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What is Toad Venom?

Toad venom is an extremely potent hallucinogenic that originates from the poison gland of the drug toad

Toad venom is popular in religious ceremonies from those who claim to elevate to a spiritual experience during the “trip” or high.

However, these “spiritual journeys” can be toxic and lethal. If drug toad abuse has become a part of your life, Resurgence Behavioral Health can help. We can give you the tools to experience life’s highs without the use of toad venom.

Colorado River Drug Toad

This psychedelic toad secretion is hailed as the new way to hallucinate with results similar to mushrooms and other hallucinogenic. 5-MEO_DMT is also known as the Quintessence or the God Molecule. There are claims that toad venom can heal depression and anxiety, but for how long and at what cost? Our professionals can help you understand the dangers of toad abuse and find ways to explore healthier hobbies!

Understanding Toad Venom

Toad venom can be smoked or inhaled and has been done under the care of a shaman in the past and present. A shaman is known as a spiritual coach who allegedly has access to the world of virtue and evil. Shamans will use toad venom to take their students on a subconscious journey to touch into spiritual knowledge. While we cannot discredit the merit of those who have experienced something otherworldly, we can discuss the known dangers. There have been many recent reports of the lethal effects of toad venom abuse. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we can put you on the road to self-discovery that does not involve using a deadly toad drug.

Toad Drug Abuse

According to studies, the use of toad venom can lead to severe cardiac arrhythmias and, ultimately, death Toad poisoning is similar to digitalis toxicity and carries a high mortality rate. Toad venom can be dried and taken orally when trying to achieve the desired effect. Ingesting cardiac glycosides, which is the venom gland of the drug toad, can be extremely lethal no matter it’s form. Toad venom can cause gastrointestinal, mental, and cardiac disturbances. If you find that you are suffering from toad abuse, our team of nationally recognized doctors can heal you from the inside out!

Effects of Toad Venom Addiction

Bufotenine is known as the compound that produces the hallucinogenic effect with toad venom. While use can create the desired results, toad abuse leads to several unwanted side effects. Toad venom can cause cardiac arrest, seizures, cardiac arrhythmia, dyspnea, vomiting, and death Experimenting with these drugs will never benefit your health in the long run. When you start sampling with recreational drugs, you are giving up your independence and self-control. Find your strength and freedom through one of our many comprehensive substance abuse programs.

How is Toad Venom Affecting Your Mental Health?

There are other alternatives if you are searching for solutions to your mental health disorders through abusing toad venom. We understand that undiagnosed mental health disorders can cause one to seek relief in sometimes the worst places. If you are experimenting with a toad drug, you may also be practicing with other addictive substances. Substance abuse could be harming your mental stability and creating new mental disorders. Resurgence Behavioral Health offers dual-diagnosis care for those that are struggling with addiction and undiagnosed mental health disorders. With our customized drug rehab programs, we can give you the chance to regain your mental stability. Find the clarity you have been looking for with our caring and expert mental health professionals!

Finding Help for Toad Venom Use

While toad venom does not often cause physical dependence, you may be partaking in addictive substances. Parting with a drug that your system has come to rely on can be extremely dangerous to stop on your own. We offer fully supervised medical detox with Medically Assisted Treatment for safe detoxification and rehabilitation. Depending on your lifestyle, you may benefit from our Partial Hospitalization Program or an Intensive Outpatient Program. Both programs allow you the flexibility to receive treatment while maintaining your responsibilities. With any of our programs, we will help you cope with the urges that come with detoxing from toad abuse. Resurgence Behavioral Health is dedicated to giving you the motivation you need to maintain sobriety!

Holistic Therapy Options for Toad Drug Abuse

While you may have considered toad venom a holistic treatment option for discovering optimal health, it can be dangerous. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we offer many other alternatives to toad venom abuse. Acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and massage are just a few ways to connect with yourself and experience self-care. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapies such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, help modify addictive behaviors that led you to toad venom abuse. Our Cognitive Behavioral Therapy options are designed to deconstruct your destructive behaviors while creating newer and healthier practices! Toad venom hallucinogens are not necessary to discover a spiritual path to a life of health and self-awareness!

Continual Therapy for Toad Venom Use

Depending on your preference, Resurgence Behavioral Health offers many continual therapy options once you leave our facilities! Maintaining sobriety can be challenging even after successfully completing a program for toad venom abuse. We provide many faith-based support groups, including NA and AA support. Our Alumni Program allows you the opportunity to stay associated with peers, counselors, and Alumni once you finish a program! One on one counseling, family counseling, and group sessions are several ways we keep our clients connected to sobriety support!

Facilities to Find Sanctuary

It is easier to stay on the path of self-discovery and wellness when you can recover in the spa-like facilities! Consider your stay a vacation to rediscovering yourself in a journey to abstinence and self-care! Find relaxation and comfort during a massage or play a game of tennis with one of your peers! Our California locations afford many opportunities to enjoy the wealth of our natural habitat! Group surfing, hikes, and team sports allow you to stay physically fit while returning to a place of wellness! No matter your path, we have options that are perfect for your recovery needs!

Free Insurance Verification

We accept many forms of insurance, including most types of PPO. Our intake specialists will handle the necessary paperwork on your behalf to take the pressure out of dealing with insurance companies. At Resurgence Behavioral Health, we also offer free insurance verification! We want the admission process to be as stress-free as possible! Our team will also discuss your options with you once we have verified your insurance. No matter your treatment options, we will find a plan that is right for you!

Expand Your Senses Without Toad Venom!

Experimenting with toad venom can seem like a fun journey that can take you on a path to spiritual discovery. Unfortunately, the risks are not worth the gains. We want you to find a way of understanding but in a risk-free, healthy environment. If you desire to move forward with physical and mental enlightenment, you need to look no further than Resurgence Behavioral Health! Our nationally recognized programs have decades of experience in providing the best treatment that science can provide! Take the necessary steps towards self-improvement by finding a meaningful path towards sobriety and happiness!