What is the Relationship between Naltrexone and Alcohol?

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What is the Relationship between Naltrexone and Alcohol?

Naltrexone and alcohol are a delayed treatment of giving up drinking entirely.

Naltrexone is used to treat alcohol dependence but can be taken in conjunction with alcohol.

To start taking Naltrexone, you have to detox from alcohol fully.

If you are ready to rid yourself of alcohol dependency.

Resurgence Behavioral Health will guide you through a customized treatment plan!

Using Naltrexone and Alcohol

Unlike combining Naloxone and alcohol, Naltrexone will not create a high when mixed.

Naltrexone and alcohol work against each other to block the brain’s pleasure receptors, making you less likely to chase that feeling of inebriation.

If you find yourself skipping doses so you can catch a buzz, you are not fully recovered.

Resurgence offers relapse prevention programs to support you in overcoming your addiction!

Understanding Naltrexone for Alcoholism Treatment

The medical community widely recognizes Naltrexone as a safe and effective way to treat alcoholism. Naltrexone and alcohol can be used together as it doesn’t support the intoxicated feeling that you are typically seeking.

Naltrexone is taken as a tablet or an injection, and its effects can be felt shortly after the first dose. However, it is most effective when taken over a prolonged period.

When taken correctly, Naltrexone alcohol treatment can provide the security of avoiding relapse and addictive behavior. If you could benefit from Naltrexone alcohol treatment, Resurgence provides detox options to start you on a path to recovery!

Alcohol Rehab for the Side Effects of Abuse

Other than feeling a little hungover and craving a high-calorie cheeseburger, other side effects could be affecting your health. As mentioned earlier, liver disease is a certain possibility when you are an alcoholic.

Other side effects of alcohol abuse include serious heart, liver, pancreas, and brain ailments. Evidence shows that 3.5 percent of all cancer deaths can be traced back to alcohol abuse. By finding an alcohol rehab now, you could be avoiding future illness, even death.

We know choosing sobriety can be one of the toughest decisions you will ever have to make. Let Resurgence Behavioral Health connect you with industry-standard care to ensure a clear path to recovery!

Naltrexone and Alcohol: The Healthier Alternative

According to this, Naltrexone is not an addictive drug, nor does it interact adversely with alcohol. Most users report that it makes them disassociate the feelings of well-being and happiness with alcohol.

Naltrexone works to block the body’s receptors that produce feelings of euphoria, helping you to lose interest in pursuing a buzz. A typical person with alcohol dependence will average more than five drinks a day. In the same clinical trial, patients were able to reduce their alcohol consumption by 73.3 percent when prescribed Naltrexone.

Resurgence Behavioral Health finds Naltrexone to be an effective treatment for alcohol dependence and when combined with detox therapies, can be a significant step in resisting addictive behavior.

Naltrexone and Alchohol Side Effects

While we do not use Naltrexone alcohol use to be a cure for alcoholism, Resurgence sees it as a stepping stone in pursuance of a healthier lifestyle. Naltrexone has been known to cause some side effects, including sleep disorders, stomach upset, anxiety, and body aches.

We encourage complete sobriety but understand that in many cases, this is easier said than done. Know that Naltrexone alcohol use does not stop your body from feeling the effects of impairment despite not feeling drunk.

Seeking treatment’s a tough milestone, but you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to discover a healthier path. Stabilization by providing medical and psychological therapy is an essential step in recovery before prescribing Naltrexone for alcoholism treatment.

At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we believe Naltrexone should only be used in combination with other therapies, counseling, and lifestyle changes.

Naltrexone and Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder is usually characterized by the inability to stop drinking, and a preoccupation with consuming alcohol. Alcohol abuse can cause alcohol-induced psychiatric disorders that may be hard to manage without an effective treatment plan.

Heavy alcohol use can directly interfere with brain function, causing notable mood and anxiety disorders like aggression and paranoia. Independent and pre-existing psychiatric disorders can also exacerbate the symptoms caused by alcohol dependency.

Alcohol abuse can destroy your health and damage relationships with the people you care about the most. While Naltrexone alcohol treatment can be useful for some, the prescription has been known to cause adverse effects in others.

At Resurgence, we offer a comprehensive mental health evaluation to determine how to treat psychiatric disorders that could be the result of addiction.

Choosing a Healthier Life!

During our initial intake for alcohol rehabilitation, we would like to learn about your relationship with dependence and alcohol abuse. Depending on your dependency level, we will establish if alcohol and Naltrexone treatment is the right therapy path for you.

If you are seeking treatment for a loved one, our intervention specialists can help guide that challenging process. Before transitioning to a Naltrexone treatment method, our team of professionals must get you safely through your alcohol detoxification process.

MAT (medication-assisted treatment) guarantees that you do not suffer any dangerous withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal symptoms. IOP (intensive outpatient programs) and PHP (partial hospitalization) are offered in combination with prescription therapy and alcohol support programs.

Resurgence Behavioral Health concentrates on the long-term benefits of rehabilitation to ensure a life without codependence on alcohol and Naltrexone!

Alternative Treatments for Naltrexone and Alcohol

We advise treatments such as CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and EDMR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) to address unhealthy behaviors.

Our inpatient and outpatient programs provide relaxation services to encourage a new and wholesome lifestyle! We also offer DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy ) for clients who suffer from a dual diagnosis of addiction and mental health disorders.

DBT is especially beneficial to patients who have already tried Naltrexone therapy and find they still struggle with alcohol addiction. In addition to traditional therapy techniques, you may also find our art therapy program comforting during this transition period.

Resurgence provides customized treatment plans for alcohol addiction, focusing on your long term care after physical dependence is addressed. At Resurgence, our well-trained professionals want you entirely focused on your path to a fulfilling alcohol-free lifestyle!


Undergoing a full detox from alcohol abuse can be uncomfortable and downright intimidating, so we offer only the best services for our clients! Our wide-open properties and luxurious interiors provide all the best comforts of home!

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Living your Best Life Without Alcoholism

Resurgence Behavioral Health is fully confident that with inpatient alcohol detox, counseling, and therapy programs, total rehabilitation is possible!

Our team is there to guide you through every level of your passage to sobriety.

We have dedicated our best efforts to provide you the most beneficial alternatives to transition to Naltrexone for alcoholism treatment.

Our ultimate purpose is to grant you the means to handle relapse triggers and plan a future without dependence.

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