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If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, then you know how important it is to choose a good rehab facility.

Despite this, all rehabs are not created equal.

Each center may be better or worse at helping clients achieve goals.

This is why it is critical to find a center that is top-rated, and that can help you to achieve sobriety.

What Makes a Good Treatment Center?

Every addiction center is different, and everyone has different needs.

This is why a good treatment center should offer a variety of different options.

Every person struggles in different ways, so their treatment program should never be identical to anyone else’s.


Every treatment center should have staff that specializes in different aspects of treatment.

This means that in areas of certain addictions, they should be aware of how to deal with them, but also specialize in many.

Some treatment centers have multiple specialties because they have success in treating them.

High Success Rate

The success rate is a very important indicator of whether or not a treatment center is doing well. Typically the higher the success rate, the higher a treatment center’s rating. Despite this, it is important to be aware that many people fall into relapse. This is common, but there are a few ways to define success rate.

  • Percentage of clients who complete the program
  • Percentage who maintain sobriety for a certain amount of time

Focuses on Underlying Issues

For anyone that suffers from addiction, it is typically the result of other problems. This might include mental health issues. If these are not addressed during treatment, they will continue to be a problem in recovery. If you do not treat underlying issues you are also much more likely to relapse. Top-rated facilities make sure to put emphasis on treating dual-diagnosis conditions to ensure success.

Many Types of Therapy Offered

There are many types of therapy, and different people will be able to work with different therapies. Some people need to address different issues from different angles, and therefore need to use different types of therapy in their recovery. This is why top-rated rehabs will offer comprehensive therapy options. Examples of therapy might include:

  • Group therapy
  • Biofeedback therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Faith-based therapy
  • Holistic therapy
  • Motivational enhancement therapy

Family Focus

Rehab and addiction impact families completely. Despite this, families are a critical part of the process and can help recovering addicts maintain their sobriety. Many times the reason that an addict agrees to go to treatment is that they see how it has hurt the people they love most. Top-rated treatment centers include families as part of the treatment program whenever possible. Family visits are important and can help an addict to gain strength through sobriety.

Dedicated and Accredited Staff

It is incredibly important that the staff of a treatment facility is able to facilitate your needs. These people are the ones who will be guiding you into sobriety. This means that your staff should be accredited. Not only should you have registered nurses on staff, but you should also have access to physicians and other educated persons.

Expert Leadership

In order to make a top-rated treatment center, you will need to have great leadership. This is essential because without leadership you will not know where you are going. The leader of a rehab facility should know the ins and outs of addiction as well as what to expect from recovery. All of the facility’s programs should be based on scientific study and medical evidence. This is very important to ensure safety during times such as detox.

On-Going Support Options

Recovery does not end when you leave rehab. Instead, sobriety is a lifelong journey. It is typically not something that can be done alone, and it will be a lot easier if you have support. Top-rated treatment centers know this and make sure to provide this support.
Different support options will depend on facilities but common programs include:

  • 12-step programs
  • Ongoing counseling and therapy
  • Ongoing information
  • Post-treatment programs

Career Support

One of the single greatest factors in maintaining sobriety is facilitating a good career situation. If you have a job, then you will need to continue working in a way that will help you to maintain your sobriety. Jobs provide a sense of security and purpose, but also prevent boredom and reduce downtime. There is one negative side to careers, and that is the social aspect.
Many people feel that they must drink after work with their co-workers. This is why top-rated treatment centers provide vocational support and a sponsor in the event that someone is asking them to use.

Exercise and Nutrition

These are two very important factors in recovery that not all centers focus on. During addiction, health is the first thing to be neglected. Whether that is providing no exercise for themselves, or their nutrition is surviving fully off of doughnuts. When you get back into exercise and nutrition it will help to stop some of the damage that addiction has caused. These methods can help you to feel better naturally without the help of any other substances.
Overall, exercise and proper nutrition can help to keep you focused on sobriety.  Top-rated treatment centers know this and focus on multiple exercise options as well as a healthy menu to get you into the swing of it.

Evidence-Based Programs

There are a number of different treatment programs for addiction, but it is essential you only follow programs that are backed by evidence and science. If you do not go for treatment programs that are backed by medical evidence or science, then these programs are much less likely to be successful. Top-rated treatment centers are always working with programs that are based on evidence and success.

Excellent Amenities

Top-rated treatment centers should have amazing amenities. Some include specialized treatments, while others offer open space to play with farm animals. You may even find a spa. Amenities often aid in the treatment process and can help to make you feel more comfortable during your time there. Cost is typically a factor in the amenities provided, but even low-cost facilities can offer great amenities.

What You Do Not Want

There are a few things that top-rated drug and alcohol treatment centers should not have.

  • Promising sobriety: Although addiction is treatable, no one should ever promise success. It is only possible to maximize your chances of it.
  • Promising a cure: Although addiction is manageable there is no cure. It will forever be a life long battle.
  • Rapid detox: This can be incredibly dangerous and is also most likely not effective.
  • Not answering questions: Top-rated rehabs have no problems working with you and answering all questions you have about the facility.

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Addiction Treatment that
Just Works

Individualized treatment programs delivered in a comfortable, relaxed setting promote healing in your recovery journey.