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What is NAD Therapy?

NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) Therapy is inspired by Doctor Richard Mestayer, III.

For nearly 40 years, he helped countless men and women overcome the cycle of addiction.

He has resolved issues related to traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety disorders.

After Doctor Mestayer retired in 2005, he turned his focus to NAD therapy.

He witnessed how infusions helped people going through detox.

His approach focused on helping patients improve their lives.

In doing this he realized that the brain mediates everything: our mind, our body, and our spirit.

To improve outcomes this needed to be the focus.

Understanding NAD Therapy

Drug addiction treatment with NAD therapy is revolutionizing the way you can detox.

This amazing treatment has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. It is a safe and effective treatment for withdrawal.

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is an important metabolic co-enzyme.

It is present in every cell of your body.

This enzyme’s job is vital to every cell in your body.

Its function is to repair and remodel the cells.

These specialized enzymes need to be replenishment in the body.

Long-term drug and alcohol abuse cause change to your brain chemistry on a cellular level. This is called neuroadaptation.

This is what is responsible for addiction-related brain damage.

It also contributes to the depletion of vital neurotransmitters in your brain.

NAD IV therapy is a revolutionary new way to replenish important enzymes.

NAD therapies assist in brain restoration.

NAD Treatments

NAD treatment is a holistic approach to the treatment of addiction withdrawal. NAD therapy requires infusion through an IV drip to receive the maximum benefits. This occurs once per day for 10 days. Trained medically professionals tailor treatments to your individual needs. Blood work is followed by a tailored treatment. NAD therapy is different for each person. When you begin treatment, a nurse will insert an IV. You will slowly be given the infusions over a few hours. Many people have reported withdrawal symptoms to subside in just a matter of minutes. NAD is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration because it is considered a herbal supplement. However, the impact that NAD treatments have on individuals is clinically significant.

Can NAD Therapy Help Me?

When you use drugs, this important co-enzyme becomes depleted. Withdrawal is a powerful contributor to continue using drugs. These negative symptoms prevent many from going through detox treatments. Today with NAD therapy you can get through the detox process with the least amount of discomfort. Our bodies naturally produce NAD, after years of drug use the amount declines rapidly. NAD therapies have been shown to improve brain function. Most importantly, reduce drug dependence and craving by rejuvenating the reward pathways.

People report a diminished craving and negative symptoms associated with withdrawal. NAD therapy provides a means to safely detox from drugs. The need to use synthetic drugs that pose a greater risk of adverse effects is not necessary. Substituting other drugs in detox can be counterproductive and lead to additional withdrawal.

What Does NAD Therapy Do To My Body?

NAD’s role is important to the body. Without the naturally occurring NAD in your body, the cells are unable to function. NAD is essential for promoting cellular regeneration and repair. The advantages of using NAD therapies during detox from drugs is essential. Finally, the means to avoid the ‘agony of withdrawal’ symptoms is possible. NAD therapy is a holistic approach to treat addiction. You will not have to supplement detoxing with more risky synthetic drugs. These other drugs can pose a greater risk of adverse effects compared to NAD therapy.

Symptoms of NAD

NAD is a molecule found in every cell of the body. Like oxygen, NAD is essential to life. NAD enzymes function by regulating your circadian rhythm (sleeping patterns). An important negative symptom that needs to be addressed during withdrawal. NAD evens help to reduce stress levels and depression. Everyone is affected by a lack of NAD in different ways. Negative NAD symptoms can contribute to emotional instability, fatigue, and headaches. A severe deficiency leads to pellagra (“raw skin). This disorder is commonly characterized by skin dermatitis, diarrhea, and dementia. Without treatment, pellagra is fatal.

NAD and Detoxing

The one constant is the feeling of warmth and energy. NAD is a safe and effective treatment for withdrawal and detox. Most people report feelings of upset stomach, dizziness, and fatigue. These negative symptoms resolve quickly after 1-3 treatments. The benefits of this holistic therapy far outweigh the discomfort from withdrawal.

Mental Illness and NAD Therapy

When you are ready to get off drugs the hardest part will be the initial stages of withdrawal. Nevertheless, it is the most important step in living a life free from addiction. There are many ways that drug detoxes can help you overcome this initial hurdle. The physiological symptoms from withdrawal can be successfully managed with NAD treatment. However, the psychological reasons behind the addiction must be addressed. NAD therapy can play a key role in a successful detox. After NAD treatments it is important to follow through to identify the underlying reasons that fueled your cycle.

Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is an ideal setting to minimize your stress and triggers while you are detoxing from drugs. Being monitored 24/7 during this time plays a key role in a successful detox. At every step of the way, your symptoms are met with interventions to help you get through the initial withdrawals. Once you complete your detoxing regiment you can successfully move to the next step in your treatment course.

Outpatient Treatment

Detoxing with NAD does not mean you have to be admitted into a 24/7 program. You can successfully use NAD therapy in an outpatient setting. You will have all the benefits of a medically supervised detox, but when the days are complete you can return home. This is an ideal program if you have obligations and responsibilities to family and work.

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