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Concerta Addiction Treatment

The use of stimulants as a specific treatment to increase focus is popular both medically and culturally. You may have heard of brand names like:

  • Ritalin
  • Adderall
  • Vyvanse
  • Concerta

These are all stimulant medications that are formulated and prescribed to treat ADD and ADHD as well as some eating disorders.

What is Concerta?

Concerta is a slow release pill containing the drug commonly referred to as Ritalin (methylphenidate) with some alterations. Basically, Concerta is Ritalin, but in a slow release form. Because pure Ritalin has a duration of action of 1-4 hours, multiple doses of pure Ritalin would be required to maintain a psychological effect throughout the day. Concerta is a small sealed tube with a sponge at one end and Ritalin next to a small hole at the other end. As the Concerta methylphenidate pill spends time in a person’s GI tract, the sponge gradually increases in size, which pushes Ritalin out of the hole in the tube. Concerta releases Ritalin gradually throughout the day for a more sustained psychological effect.

Concerta is the brand name of this form of Ritalin. There are other generic forms such as: 

  • Mallinckrodt
  • Kudco
  • Actavis  

Street names include:

  • Kiddie Coke
  • Vitamin R
  • Diet Coke
  • Jif
  • Johnny
  • Kibbles and Bits
  • Kiddie Cocaine
  • MPH

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Concerta Effects

Concerta is an effective attention deficit hyperactivity disorder treatment option. It increases attention spans and focus. Side effects may include dry mouth and rapid breathing. A marked increase in one’s ability to focus (the desired effect for this specific treatment) will be noticed, and a dip in one’s appetite may also occur.  

Signs of Concerta Abuse and Addiction

Because of its high potential for abuse, Concerta is a Schedule II drug. People may abuse stimulants for a variety of underlying psychological reasons, disorders, or mental illnesses.  Signs of Concerta abuse, and generally methylphenidate abuse, include:

  • Abnormal movements
  • Dry mouth
  • Chest pain
  • Altered sexual desire
  • Agitation and anxiety
  • Rapid breathing
  • Social withdrawal
  • General nervousness  

Concerta can also prolong an alcohol addiction as its stimulant effects counteract the central nervous system depressant effects of alcohol, making it a drug abuse enhancer. An individual can keep drinking for longer periods of time without losing control of their body.  

Concerta Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of Concerta withdrawal include aggression, anxiety or depression, hunger, inability to concentrate, and mood swings. The withdrawal timeline can last for weeks, during which time the methylphenidate abuser will have a reduced attention span and may seek out other prescription stimulants.  

Long-Term Side Effects of Concerta Abuse

Long term side effects of Concerta abuse are not well known. However, if a person abuses one drug for a long period of time, they may abuse other prescription stimulants or drugs and alcohol as well. Those who abuse stimulants are likely to be engaged in very risky behavior and may lead a person to commonly abuse other drugs. Additionally, the withdrawal timeline can last for weeks, during which time an individual may become preoccupied with abusing Concerta and other prescription stimulants. 

Concerta Addiction Treatment

The road to recovery, where an individual regains the adaptive life skills that counteract and buffer against their substance abuse, can be long. Sober living isn’t just about the absence of a drug of abuse. It’s about the presence of honesty and habitually doing things that make an individual feel spirited.  

A treatment center for drug detox, inpatient versus outpatient care, intensive outpatient aftercare programs, family therapy, step programs, behavioral therapy, family programs, and other drug rehab action options can be excellent options to potentially revitalize the life of someone who not only wants to stop taking their drug of choice, but who also wants to live again. Addiction treatments for substance abuse in those who are addicted to Concerta are available at the Resurgence Behavioral Health Treatment Center. We offer various levels of care throughout a person’s road to recovery and are an effective treatment option and resource for Concerta addiction and abuse.  

Our Concerta addiction treatment center provides comprehensive dual diagnosis addiction treatment through a multitude of Concerta addiction treatment programs and addiction therapy services. Upon your admission into a Concerta addiction treatment center, our addiction treatment professionals will determine the unique underlying mental health conditions that cause your addiction to Concerta. Our addiction therapy services and addiction treatment programs in California include:

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