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We provide customized addiction treatment services throughout California. We have four separate treatment centers all providing the highest standards of care delivered by our experienced team.

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Costa Mesa

Our Costa Mesa facility has two houses that are located next door to one another. The open floor plan with skylights provide clients the opportunity to feel welcome and relaxed as the natural light flows into the home. Clients can interact and engage with peers between the two properties and enjoy a game of basketball or bean bag game of skill while they recover. Pierce is located in a beautiful residential neighborhood near the affluent South Coast Plaza shopping center. There are nearby parks for walks perfect for taking in the fresh air as clients observe the lakes, ponds, and birds who live there.

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Fountain Valley

Our Fountain Valley house features a cozy home ambiance. Clients can take a break in the beautiful backyard featuring the calming sounds of waterfall and koi pond. Wisteria is near Mile Square Park which has several areas for running or walking, basketball, park play, golf, and observing the wild life. Clients are encouraged to participate in the programs held inside as well as outside the property. We can accommodate both indoor and outdoor groups.

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Huntington Beach

Lake Street is located in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach. Clients can take in the salty air as they go through their program in a beautifully furnished home just one mile from the beach. The lake house features a two story floor plan where clients reside on the top floor while programming is done on the first floor. Clients can explore the local city sites which include: coastal beaches, local piers and outdoor shopping malls for strolling and relaxing as they reintegrate back into the community.

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Fullerton Hills

Hermosa is located in the Fullerton Hills and features a wide open property that invites peace and quiet. The landscape gives patients a feeling that they have left the noise of the city behind them. Patients can sit outside and relax as the pool’s waterfalls calm their senses. For meditation, clients can relax with nature in the outdoor meditation zone. The home is complete with a spacious living room and a great room with windows that allows for plenty of natural light to fill the area. If you are seeking to find peace in recovery, our Hermosa House is the perfect place for you.

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Outpatient Campus

Our outpatient campus is located in the beautiful waters corporate complex. While inside the campus clients will be participating in programming, engaging with their clinical teams, searching for jobs or volunteer opportunities in our computer lab, obtaining their medical care and engaging with their sober peers. When clients are not in session they are provided time to step outside and take in the sights of the complex which includes ponds and water features. Clients can also take time out to sit in the shade of the surrounding trees.

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