Couples Rehab for Portland Residents

Drug and alcohol abuse can be especially difficult to overcome when both persons in a relationship are struggling with addiction. When one person continues using drugs or alcohol, the other person can easily fall back into substance abuse behaviors. Couples drug rehab in Portland, Oregon provides an opportunity for couples to get comprehensive treatment together, which can greatly improve recovery outcomes and provide an opportunity for couples to provide mutual support.

Resurgence Behavioral Health in Los Angeles offers this unique treatment program geared toward couples and not found in many rehab centers. Traveling outside of Portland for recovery can improve recovery outcomes as there is a greater distance between you and the triggers, environments, and people contributing to substance abuse. Individuals who travel for rehab are also more committed to their recovery program because it is more difficult to get back home.

Couples receive individualized treatment plans to address their unique underlying cause of addiction and will also participate in group and couples therapy sessions where they will work on their addiction and the effects of addiction on their relationship together. Couples therapy and rehab help partners work out any issues in their relationships, learn how to support one another in their recovery, and break codependency issues. Programs can be different lengths for each partner.

Similar to individual inpatient rehab, addiction treatment for couples can be made up of several levels of care including:

  • Medically Supervised Detox. Drug and alcohol detox will be done individually, as each person requires a unique detox program. Medical detox includes around-the-clock supervision by board-certified doctors and nurses who can administer medications that ease withdrawals and cravings.
  • Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Couples can live alongside one another while in inpatient care and receive around-the-clock support. These programs are intensive and offer a break from the real world to fully focus on recovery. Rehab programs will include various types of individual, group, and couples counseling, as well as relapse prevention planning and coping skills training.
  • Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab. Outpatient treatment is most beneficial as a step down from inpatient care as a way to transition back to the real world. However, outpatient treatment can also be a starting point for those with milder addictions who are highly motivated in their recovery. Couples will live outside Resurgence and travel several days a week for various therapies similar to those in inpatient treatment.
  • Aftercare and Alumni Program. Before completing our rehab program at Resurgence, each partner will complete an aftercare plan which addresses both individuals and the shared needs of the couple. These plans can include living arrangements, relapse prevention, and how they will continue staying active in their recovery. Alumni programs provide support, resources, and a sober community to couples for a lifetime.

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Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.

Benefits of Couples Rehab

While each person in a relationship can go to rehab separately, couples rehab offers several benefits for those who struggle with substance abuse and are in a relationship. Couples rehab is not found in many rehabilitation centers. Some benefits of couples rehab in Portland include:

  • Both Partners will Get Sober Simultaneously. Often, couples who struggle with addiction have difficulty finding sobriety without the other. Couples rehab helps couples make a commitment to their sobriety and one another at the same time which greatly improves their chances of long-term sobriety.
  • Guarantees Both Individuals Receive Effective Treatment. Not all rehab programs are created equally. Resurgence uses effective, clinically based addiction treatment methods. When both people participate in the same program they can be assured they are part of a program with a high success rate.
  • Couples Learn Effective Communication and Listening Skills. While most rehab programs will teach these skills, couples in rehab together can actively practice these skills with one another with feedback from counselors.
  • Opportunity to Rebuild Trust. Addiction and substance abuse causes people to act out of character, including lying and being secretive. A healthy relationship requires building back trust which can be achieved in couples therapy in rehab.
  • Couples can Support One Another. Even though each person will receive an individualized treatment plan, going to rehab together allows couples to motivate and support one another during the difficult parts of recovery.
  • Breaks Codependency or Enabling Behaviors. Codependency is often seen in couples who struggle with addiction. Couples rehab will include therapy and sessions that will break enabling and codependency which contribute to substance abuse.
  • Teaches Couples How to Be with One Another Without Drugs or Alcohol. Living life in sobriety is difficult as you have to interact with others and participated in activities usually under the influence. Couples often find it difficult to navigate their relationship without the use of drugs and alcohol. Couples rehab will teach couples how to be with one another in sobriety and activities they can enjoy together.

Why Choose Resurgence for Spousal or Partner Rehab

Spouses or couples can find sobriety together at Resurgence Behavioral Health with the help of our comprehensive evidence-based addiction treatment programs. Resurgence offers a unique program that allows couples to heal independently and together for their best chance of sobriety. We create personalized treatment plans for each client but will also help heal areas of your relationship that have been affected by substance abuse. Couples will be able to break codependent behaviors while also learning healthy, supportive techniques.

Portland couples can access all levels of care together at Resurgence including medical detox, inpatient rehab, partial hospitalization program, intensive outpatient program, aftercare programs, and our alumni program. Individualized treatment plans will uncover underlying issues of addiction and heal from co-occurring disorders with dual diagnosis treatment. Couples with pets are also able to bring them along to our pet-friendly rehab program.

If you and your partner are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and are ready to find a new life in sobriety together, please call Resurgence Behavioral Health today at (855) 458-0050 to learn more about how you can go to rehab together.

Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.