you, and help you shape your life.

However, you must submit to the will of your Higher Power to receive the blessings that can be yours. So far, your way has not proven to get you sober. You admit this truth and want to do better.

While some programs will address healing your body and mind, faith-based addiction treatment folds in the spirituality that you want to welcome back into your life.

Faith-based addiction treatment in California can be somewhat unclear to some people. This term does not mean that a program must be Christian-based or can’t be evidence-based. Others confuse this term with 12-step programming.

Let us look at those distinctions.

Faith-Based Rehab vs. Evidence-Based Rehab

First of all, let us look at all the differences between faith-based addiction treatment in California vs. evidence-based treatment.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our therapies include evidence-based treatments to treat your body and mind to supplement your faith-based addiction treatment. Evidence-based therapies are clinically proven and work for most people.

Some of the therapeutic interventions you will find at our facilities include the following:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This therapeutic approach helps identify why you think a particular way and helps reshape your thought processes. This insight enables you to understand your triggers and find new ways to live without alcohol or drugs.
  • Prescription Drug Treatment: Some people have underlying conditions that cause addiction, such as chronic depression, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder. We must treat both that root cause (called dual diagnosis) plus the addiction for full healing. This scenario might include us prescribing medications to help manage the dual diagnosis in many cases.
  • One-on-one Counseling: Breaking the addictive mindset is critical to long-term sobriety. Patients learn to cope with emotional trauma in one-on-one counseling sessions with licensed therapists. Identifying the causes of trauma helps one break the cycle of addiction.

These are three commonly-utilized methodologies we use. However, they are all scientifically proven to work to beat addiction.

Faith-based addiction treatment in California adds in an additional component—spiritual healing. The acceptance of a Higher Power into your life offers a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

So, it is not so much a matter of faith-based addiction treatment in California vs. evidence-based rehabilitation. Instead, the two co-exist successfully and in a way that supports holistic healing. Adding in this component will restore your soul.

Faith-Based vs. 12-Step Rehab

Evidence-based and faith-based addiction treatment do not exclude one another, nor do faith-based vs.12-Step rehab programs.

Faith-based rehab facilities can employ numerous means to help a person build their trust in a Higher Power. They might have small groups where people of similar faiths can connect and read scriptures. Or, they might have prayer circles asking the Higher Power to intervene in their healing.

Instead, 12-Step rehab (most often AA or NA) is an additional component that works well in this setting. One of the 12-Step process’s basic tenets is the belief in a Higher Power and submission of one’s life to that deity.

So, much like our last bullet point, it’s not a matter of faith-based rehabilitation treatment in California vs.12-Step rehab. Instead, they work seamlessly together in supporting spiritual healing as you work towards your goal of a sober, new lifestyle.

Faith-Based vs. Christian-Based Rehab

When debating the option of faith-based vs. Christian-based rehab, you will find one primary distinction—whether or not you accept Jesus Christ as the Savior.

Faith-based recovery programs encompass all deities, while Christian recovery programs focus on Jesus Christ. Faith-based addiction treatment doesn’t have to be a Christian-oriented option.

Thus, all Christian recovery programs are faith-based. However, not all faith-based rehab facilities are Christian. Faith-based recovery programs typically appeal to a broader range of people and are more inclusive.

Should I Attend Faith-Based Inpatient Rehab Near Me?

If you are online searching for faith-based inpatient rehab near me, you might specifically want to attend rehab close to your home. Many people choose to stick close to home for faith-based addiction treatment in California. Why? They can have visitors, their family members can attend special counseling sessions in-person, and remain in a location where they feel secure.

Should I Attend Faith-Based Addiction Treatment in California?

On the other hand, some who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction prefer to go away for their recovery. This option is not an unpopular choice. Coming to our facility that offers faith-based addiction treatment in California enables you to focus solely on your needs—sobriety, treatment, and goal-setting. Not only will you enjoy the calm and relaxing setting, but you will also be close to some of California’s most sought-after destinations—the sunny, sandy beaches.

Our facilities are a short distance from the famous California coastline. When you are not in treatment, you can work on keeping your mind off of your addiction by soaking up the sun, walking in the sand, and enjoying the unique California vibe. You will benefit from our faith-based addiction treatment and pamper yourself with the California lifestyle as you restore your body, mind, and soul.

What Are the Benefits of Faith-Based Treatment?

Here are a few of the primary reasons why so many people choose faith-based addiction treatment:

  • Restores faith in a Higher Power, enabling that deity to assist you in becoming clean and sober
  • Forms a community of individuals who need help—and who recognize that they cannot heal without help from their Higher Power
  • Renewed faith supports sobriety, reducing the odds of relapse
  • Receive the best of both worlds—evidence-based rehab for restoring the body and mind and rekindling the faith that nourishes the soul
  • Creates an internal desire to succeed in sobriety so they can help others, in turn

How Can You Begin Receiving Faith-Based Addiction Treatment in California?

Are you ready for genuine, long-term change in your life so that you can stay free of drugs and alcohol? Then make the call to Resurgence Behavioral Health at 855.458.0050.

Our counselors are ready to answer any questions, and they will even help you coordinate your insurance pre-certifications. We would love to become an integral part of your success story.