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A dual diagnosis is defined as a mental health condition in which an individual has both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse disorder simultaneously.

Individuals with a mental health disorder are more inclined to abuse substances than the general population.

Individuals with a pre-existing mental health disorder tend to abuse alcohol as a coping mechanism for his or her symptoms.

This is known as self-medicating.

As a result, alcohol use disorder can develop alongside an individual’s mental health disorder.

This can exacerbate the severity of symptoms in mental health disorders.

A dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder and alcohol use disorder work together to increase symptoms of both disorders.

Individuals with a dual diagnosis can be treated by healthcare professionals at a drug and alcohol rehab center.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, you will receive the utmost professional dual diagnosis treatment from our caring and experienced staff.

Common Mental Health Disorders with Alcohol Use Disorder

Any mental health disorder combined with alcohol use disorder is considered a dual diagnosis by clinicians.

However, some mental health disorders are more prevalent with alcohol use disorder, including major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

Alcohol can affect different mental health disorders in different ways.

By and large, alcohol affects mental health disorders negatively.

  • Major Depressive Disorder – Major depressive disorder is a mood disorder characterized by depressed mood, lack of motivation, and lethargy. Other symptoms can include difficulty concentrating, loss of interest in hobbies and activities, isolation, and insomnia. Many individuals with major depressive disorder use alcohol as a palliative solution to his or her unpleasant symptoms. This may alleviate symptoms momentarily, however, it is a dysfunctional coping method that can lead to alcohol use disorder. The symptoms of major depressive disorder will manifest once the effects of alcohol wear off. This often leads to a cycle that repeats itself while exacerbating the symptoms of major depressive disorder.
  • Bipolar Disorder – Bipolar Disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by a cycle or episodes of depression and mania. Other symptoms include mood swings, excessive energy, grandiosity, delusions, and irritability. Individuals with bipolar disorder often use alcohol to cope with his or her symptoms. It is particularly dangerous for individuals with bipolar disorder to abuse alcohol because it can greatly increase the severity of symptoms, which can lead to highly detrimental consequences. Individuals with bipolar disorder are more likely to develop alcohol use disorder than many other mental health disorders.
  • Borderline Personality Disorder – Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by emotional instability, mood instability, and feelings of abandonment. Other symptoms include feelings of worthlessness, dysfunctional relationships, impulsivity, and stress-related paranoia. Individuals with borderline personality disorder are likely to use alcohol to destress and find stability. However, alcohol abuse will prolong and intensify the symptoms of borderline personality disorder. It may also have negative effects on the ability to perceive his or her problems accurately.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Resurgence Behavioral Health

A dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder and alcohol use disorder can be treated through a variety of methods. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, our friendly professional staff will safely guide you to sobriety. Alcohol is a dangerous substance to withdraw from. The withdrawal symptoms can lead to delirium tremens, seizures, and death.
In our inpatient program, you will receive medical detoxification from our highly trained and experienced staff. Withdrawing from alcohol can be a challenging process, but with our care and support, we will ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Toxins from alcohol will be removed from your system in the detoxification stage of our dual diagnosis treatment.
Once medical detoxification is complete and the alcohol withdrawal symptoms have been managed, you will engage in one-on-one psychotherapy, group therapy, art therapy, psychotherapeutic medications as necessary, meditation, and exercise therapy. Our healthcare professionals will assess and screen you to find the most effective dual diagnosis treatment specific to you. Research indicates that one of the most effective methods to treat a dual diagnosis is Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT).

Treating a Dual Diagnosis with Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment

Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment (IDDT) is a therapy or model developed specifically to treat dual diagnosis. It is an empirical-based practice that combines the most effective treatments for substance abuse disorders and mental health disorders. This includes alcohol.
Concepts such as sobriety, mental health disorder management, and independent living skills are the cornerstone of IDDT. Healthy coping skills and life-adapting skills are taught through small incremental changes that overlap one another and will manifest as positive change over time. This is called a stages-of-change approach to therapy.
Individuals with a mental health disorder and alcohol use disorder can benefit from this therapy when it is properly utilized. This form of treatment is also individualized to meet the goals and needs of a dually diagnosed individual through various steps. IDDT has been proven to reduce the chances of relapse, arrests, and hospitalization. It has also been proven to increase the chances of a better quality of life, stable housing/employment retention, and independent living.

Dual Diagnosis Recovery

Denial is common among those with a dual diagnosis. It means they either do not realize the severity of their ailments or do not want to come to terms with the problem. There are several reasons why an individual with a dual diagnosis of a mental health disorder and alcohol use disorder will deny his or her problem.
Individuals with a dual diagnosis may rationalize or downplay his or her alcohol abuse. Until they realize the problems alcohol is causing in their life and mental health disorder, they will continue to live in the vicious cycle. Recovery from a dual diagnosis can be a challenging feat to overcome.
However, many individuals do recover, receive the proper treatment, and abstain from alcohol after rehab. It is helpful to have a strong support system in place so that the chances of relapse are low. If you or someone you know is struggling with a dual diagnosis, reach out to Resurgence Behavioral Health today and receive the treatment you or your loved one deserves.

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.