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Salvia, Living a Detached Reality

A psychoactive plant traditionally used by the shamans, Salvia, is not an experience that is suitable for everybody.

This drug can cause strange and challenging trips that take you mentally to a place you may not be prepared for.

If you feel that Salvia use has changed who you used to be, it may be time to seek guidance at Resurgence Behavioral Health.

Drug Rehab for Salvia

Many who experience the effects of Salvia end up regretting the psychedelic trips they were looking forward to. Salvia can leave you not only with flashbacks, but emotionally scarring and terror. These feelings can damage your psyche and put you in a place that will not sustain your mental stability. The so-called “magic” of Salvia can reconstitute layers of pain you may already be experiencing. Find a new truth without Salvia use with the direction and undivided attention of our nationally recognized professionals.

Understanding Salvia Use

While Salvia is legal in a number of states, it is a potent potion with extreme effects and potential risks. Salvia’s working ingredient, salvinorin A, is recognized as one of the most powerful psychoactive drugs in nature Street names for this drug include Maria Pastora, Sally-D, and Magic Mint. No matter the street name, they all have the same risks and side effects. This hallucinogenic is part of the mint family and can be ingested in many forms to achieve the desired result. Salvia can be chewed, smoked, inhaled, or extracted as a juice for consumption.

Effects of Salvia, What are They?

Salvia’s distorted realities have probably left you confused, and you are looking for a clear head. The proper addiction treatment can provide the balance you seek that is not found through the use of psychedelics. Drug rehab can effectively treat the side effects of Salvia drug abuse. Common reactions experienced during a trip include visual and auditory hallucinations and altered perceptions of the world around you The results of Salvia can leave you feeling dismembered in ways that create an out of body experience. Many users find this occurrence frightening with a perception of being more disconnected after the experience is over. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we want to provide a protected environment that connects you to the world through beneficial and wholesome practices.

Abusing Salvia

Abusing Salvia, especially with other substances, can be a consequential disruption to the system and your psyche. This herb native to Mexico’s mountains can create a uniquely terrifying experience that can cause a myriad of symptoms. Dizziness, lack of coordination, slurred speech, and uncontrollable emotions can put you in real physical danger. When you have lost yourself to Salvia’s convincing effects, there is no telling what is possible. These powerful hallucinations replace your sense of self and cause bizarre behavior that will put you in harm’s way. If you or a loved one are worried about Salvia’s abuse, drug rehab can provide meaningful alternatives to an alternate reality.

Mental Illness and Salvia

Often, when abusing Salvia, you may not be mentally prepared for the experience. The disorienting effects of Salvia can cause mood changes and irrational behavior. This is especially true if you are suffering from a co-morbidity or undiagnosed mental health disorder. Salvia dismantles your perception of life and rearranges it in a way that has unfavorable and even dangerous psychological consequences. Salvia has been known to contribute to dysphoria, causing discontent, depression, and restlessness Addiction treatment with a behavioral specialist may be the only way to manage the symptoms resulting from drug abuse.

Addiction Treatment at Resurgence Behavioral Health!

If you are suffering from a debilitating addiction, find the refuge you need at our world-class facilities! We offer all manners of drug rehab, including Partial Hospitalization Programs, Inpatient Programs, and Intensive Outpatient Programs. Salvia abuse may have left you needing complete cathartic relief if your use has spiraled out of control. Our breakthrough transformative behavioral therapies will help negate the long term psychological effects of drug abuse. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies can replace your current reality and reframe it in behavior patterns that benefit the body and mind. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we focus on deep and lasting healing for a lifelong path of sobriety!

Holistic Therapies at Drug Rehab

While modern medicine has its place, Resurgence Behavioral Health believes in holistic therapies’ healing properties. Find inner strength and confidence with group tai-chi classes and yoga. Discover natural spiritual exploration with meditation, counseling, and guidance with our mental health professionals. Massage and acupuncture have proven benefits to unifying and healing both the spirit and body. Our treatment types are meant for all kinds of addiction and different levels of dependency. Let our professionals provide you with the best treatment path possible for a healthier future!

Continual Therapy Options for Salvia Use

While healing begins with addiction treatment, we urge clients to continue therapy outside of Salvia rehabilitation. We offer community support options for every walk of life. SMART recovery programs take a scientific approach to the challenges of sobriety. Our 12 Step Programs are a faith-based approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and providing comfort. Resurgence Behavioral Health is also proud to offer our unique Alumni Program! When you are a client, you have the option of continued support with counselors, peers, and alumni.

World-Class Accommodations!

Experience health on another level with the natural beauty of California and all that it has to offer! We offer a variety of locations with coastal options and natural habitat! Experience the love of one of our therapy dogs while exploring the beach. Sleep in comfort or relax with a book in our comfortably furnished private rooms! Enjoy a home-cooked meal or take advantage of our kitchen that provides a variety of healthy, gourmet options! Waterfalls, koi ponds, and meditation zones offer you the space and scenery to reflect and heal from Salvia’s effects.

Insurance Verification

We want to provide you the ease and accessibility of an expeditious admission with free insurance verification! Resurgence offers many PPO options, and you are welcome to visit our website for a full list of providers! As soon as you commit to care, our intake specialists will take over the responsibilities of filing paperwork with your insurance company. We want the process to be as painless as possible with an easy transition into affordable care! Our team will discuss with you your options as well as treatment plans available within your chosen network.

Finding the Help You Need With Drug Rehab!

If you have found that Salvia has disrupted and nebulized your sense of existence, there is a way to find your way back! Find the peace and clarity you need through addiction treatment instead of mind-bending Salvia experiences. We know that the road to sobriety can be challenging and frustrating, but it is never a change that is regrettable. Through exceptional care and innovative treatment options, Resurgence Behavioral Health will provide you the tools to practice healthier habits. There is no need to look to Salvia for healing when you can experience so much more out of life through dependence free living! Give yourself a chance at sobriety and wellness by contacting one of our intake specialists today!