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What Are Central Nervous System Depressants?

Central Nervous System Depressants can provide you much-needed relaxation when you feel like you cannot destress on your own.

While prescribed depressants can benefit people suffering symptoms such as acute anxiety, it can also be an enabler for addiction.

Is Alcohol a CNS Depressant?

Benzodiazepines, hypnotics, painkillers, and alcohol are common central nervous system depressants.

CNS Depressants are addictive drugs that decrease brain activity and have the potential for abuse.

It is easy to fall into a cycle of self-medication, especially during these difficult times of isolation and uncertainty.

Understanding Central Nervous System Depressants

Central Nervous System Depressants come in many forms ranging from prescription drugs to illegal substances. The most abused CNS Depressants are anxiety-medications, hypnotics, opioids, anti-depressants, alcohol, and stimulants. While all these Central Nervous System Depressant drugs fall into different categories, they all have a high potential for abuse. Central Nervous System drug abuse is taking the medication other than prescribed, looking for a high, or stealing medications. Central Nervous System depressant abuse is not the same for everyone. You could be drinking too much because your anxiety is keeping you from falling asleep. Maybe you are taking too much Xanax to suppress the grief you feel over losing a loved one.

Effects of Central Nervous System Depressants

The effects of central nervous systems vary though they all ultimately have the same outcome. Central Nervous System depression happens when your body’s normal functions slow down, resulting in overdose or other medical conditions. Central Nervous System depressant drugs work on the brain by increasing GABA activity, causing the drowsy and calming effect that users seek. Affects from the use or misuse can include slurred speech, memory problems, slowed breathing, headaches, confusion, and lowered blood pressure. After long-term use, you may need more of the drug to produce the feelings you desire, putting you at risk for dependency.

Abuse of Central Nervous System Depressants

Abuse of Central Nervous System depressants has the potential for severe and life-changing consequences. Misuse and dependence on Central Nervous System Depressants can lead to a substance abuse disorder in severe cases. If you fail to meet your responsibilities and choose drugs over duty, you will benefit from detox treatment. Overdose is not the only danger associated with Central Nervous System drug dependence. If you are suffering from a Central Nervous System depressant addiction, we recommend you not trying to stop the medication. Abrupt withdrawal could cause life-threatening symptoms, including seizures, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and shakiness, among other symptoms.

Mental Illness and Central Nervous System Depressants

While most Central Nervous System depressants are prescribed to treat mental illness, they can make your problems more acute in many cases. While all Central Nervous System Depressant drugs cause lower levels of awareness in the brain, the psychological side effects are experienced differently. Alcohol, a regularly abused Central Nervous System Depressant, can cause bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, insomnia, and depression. Personality disorders such as a change in thinking, mood, and behavior can all be signs of severe Central Nervous System depressant dependence. If you find that your mental health is deteriorating and you cannot live without a Central Nervous System depressant drug, why not make a change?

Treatment for Central Nervous System Depressants

If you have lost control and your drug and alcohol dependency is calling the shots, Resurgence Behavioral Health will help you fight back. Upon check-in, our team will evaluate your mental and physical status and determine the best combination of treatments for your needs.

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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.