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What is Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

Cocaine is a stimulant drug derived from the South American coca plant. Cocaine was once used widely as a medically approved painkiller, commonly prescribed in the 19th century. Since then, cocaine has been discovered to be highly addictive and dangerous.

As a result, it is rarely used for many medicinal reasons. However, it is still a frequently abused recreational drug, known by street names such as “blow,” “coke,” and “snow.” Although cocaine use can result in serious health consequences, fatal overdose, and powerful withdrawal symptoms, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health indicates that, in 2014, an estimated 1.5 million Americans aged 12 or older had used cocaine in the past month.

For recreational abuse, cocaine can be injected, smoked, or “cut” with additional ingredients to create the drug crack cocaine. However, snorting is the most common means of using cocaine, at which point it enters the bloodstream through the sensitive mucous membrane of the nose and throat. Once cocaine enters the bloodstream, it begins to interfere with the regulation of dopamine in the body.

Dopamine is a natural hormone associated with “feel good” behaviors, like exercising, eating, and listening to music. The body releasing dopamine in response to certain activities encourages the likelihood of those choices to become a habit. Dopamine also plays an important role in physical and cognitive health, including sleep regulation, memory, pain processing, and the ability to focus.

Cocaine traps dopamine in the brain, creating a feeling of euphoria. But this is also how cocaine triggers a powerful addiction within the body. Once cocaine addiction has set in, users may find themselves unable to experience sensations of happiness without the drug.

Furthermore, efforts to quit using cocaine “cold turkey,” are nearly impossible, often resulting in dangerous withdrawals. However, freedom from addiction is possible with cocaine addiction treatment.

Resurgence Behavioral Health can help you, or a loved one, break the hold of cocaine addiction through medical treatment and specialized psychological care.

Effects of Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Although cocaine is associated with a “party” lifestyle, cocaine addiction is a serious medical and psychological health issue and requires immediate treatment. Without cocaine addiction treatment, cocaine has a debilitating effect on the body and mind of the user. Snorting cocaine damages the soft tissue that lines the nose and sinuses, resulting in a deviated septum and holes in the nasal cavity.

The cartilage can become so damaged that the bridge of the nose begins to collapse. Infections in the sinus cavity can spread to the eyes and inner ears, causing vision and hearing loss. Irregular heartbeat, seizures, heart attack, and overdose may also result from cocaine.

However, cocaine addiction treatment can help prevent these outcomes by helping users to not only detoxify their bodies from cocaine, allowing them to break free of the effects of withdrawal, but also to understand the underlying causes of their addiction. Often, the triggers that lead to cocaine addiction are associated with issues of mental health, which can be alleviated with proper counseling and therapy techniques.

Mental Illness and Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Mental illness and substance addiction often form a cycle, in which mental health issues lead to substance use, only to have those mental illnesses worsened by using drugs. For example, many individuals who use stimulant drugs, such as cocaine, are doing so to self-medicate issues with depression, social anxiety, and low self-esteem. But because cocaine interferes with dopamine, the body’s chemical “reward center,” users will eventually need more of the drug just to feel “normal.”

As addiction progresses, users will experience sadness, anger, and depression when cocaine is not in their system, resulting in erratic and high-risk behavior. These dangerous and socially hostile behaviors can result in social isolation, loss of family, unemployment, and behaviors of which the user is ashamed.

These negative emotions only serve to encourage greater addiction. Attempts to manage this addictive cycle without cocaine rehabilitation can result in relapse or overdose. With professional treatment that addresses both the physical and psychological impact of substance abuse, those struggling with cocaine addiction can achieve, and maintain, the addiction-free life they seek.

Cocaine Treatment and Rehab

Cocaine users are rarely able to stop using cocaine without professional help. This is because the grip of the drug is more than physical – it impacts the psychology of the cocaine addict, making it feel impossible to live without the drug. However, there are cocaine addiction treatment approaches that can help users find joy, peace of mind, and sobriety, again.

Detoxification is an important first step in the treatment process, and detoxification as part of a residential program with medical assistance is often the best option for managing the physical and emotionally painful aspects of withdrawal. Typically conducted under medical supervision, inpatient detoxification can also reduce the likelihood of a serious complication, such as a heart attack.

After detoxification, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a highly effective strategy for relieving cocaine addiction, by helping patients recognize situations that trigger use, and developing healthy behaviors for managing drug cravings. When offered as part of a larger residential addiction treatment program, group therapy can also be an effective support for cocaine addiction recovery.

Additionally, cocaine addiction treatment programs that use the 12-step model, such as Cocaine Anonymous, can help with ending cocaine abuse when used to supplement residential or outpatient treatment. Furthermore, qualified cocaine addiction treatment centers, such as Resurgence Behavioral Health, can offer a variety of recovery options and treatments to help you find the combination of therapies that will meet your specific needs.

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There are affordable recovery options available to you and your family. And Resurgence Behavior Health can help take the stress out of your recovery journey. We accept most PPO insurance and private forms of payment, and our team will communicate with your insurance provider on your behalf, reducing barriers to your recovery.

Resurgence also offers payment plans that can work within almost any budget, helping to make sure money never prevents you from seeking the treatment you deserve. Just call us at 855-458-0050 and experience the Resurgence difference.

How to Get Help

Are you ready to break the cycle of cocaine addiction? Resurgence Behavioral Health can help you find the peace of mind you and your family deserve. Our experienced and compassionate treatment team includes cocaine addiction specialists, medical professionals, certified counselors, and licensed therapists.

We understand the nature of cocaine addiction, and we are committed to helping you live your best, and healthiest, life. Resurgence has serene and discrete locations in Costa Mesa, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, and Fullerton Hills, as well as a lovely Outpatient Campus – with communal spaces, a computer lab, ponds, and water features – all designed for convenience and relaxation.

In addition to our wellness-focused environments, Resurgence understands that no two journeys are the same, and offers diverse cocaine treatment options to meet your needs. We offer social and medical drug detoxification under the care of an experienced medical team, residential, outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs, and other customized resources to support you in your recovery.

From 12-step programs to group therapy, you will find the recovery support you deserve. And in this caring, holistic environment, we will help you develop the skills and confidence required to find lasting freedom from cocaine addiction. You can recover from cocaine addiction.

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