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What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana is a powerful version of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Synthetic marijuana is made from dried plant material and chopped up herbs.

Once the material has dried, it is sprayed with a synthetic psychoactive chemical.

The most popular brands sold today are Spice, K2, and mojo.

Drug slangs for synthetic marijuana include more than a hundred names including Scooby Snax, Black Mamba, and Annihilation.

Synthetic marijuana rehab is necessary to treat people who find themselves addicted to this novel drug.

The creation behind synthetic marijuana started innocently.

The idea was to mimic how cannabinoids affected the brain so chemists could study the results.

The chemist responsible for this creation was John W. Huffman.

His research was backed by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

During his tenure, he designed hundreds of synthetics.

Unfortunately, his discovery made it to the streets

Is Synthetic Marijuana Addictive?

Synthetic marijuana is addictive.

People who regularly use the drug may experience withdrawal symptoms when they suddenly stopping using it.

Many of the synthetic cannabinoids are 100X stronger than THC and many operate on other areas of the brain.

Continual users may experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to stop.

For many people addicted, despite unpleasant experiences, they compulsively continue using.

The withdrawal symptoms of synthetic marijuana are generally the same as those for marijuana.

These can include, but are not, limited to cravings, insomnia, nausea, bowel pains, anxiety, anger, irritability, and sleep disturbances.

Effects and Abuse of Synthetic Marijuana

Minor side effects of synthetic marijuana are like those of real marijuana. There have been many accounts of severe side effects from synthetic marijuana, like death. Synthetic cannabis can trigger everything from seizures to psychosis.

The way it interacts with the brain is not the same as traditional marijuana. Synthetic cannabinoids latch onto the same receptors as THC. However, they can cause several significant negative side effects. Users have reported hallucinations, severe anxiety, and paranoia when using synthetic marijuana.

Mental Illness and Synthetic Marijuana

Research shows that synthetic cannabinoids affect the brain much more than marijuana. Using this drug can create unpredictable and, in some cases, life-threatening conditions. Emergency rooms report several of these conditions. They can include severe nausea, paranoia, brain swelling, seizures, hallucinations, aggression, heart palpitations, and chest pains.

Many people have committed acts that are uncharacteristic while high on synthetic marijuana. These designer drugs are powerful and affect different parts of the brain. You can never know how you will be affected. The chemicals vary and will affect you differently each time you use them.


As with any major decision, it can be a tough choice to choose the right synthetic marijuana rehab center. If getting off drugs is a matter of life and death, it is not a choice to take lightly. Today, there is an agreement among health professionals that synthetic marijuana is addictive.

If you are struggling with your use and seeking answers, a treatment program is an answer you are seeking. There are many forms in which you can seek the help you need. Many synthetic marijuana rehabs work around a schedule that benefits you.

Inpatient Treatment

Many are unable to detox and stop using at home. Dealing with the negative effects of using, people still seek out and crave it. When you are in drug rehab the opportunity, triggers, and stresses are controlled.

This allows you to focus on your recovery. Inpatient care provides not only medical support but mental health support. When you enter synthetic marijuana addiction treatment you may discover you have additional issues. All of these factors play a role in what contributes to your addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

For many people finding the time to go through a rehab treatment program can be difficult. You may have responsibilities to work and family. This can prevent you from attending a 24/7 treatment program. However, intensive outpatient rehab can work around a schedule that fits your situation.

The care is like inpatient rehab. You will attend group therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions. Your vitals and withdrawal symptoms are monitored for optimal comfort. However, when you finish your commitments you are free to go home. Intensive outpatient care is a way to allow you to live your life and address your addiction issues.

Outpatient Treatment

For many people after they detox the idea that one little hit will not hurt can spiral out of control and lead to relapses. An important part of treating addiction is the continued supply of support. In an outpatient program, you can receive targeted therapies to help.

This can include learning new life skills. Group therapies and one-on-one counseling are part of outpatient treatment. When therapy is complete you can return home. This is ideal for those who desire to immediately practice the new skills learned.

Recovering from addiction is not a race. It takes time to work on yourself. Recovery is a process with many different steps.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Understanding how emotions contribute to drug use helps to prevent future relapses. For many people who suffer from addiction learning coping skills is important. This form of talk therapy helps you work past negative thought processes.

This helps treat substance use disorders. When you understand how to change these negative patterns you can overcome addiction. Learning to work through stress and triggers is vital. It is the most important part of a comprehensive addiction program.

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